Rashes And Candida

by Janine

I am wondering about rashes and candida.

I have quite a large purplish patch under my armpit that is often itchy, and smaller patches on my abdomen.

The doctor first diagnosed that as lichen planus and ignored it until it spread. I now have it under my arm pit as well and the doctor looked at it and said she didn't know what it was!

I was left with it, no referral to dermatologist or anything. Is there any way of treating this rash as I know it's fungal as there are photos of identical ones on the net.

Will it clear up as my candida gets better or will I need tea tree oil? What's best do you think? I am in the UK by the way.


Hi Janine,

Yes, rashes and candida overgrowth quite often go hand in hand. A fungal rash can certainly be itchy and definitely should be treated externally as well as internally.

Since you are already working on the internal cleansing, tea tree oil is indeed a good option for a topical treatment of the affected area. Just be careful that you are not too sensitive to the tea tree oil. You may want to dilute the oil with a bit of olive oil or organic coconut oil.

Other essential oils that are naturally anti-fungal are garlic, coriander, lavender, clove, etc. If you already have one of those, you can use it in place of the tea tree oil

If you have an aloe plant, the gel from that plant can also have a very healing and soothing affect on the skin.

I hope this helps and that you soon have your candida overgrowth under control and all those nasty symptoms subside!


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