Renewed Balance Cream to Nigeria

by Francisca F
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Hi Angie,

My name is Francisca F. I requested for the renewed balance cream. I sent you a mail informing you of my mailing address but I guess you did not receive it.

Please I need to know the postage method you are using, so I could give the necessary information needed. I suggest a courier service would be faster and more effective, so I could go to the nearest branch office to my location (Lagos,Nigeria) and pick up the package.

My mailing address is..... (edited to remove personal info) Lagos,Nigeria.

Please, I would also like you to help me check the price in naira.

Thank you,
God bless you.

Hi Francisca,

I replied to you again via email and I hope you get it this time, but I thought I would respond here, too, just in case. I have not received any mail from you except for through the contact forms on this site. :(

I'm not sure why the emails are not getting through. Are you clicking on "reply" to send it back to me?

Anyway, I have sent your address off to the SA office for the postage quote. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.

Meanwhile, I can give you an idea of the currency conversion for the cream itself. One jar of the Renewed Balance cream is 227 ZAR (Rand), which is 4,958.68 NGN (Nairas).

I'll give you the postage quote as soon as I receive it or let you know if they need any more specific information.


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by: Francisca Franklyn

Hi Angie,
I received and replied all your mails via my e-mail,but i do not understand why it does not get through to you.I am very sorry for the inconveniences it may have caused you.I got your last mail and replied through my e-mail but i decided to send this one,just in case you do not get the other.Thank you very much,i got the price in naira and will be waiting to hear from you again.God bless you.
Francisca Franklyn

Lost Emails
by: Angie

Well, I'm glad you are getting my emails, at least. I don't know why in the world I'm not getting yours. I've checked my spam folder repeatedly, but it's not in my junk mail either. Very strange!

Never mind. You can just keep replying here as needed, or if you are sending personal information (not for public eyes), use the contact form so it won't be automatically published.

I can then respond via email since you are getting mine.

The sad thing about this dilemma is that I wonder how many other people have tried replying to me and I haven't received their emails. I guess I'll never know.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the postage. I think the SA offices are closed on the weekend. I'll let you know when I find out more info.

Did you get the postage quote?
by: Angie

Hi Francisca,

Did you get the postage quote I sent the other day for the Renewed Balance Cream to Nigeria? I haven't heard back from either way, so I'm concerned that it didn't arrive at all.

Please let me know if you received the email and if you are still interested or not. If not, that's fine, but I'd just like to know so that I can file the paperwork.


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