Reflux Issues

by anubhav
(delhi, india)

Reflux Issues Have Just Started

Hi there,

I stopped my enzyme tablets about two months back. Since then, I have had very occasional stomach issues, most of them like casual bloating or a bit of gassiness.

However, for the past two weeks, I am noticing extreme acidity and reflux-like symptoms, making it seem as if food is jumping up and down with the repeated burps.

Is it a sign of constipation? or can reflux happen without constipation too? I really don't feel constipated. I have begun a heavy dose of probiotics.

Plz advise.


Hi Anubhav,

As far as I know, reflux is not necessarily a sign of constipation, but you can, of course, be constipated and have reflux at the same time.

Reflux issues are usually related to poor digestion and the majority of time it's a lack of sufficient stomach acid, rather than too much stomach acid.

I know that sounds backwards, but I've studied the subject of acid reflux quite a bit and that appears to be the most reliable information.

Are you able to get raw, organic, apple cider vinegar in your area? This is apple cider vinegar that has not been filtered and still has the "mother" in it. It's cloudy. For people in the USA I usually recommend Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar.

If so, try adding a spoon of the ACV to a glass of water and sip it before/with meals or just when you start to feel your reflux issues begin. See if that eliminates your acid reflux. If you are low on stomach acids, it should do the trick.

There's no point in using regular filtered apple cider vinegar. Filtered ACV does NOT have the health benefits of the raw ACV.

Please give me an update once you've tried it.

To your good health!

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