Red Bumps On Feet

by MCD

Mysterious red bumps on feet after being in the ocean and beach...

Mysterious red bumps on feet after being in the ocean and beach...

About a year and a half ago my husband was at a California beach near Santa Monica. He tried parasailing close to the shore and fell in the water.

When he got out of the water he noticed some small red bumps on the sides of his feet. He has stated that he didn't feel anything bite or sting him, and that they have not itched.

Ever since we first noticed these bumps they will occasionally fade and we think they are fading and peeling away, only to have the red dots get more red and not go away.

We have tried antibiotic ointment and fungal spray for feet. When using the anti-fungal spray it seems it starts to go away, but never completely goes away.

Now, after a year and a half, we think it is a bit ridiculous they are still present but have no idea what it could be from - jelly fish or some other type of sting? A fungus? A strange water parasite of some sort?

We have gone to see his podiatrist and he prescribed a strong anti fungal to see if it helps. Oddly, one area seems to be fading and peeling like it is going away, and another area is more tender and the red bumps look irritated.

He only started having some tenderness to the area about a week ago and thought it was from his boots rubbing on the area.

We have no idea who to see about this since we don't know what it could be from. Do you have any thoughts as to what it could be from to get us pointed in the right

Thank you!


The red bumps on your husband's feet are interesting in that they have not caused him any pain or itching. Usually a person would experience one or the other if they were dealing with a fungal infection or bite of some sort.

That's not to say you can rule them out entirely, because everyone is different in the severity of their reactions and also there are SO many types of parasites that it can sometimes be impossible to narrow down the exact culprit you may be dealing with.

Because your husband has experienced some improvement after using an anti-fungal, it's a good idea to continue on that theme as far as topical treatment is concerned.

I would suggest a natural anti-fungal that also has beneficial properties. It's easy to make up your own by getting some organic cold pressed coconut oil and adding some clove oil to it. Apply this to the affected area daily (twice a day if he can remember).

Incidentally, if you can't find any organic coconut oil locally, you can order it from Puritan's Pride. I've purchased theirs myself and it was good quality.

Since you aren't sure what exactly has caused these red bumps on his feet, I would also strongly recommend that he gives Herbal Fiberblend a try. It is my "go to" for nearly everything parasite related because of its broad spectrum approach to eliminating parasites and toxins from the body naturally and gently. It is available for wholesale purchase here.

Let us know how he progresses and if this protocol works for him or even if another solution proves successful.

Angie from

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