Researching Morgellons Disease

by Nicole Pine
(South Dakota, USA)

I am researching Morgellons Disease and need your help...

I am very sad to hear that you are all suffering from this disease. It is so horrible. I am documenting and studying this affliction now to try to find better treatments.

In order to do this I need to study cases and analyze sample materials from as many cases as possible to understand how this disease works and to understand its different pleomorphic stages of development so we can find its Achilles heel.

I can also pass on information on specific treatments that others have found effective.

Along with that I have a lab microscope equipped for studying live blood and urine samples as well as the artifacts that are being expelled through your body and being found in your environment. I have the ability to study these things and video or photograph them in great detail.

If anyone would be interested in speaking to me further I can be reached at my email address pine.nicole at Of course confidentiality will be respected at all times.

I hope you all may find peace and healing. I have been watching this nightmare unfold and have read so many horror stories. We must fight back and stay strong.

Don't give up. People have recovered. It is just a matter of finding what works for you at this point until we have a universal cure.

Thank you,

Hi Nicole,

It's nice of you to offer to help others while you are researching Morgellons Disease and looking for answers.

We do offer some suggestions for powerful supplements for a natural Morgellons treatment, but anything further you can add through your own discoveries is welcome.

The suffering that people are enduring is indeed heartbreaking and I know some of our visitors will find encouragement through your offer to help.

Keep us posted.
Angie from

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