Prescription Drugs for Morgellons

by Kira
(Santa Monica, Calif., USA)

I got Morgellons when I was out gardening in Santa Monica, California and was sprayed by a crop plane that was dropping live organisms for mosquito control.

It started in my scalp with itchiness and losing 10% of my long hair in 48 hours. I also got Morgellons lesions a few weeks later where I had been scratching mosquito bites and also scratching my scalp. The micro organisms apparently got into my blood through the insect bites.

Had my HMO doctors been willing to treat my parasites earlier, I could have gotten rid of them within a few weeks.

As it is, a year and a half later I am only slowly getting rid of them and they almost killed me.

A couple of months after getting Morgellons I had a lesion 6x6 inches on my left leg. Morgellons parasites also have electro magnetic abilities and use them to latch on to one's nervous system. They will punish the host that is trying to get rid of them by interfering with breathing and the heartbeat.

Fortunately, using powerful medications, including prescription drugs for Morgellons, I have knocked the bugs down to the point that they are more of a nuisance now.

I took chemotherapy levels of Ivermectin (8
tablets of 12 mg daily for months -- even small doses of Ivermectin/Stromectol can be deadly to some people -- and this dose level can only be obtained by using Ivermax for farm animals/pigs), Dapsone (leprosy medication), Bactrim and Rifamicin (all daily).

I also found that Para-X (from England) which contains wormwood and cloves was highly effective (and poisonous). Blockbuster Alllclear is helpful. For horrible itching, J.R. Watkins Menthol Camphor is a great inexpensive skin spray ( Eucalyptus is also good, as is colloidal silver.

Dr. Bradley J. Friedman in West Los Angeles is willing to treat skin conditions including Morgellons (although normally he specializes in treating the rich who want to look more beautiful with Botox, etc.).

He's an intelligent compassionate M.D. who trained at top medical schools in the United States. His phone number is (310) 268-2288. He helped me by prescribing Eurax creme (for skin and scalp), Dapsone and Bactrim. (Other medications I used I obtained on my own).

Dapsone kills Morgellons in the egg stage (but also causes hair loss if used long term). Bactrim is a sulfa drug which kills the MRSA infection the Morgellons organism uses to feed itself. MRSA infections can only be killed with sulfa drugs.

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Nov 13, 2019
Sulfa Drugs NEW
by: NMX

I just read that Barberry herb, berberine or Goldenseal and other berberine type herbs are stronger than sulfa drugs and a lot cheaper... try that

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