Reintroducing Wheat Into My Diet

by Izzy
(Baltimore MD USA)

Wheat Field - Whole Grains from God

Wheat Field - Whole Grains from God

I have a question about reintroducing wheat into my diet after a parasite cleanse.

I have been having stomach problems and have been doing some research. I thought I had Celiac disease (wheat intolerance) because I noticed my stomach hurt after eating wheat.

After being wheat and gluten free for quite some time my symptoms didn't improve so I ate some wheat and it hurt a lot.

I stopped eating the wheat, but still had symptoms, then I researched parasites and figured that's what I might have, since eating wheat makes you feel worse if you have parasites.

So I did a parasite cleanse and feel better. How long after a parasite cleanse do you recommend I wait before trying wheat again and not having any negative symptoms??


Dear Izzy,

First let me say that I'm terribly sorry for the long delay in replying to your question. I'm not quite sure how I missed your question previously, but I must have done so because I've only just discovered it sitting here unanswered.

You may have already given up on waiting for a reply and tried reintroducing wheat into your diet and discovered the results for yourself.

I guess my first question to you would be, what type of parasite cleanse did you do, and how long did you continue with the cleanse?

You posted your question here on the Herbal Fiberblend page, so I wonder if that is what you were using for

I usually suggest a full 3 month cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend to get the best results, whether you are dealing with parasites or some other concern.

It is rather subjective in some regards, and people with long term digestive conditions may need to carry on much longer.

If you are certain that you really don't have a wheat intolerance, then I would guess you should be able to add back wheat in moderation fairly soon after cleansing. You won't really know for sure until you try.

When you were cleansing, did you follow that up with some probiotics to replenish the good bacteria in your digestive tract? This is an important step in fighting off parasites and maintaining a healthy digestive system. I usually recommend Florafood.

Finally, if you still find that you are having trouble with digesting certain foods (and you've ruled out anything serious), you might be pleasantly surprised to find that taking some digestive enzymes (like Prepzymes works wonders for you.

I hope my response is not too late to be of any help to you in regards to reintroducing wheat into your diet, but even if it is, perhaps someone else who is contemplating reintroducing wheat into their diet will be helped in future.

I'd love to hear back from you on how you are doing and if you are much improved. You can use the comment link below to respond.

To your good health!

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