Reaction to oil used in baking?

by Karena

Can I have a reaction to oil used in baking that would cause a setback in my Candida diet?

About 3 weeks ago I had a setback in my candida diet. I had been on the diet since the beginning of April and my setback came in early May.

After being on the first stage of the detox diet, I had gradually been able to eat wheat, rice milk, cottage cheese and even fruit.

In early May though, I mistakenly ate 3 pieces of bread over the course of 3 days that had white wheat flour in it. This set me back so that I now react to rice milk.

Today I made some muffins which contained rice flour, goats yogurt, sunflower oil and salt. I seemed to have a reaction to that and I am wondering if it might be the fact that it contained about 1/3 cup of oil?

That's the only thing I can work out, and as I have been following the candida diet strictly, I don't think it was a die-off symptom. Can you help me?

Hi Karena,

I can't think why you would have a reaction to oil used in baking in relation to the candida. Is it possible you have an allergy to one of the other ingredients?

Are you taking any supplements along with sticking to the anti candida diet?

You should be using some form of good quality probiotics to build up the friendly bacteria in your body. I like Florafood, but I don't believe it is available in England.

Perhaps you can find something else locally that has a good mix of probiotics like acidophilus, longum, and bifidum. This will make your recovery from Candida a whole lot faster.

Also, I would strongly recommend you get some Herbal Fiberblend and some Barley Life to aid you in your battle.

The HFB is a natural psyllium and herb combo that will help kill off and eliminate the yeast fungi more efficiently and the Barley Life is a whole food supplement powder made from freshly juiced young barley grass. It's rich in nutrition and goes a long way toward strengthening your body's ability to heal.

Finally, if you aren't already taking plenty of garlic, Bear Paw Garlic is an excellent choice. BPG is naturally very anti-fungal.

The more you can help your body by giving it what it needs to heal the faster your recovery will be.

Sorry I can't be more helpful regarding the possible reaction to oil used in baking, but perhaps another reader will have an explanation on that particular subject for you.

To your good health!

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