Red And Blue Thread Like Things In My Hair

by David

I have red and blue thread like things in my hair.

I can't get rid of them. I've tried anti fungal antibiotic creams, lotions, shampoos, you name it I've tried it.

Otherwise I am fairly asymptomatic other than the reason I noticed these in the first place was that I am a blonde and began noticing big black hairs. I would pull them out.

In addition, I had little red bumps where these black hairs were. Eventually I would put them in the sink and put alcohol on them and use the magnifying glass to look at them.

I suddenly noticed red and blue thread like tiny things on my hair or attached to the hair or coming out of my hair like from inside the shaft.

Subsequently I have pulled out many of these hairs but they continue to come back in black and the number of red and blue thread like things is growing!

Can someone please help me? I have already seen two docs. Not a clue what this is nor do they take the time to analyze the hair itself, just the scalp.

Hi David,

I'm glad to hear that you are not having any other symptoms apart from the very strange red and blue thread like things in your hair.

Most people who post here and are having these red and blue hair issues, are also suffering from a lot of other symptoms as well.

There is no "official diagnosis" yet for what so many people are encountering, but many people are calling it morgellons disease.

I don't have any answers for you as far as what this really is or what exactly is causing it. There are a lot of theories swirling around on the internet, including nano-technology, etc.

Until the cause and source are clearly identified (if that ever happens), my best suggestions to people are to do what I do whenever my body is dealing with some type of challenge that it is having a hard time overcoming.

I cleanse and build! Getting rid of the junk in your system and building up your immune system gives your own body the best chance to fight almost anything.

If you haven't already done so, read the suggestions for Morgellons treatment and see if you feel any of those options would be suitable for your situation.

To your good health!

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