Relief From Things That Do Not Exist

by Terri

FINALLY, some relief from things that do not exist, according to the CDC (yeah right!).

I apologize in advance for my spelling errors:

Well, my friends, the CDC has decided (as was expected by me - being the eternal pessimist - with this, I have no choice) to ignore this problem and lie to all of us who are suffering with this ongoing issue.

In case you didn't know, that report they were supposed to have out several years ago, well they didn't bother to do it themselves. They threw it off on some other "joe blow" and the people that they had do "the study", well, they just now finished it (takes alot of time to cover up all the lies & have "answers" to cover their butts when the truth comes out).

It'll take a suit, or a doctor, or his kids or wife, whatever, to get it before they find a whistle blower that has a voice loud enough for others to finally realize "higher ups (or egotistical lying doctors that need their licenses yanked) have been lying to all the patients, and allowing other to contract this horrible "condition."

But I'm getting off the point, sorry. They had turned over the study to someone else, who of course found no such thing as Morgellons (Yep, we're all nuts, still).

Well, it has taken me two long years and ALOT OF MONEY but I feel I have come across something that will give you, the actually truthful sufferer, some relief.

It may not work for everyone, and for how long, my crystal ball is out of order. (The "monsters" become immune very quickly to anything you are likely to try.)

I've spent a ton of money on everything "under the sun" to try to get some relief, get rid of, just something that will do SOMETHING!

Very simply, go to any store you want, doesn't have to be a very expensive nutritional store as I've tried and failed miserably with I can't count the times. Buy some FISH OIL, buy some BABY OIL, and buy some TEA TREE OIL.

Put some hot water in that tub, and pour as much as you would like into that tub of hot water. Check the temp of that water before you jump in, of course. Hop in. Ready???

After a minute or two (if it takes that long) take a look along the side of the tub. Yep, some will even try to get out up the side of the tub. See those things that look like string? Some are clear, some are tan, and there's the fibers!!!! Yep. Those are the things that "don't exist".

Be ready to be grossed out. See those long, some clear, some brown little things floating around? Well, they don't exist according to the doctors, or heck, the CDC for that matter.

Immerse yourself under that water, take a 10 minute soak -- HELPFUL HINT: If you are a collector, someone who one day hopes to go to a doctor with specimens right there on those slides, right there on that tape, heck, right there on that video and the pictures, maybe someone we pray, some day we'll actually go a doctor for help, and God forbid, that doctor will help us!!! Go figure. Don't hold your breath.

Don't give up!!!!! You know the things in you are real, you know you are not causing those sores, you know they are very real (and so do they).

Collect those things that don't exist if you would like, but if you do, you need to put them on your slides AT THAT TIME. Otherwise those things that you are not seeing, those things that are right there in front of you, that do not exist dry out and when you go to transfer them onto a slide or whatever, it's no good. So, get yourself prepared before you hop into this wonderful cleansing bath.

Of course, I don't need to tell you this, but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't: When you are done with that first soak, it's up to you if you want to repeat, but whatever you do, CLEAN
YOUR TUB!!! Use a good disinfectant cleaner, and spray it all over.

I have tried so many things, I just don't care anymore about how things will affect me. I've bathed in bleach, etc. I won't go into all the things I've wasted money on -- (I wish that was the least of my problems).

Anyway, spray with a good disinfectant and SHOWER YOURSELF OFF REAL REAL REAL GOOD. I just spent 5 hours in the tub (my record is 7 1/2 hours) taking several baths, cleaning the tub, taking another bath & cleaning the tub, showering, repeating, etc..... BE CAREFUL NOT TO SLIP AND FALL!!!! THE OIL IS SLICK!!!!

Repeat as many times as you would like. Whatever makes you feel like a human again, if only for awhile. FISH OIL TEA TREE OIL BABY OIL I put about 25 soft gels of fish oil, about 3-4 oz of GOOD tea tree oil, and about 1/2 a travel size bottle of baby oil.

However, everyone is different. I didn't fill the tub up, only about 1/2 way so I didn't have to use so much.

I am making no promises, I just know after spending a small fortune trying everything, and I mean everything, this seemed to work well for me and I actually felt human when I got out - the first time in a very long time.

By no means am I saying that this bath will eliminate the things that don't exist that you will have to look at floating around in that tub. I hope it works for you if only for a short time, just to get a good feeling about yourself for a little while at least.

Remember, we didn't ask for this "condition." No one can tell us how we got this "condition," and no one seems to care who and how many people we pass this onto. Nor do they care how we suffer with this condition personally, and professionally.

How many of you out there feel like you will never see your family again? I do. I live out of state from my Mom, Dad, Daughter, two grandkids I know I will never see again. I will not take a chance of giving this "condition" to them. Does that sound like someone that is delusional to you?

My life is over. It will never be the same. These people think that is the way I want it to be? They are the ones that are nuts. I ache every day missing my family. They know nothing of this, and I am okay with the fact that I will end my life sometime soon. I have nothing to live for.

My loved ones are not only living 1000 miles away, they have no idea I've contracted this disease which doesn't allow me to live my life to any degree of joy and pleasure any longer. And the people who are suppose to help me just slapped me in the face. All 9 of them I've seen so far.

So, feel free to drop me a line & let me know. I sure hope it works. Remember, I promise nothing, but I was so excited when I got such good results and got some of those things that don't exist out of me, you would not believe. If you would like to give me a little tip, reply below, or use my email address which is tldavis0824(at)yahoo(dot)com (so is my paypal account if you would like to help me re-coup the small fortune I spent to get this result, and I hope it works for you).

Good luck to everyone. I wish you the best, and I'm so sorry we've had the very people that are supposed to help us, turn their backs on us. Keep your chin up and don't give up. It's only a matter of time, God knows how much, before they acknowledge that it exists.

(Reminiscent of doctors ignoring AIDS and allowing how many people to get sick and die before they acknowledged it existed.)

Take a bath, take several baths, relax! Clean that tub and clean that skin of yours. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Nov 23, 2020
I will help NEW
by: Dr. Ure

Web site

I understand the frustration and recognize that this is a real thing!!!

Oct 09, 2013
31 yr old male NEW
by: dan

Im so sick of typing, but please leave me ur email... im copying and pasting from before because my fingers will soon fall off

Hey man, so i was just doing some digging.. How are you doing with your symptoms? I have showed these pics to my DOC and he said he has never seen anything like it in 40 years of being a physician.. I am now "running the ladder" of specialist, he thinks he will find out what it is... but the fact is that I have visual evidence to show them is very good... here are some of my pics

I have these small "hematomas" on my head that appear with "trails/tails" at night when I have "flair ups".. I have been prescribed doxy 200mgs and that will keep me from having a bad flair up for about 5 days, on the 5th day I have a horrific flair up, usually with a gilltery red or black shinny object that I find on my tissue... I do not have lesions, but I have little blood blisters and dark spots on my skin.. Also, when I feel the crawling I can take a wet paper towel and come up with tons of the black fibers/or worms.. the big ones DO move around like worms, I have a video of this... Im scared man, I really want my life back.. im only 31 years old and got this after wisdom tooth sugery (all 4 w/ major complications), my immune system was nothing, I couldnt eat... then I went on a cleaning spree of my attic.. and then it startde happening.... it started one night with the feeling like I was being BIT/stung all over the place, it was rapid and horrifying and EVERYWHERE... about a week later the crawling started and then the internet searching and fear and then the doctor.... with so far I have been lucky, I have not used the term "morgellons" out of fear, I am just showing them pics and videos and showing them my symptoms, they are at loss for whats "ailing me".. I can relate to the movement connection, when I take my shirt off, one starts moving in my scalp and it starts a chain reaction, i could be having a great day, almost feeling normal and I disrupt my scalp and BAM movement everywhere.... anyway, im going to send u some pics

Sep 14, 2012
Thanks so much for your response
by: Anonymous

Hi Danielle. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your reply. Good luck, and God bless you!

Sep 13, 2012
It Exist and yes, It takes over your life!
by: Danielle

Reading your story I started to cry.

I'm so done with doctors that think they know everything and know nothing.

Thank you so much for sharing with us.

I found relief in "Dry Mustard Treatment" (Please check "Toni's Dry Mustard Power" site.
It takes a while but I'm four days now with minimum (or bearable) symptoms. I'm touching wood..."It" will come back, "It" always does!

Also, sipping 1 liter of distilled water mixed with 1/8 of a teaspoon of Borax, during your awake time (not more a day, but every day for 3 month or so) will slowly kill "It" from the inside out. Please try are like me...we have nothing to loose anymore, right?
Good luck.

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