Pulled Something Out Of My Chest...

by Maxim
(Phoenix, Az)

I just found a small (pin head size) dark brown spot directly in the middle of my chest, and it was not above or on the skin, rather burrowed into the skin, and just below the surrounding surface of my chest skin.

I grabbed some cuticle clippers and cut into the skin a little and finally pulled out something.

It is light brown in color and about 1-2mm in length with a tiny red tip at one end.

I squeezed some more on it as if popping a zit, and some more stuff squeezed out of the hole. This time, white in color, but definitely not puss. It was more solid than puss, about 1/2 the size of the 1st thing that I pulled out.

The effected area never itched or had any pain, I only noticed it because I looked.

Also, my wife and I have both started having small bumps form on the back of our shoulders and up our necks. The bumps look almost identical to acne zits, but if we attempt to pop them, they only become irritated, and there is no puss that comes out of them.

Once again, no major itching.

We shower regularly, and always wear clean clothes. We live in Buckeye, AZ (just outside of phoenix) and the bumps started forming about 2 weeks ago at the same time for both of us.

Any clues as to what our problem might be?

Hi Maxim,

That's an interesting one. I would have guessed the bumps on your shoulders were perhaps from a change in something you've been eating or a change in detergent, soap, or some other chemical that you're reacting too.

However, it seems like it would be unlikely that you both would have the same reaction in the same way to a food allergy or chemical allergy. Not impossible, but not really likely.

I wonder if the item you pulled out of your chest is even related since it is an entirely different appearance and behavior.

Has it been especially hot and humid over the last two-three weeks? I know it's not usually humid in Phoenix, but I was wondering if perhaps the heat brought out a "rash" or pimples on your backs/shoulders.

You might try applying some organic apple cider vinegar to the bumps to see if that helps them clear up.

To your good health!

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