Red/Pink Like Bumps

Is this a parasite, and if you think it is, how do I get rid of it? Please help!

I have a few small red/pink like bumps on my stomach. They are smaller than a pea. They don't itch or sting but touching this hard small bubble like thing does hurt a bit.

I ran a small rubbing alcohol pad over it and it started to sting quite a bit but on other parts of my stomach (where there are no bumps) it does not sting at all..please help!

The red/pink like bumps sound like they may be some type of insect bite. Did you discover them all at one time, or are you getting more of them each day?

If you aren't getting any more of them, I would guess that you may have had some insect crawl under your shirt and bite you a few times.

You can try using some gel from an aloe vera plant if you happen to have one. It would probably soothe and help to heal.

Another option is organic apple cider vinegar, although it may also sting a bit at first, like the alcohol did. But, it should also help the red/pink like bumps to heal more quickly.

If these bumps are increasing, and you have changed your clothes and bed linens, then it is more likely that it is something internal, like parasites. That's about all I can tell you based on the information you have provided. Hope it helps.

To your good health!

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