Riverbed Parasite

by Kim
(Ephrata, WA)

What To Do About Suspected Parasites From Falling In Riverbed Mud

What To Do About Suspected Parasites From Falling In Riverbed Mud

In Feb. 2012 I fell flat on my back in a murky, marshy riverbed. I was wearing a strapless shirt so my skin came into direct contact with the murky ground.

There wasn't anything to be seen on my back when I got up and my friend brushed their hand across to brush anything off.

It was about 30 days later when I discovered a small red rash on my upper left arm. I thought nothing about it until the next day when I awoke with light scratches on my back and a serious red, raised, extremely itchy rash.

My doctor said it could be poison ivy and treated me with steroids. (My friend couldn't find any poison plants of any kind where I fell.) Rash went away.

Shortly after that my scalp began insanely itching. Microscopic black specks appeared under my fingernails. I then began noticing again the black specks in my nose. Proceeded to my ears, mouth and eyes.

I have only been to one doctor who told me I must be on drugs cause she didn't see anything. Now it is over a year later and I suffer worse still.

I know for a fact that this parasite has infested every inch of my body inside and out. It comes in intervals and I can now tell different styles it has. Black specks, red pinpricks, white maggot-life and now thread-like.

I share a room with my daughter who has never experienced any symptoms at all and barely believes me that I do suffer from them.

This is a list of treatments I have tried-----

  • Diatamaceous earth - food grade drinking and making body masks.
  • Vinegar
  • Bug bombs
  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint extract
  • Orange extract
  • Lemon extract
  • Epson salt
  • All combined and separate

Today I am trying vinegar and alcohol hair and body spray combining with pure peppermint soap rubbed directly into my scalp and leaving it to dry.

I can't take much more of this. I have things coming out of my mouth and eyes. When they bite it feels like a burning pinch. I guess I have explained the best I could.

PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you!

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Mar 12, 2019
by: Tina

I have suffered for 10 years with symptoms that I share with you folks. Yes, it is h—l. Do not lose your mind. Be strong and believe in yourself. I have been to 14 doctors. Not one has taken me seriously. Primary care doctors are clueless. Dermatologists are useless. Infectious disease doctors only talk about HIV, and "travel medicine." Our medical system has become so compartmentalized that it is ridiculous. My symptoms include headaches and dizziness, so I go to a neurologist. The gastroenterologist treats my gut issues. An orthopedic doctor wants me to have X-rays because my lower legs and feet ache. I feel like I am wandering in a human version of an automotive parts department. Hey, doc! All these parts are connected! How about treating the whole person?
I have read, and a few doctors have explained to me, that they don’t know anything about human parasites because the subject is not covered in medical school. Instead, they are taught that parasites are not a problem in the U.S.A., and that any patient who complains about parasites is a candidate for the psych ward. A few doctors threatened to have me admitted to the psych ward. I said, "Bring it on! If you forcibly take me to a psych ward, it will be a decision that you regret for the rest of your life." So, I won that battle. But the war rages on. I know what you are going through. I know about the fears, the isolation, the anger, the physical and emotional pain, the embarrassment, the loss of self esteem, the damaged relationships, the money problems, all of it. Every one of us must stay strong. Believe in yourself and pray to God that you emerge from this war a stronger, more compassionate, and wiser person than you were at the beginning. If each one of us is strong, and firm in our convictions, somewhere, some doctor or research scientist is going to notice that people all over the globe are complaining of the same symptoms, and that we can’t all be insane. We can be the force behind a major shift in medical care. Go to this website: ThoughtCo.com. They offer real information, rather than the self-serving fodder that you will find on other websites. Good luck to each one of you, and God bless you.

Mar 25, 2018
Bugs, not drugs
by: Ty

Well? Did anyone find out what they were? are?you still suffering? it sounds like something I am going through. i believe they are Collonbolla

i hope someone is still looking at this site, because I would really love some answers.

Oct 19, 2016
Same river bed muck
by: Christina legare

I think that's what I have there killing me the pain is unbearable but my? Is the black specks you guys see do you see then here and there bc I have everything they said plus to different black specks one of then I get are you can see them but the worst ones are the black ones that are all over me that are microscopic black specks you catch in the corner of your eye that are jumping off me and doing severe damage always had beautiful skin and now it's all broken out

Oct 13, 2014
river bed parasite
by: david

OMG finally i can relate to somebody I've literally been forced into an almost manic depression because of this,,my wife doesn't believe me she thinks im using drugs any time i come close to a heat source i feel and see almost little gnat like things popping off my skin a lesion here and there that take forever to heal itchy scalp I've almost cut my finger tips off pulled hair out in little bald spots im experiencing some blurred vision i have the black specks little rice looking things hard clear fibers that when they come out feels as if something is crawling in my skin fatigue weight loss worst area's are my scalp and finger tips. This all started probably a few month's after treading through some pretty nasty river muck i was spending every day hicking going places the normal person doesn't go then while working in east Texas around san Jacinto river it was so hot i submerged myself in the barely moving water and now five years later its taking its toll.if i barely put my finger tip on a piece of bread crumb its as if little thingys come out and grab it i dont like to eat because i feel their in the food i touch.in all my research from morgellens too caddin this is the first time someone else has linked it to river muck,, Sometimes i just wish i could lay down and not wake up i need help but no one believes it they think its just drugs. Thank you .....

Jul 18, 2014
Suspected Riverbed Parasite Infestation
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Kim,

There are always parasites and bacteria in rivers, creeks, and streams, so your supposition that you contracted a parasite from your fall into the muddy riverbed is a real possibility.

Although the steroids helped temporarily, it certainly doesn't sound like your condition was related at all to poison ivy. The steroids only served to temporarily relieve the symptoms but did nothing for the underlying cause.

Be careful with the over-use of essential oils. I DO recommend them on many occasions, but they have to be used with moderation as your body can develop allergies to them when used in excess.

My suggestions for you would be the following:

  • Cold pressed coconut oil (organic) available from Puritan's Pride or a local health food shop - this should be applied topically to your scalp and skin where needed. You can leave it in your hair overnight and wash it out in the morning.

  • Herbal Fiberblend - take 1 tsp. twice per day and gradually increase every few days until you are taking 1 heaped tablespoon twice per day - this will clean out your system of parasites and bacteria.

    Barley Life - take 2 tsp. twice per day or get the capsules if you prefer - this is a nutrient rich whole food supplement that will boost your immune system and balance your pH levels.

    Florafood - take 1 capsule with each meal to replenish the good bacteria in your body.

The Herbal Fiberblend, Barley Life, and Florafood are all available from AIM at their wholesale costs here.

I'm very confident that following the above protocol will sort out your system and you will get the relief and healing you're needing.


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