Possible Ringworm?

by KM

Could this be a possible ringworm?

Our daughter has had a mark on her leg for about two months or so now. When I first noticed it, it looked like a small staple had been embedded under her skin. Thought it was a strange shape, but wasn't overly concerned.

Last night, I happened to notice she still had the mark and it was at least twice as large as before.

It doesn't seem to be causing her any pain, but she mentioned that it is very itchy. We sprayed some Bactine on it this afternoon and she mentioned it stung.

It is on the side of her leg on the calf muscle.

Could this possibly be a parasite of some sort? She isn't the outdoorsy type, but a couple of months ago, her friend and her walked home from school through a field.

Any advise would be appreciated.


Hi KM,

Your description of the mark on your daughter's leg doesn't really sound like a possible ringworm infection, but obviously I can't say for sure.

I believe she would have complained about the irritation and that it most likely would have spread if it really was ringworm.

Ringworm is a fungal infection, but there are any number of other parasites that could cause a skin condition like this, of course.

I'm trying to picture the mark... You mentioned that it looked like a staple under the skin. Is it dark like a staple? The shape of a staple?

Is it possible that your daughter has a thorn or some type of splinter under her skin that is just lightly festering and causing an itch? You could try drawing it out with hydrogen peroxide, a drawing salve, or even a wet tea bag in an effort to remove it.

If it IS a parasite infection, you can try using tea tree oil, garlic oil, or oregano oil topically on the skin. They are all anti-parasitic and anti-fungal in nature.

Another option is to apply some raw organic apple cider vinegar to the possible ringworm mark if you have some on hand. This is not regular filtered ACV, but the cloudy kind that still has the "mother" in it.

Whichever topical treatment you try, you'll most likely need to repeat it a few times per day for several days to get results.

You should also consider giving your daughter some probiotics to take internally. These are good/friendly bacteria like acidophilus, bifidum, and longum that help the body fight off infection and parasites. Florafood is a good quality choice.

Hope that helps!

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