Round Worm Infestation in Humans

by Concerned Visitor
(Washington, DC)

How To Deal With A Round Worm Infestation In Humans.

Round Worm infections are extremely resistant to medical treatments designed to kill them and roundworm infestations are VERY contagious.

If you pass the infection to your partner, a house mate, or anyone you share a space with, you will compound the difficulty involved in finally eradicating this infection from your body...not to mention living with the guilt of having infected someone else.

Please use the following suggestions, regardless of how pointless, unnecessary, or stupid they may seem.

Remedies, cures, and helpful suggestions to eliminate and minimize the effects of an infestation...

  1. Get your stool samples analyzed by a reputable lab that specializes in parasitology.

  2. See a reputable, board certified physician for any assistance or treatment that may benefit very careful if a physician recommends that you be scoped (endoscopy) because it is actually possible to GET horrific parasites and diseases if the medical practitioner performing the scope is not extremely careful with the care and use of his medical equipment and the management of his assisting staff. You also run the risk of having your colon,etc... accidentally punctured which can cause a problem more serious than a parasitic infection. Get a second and a third opinion about the necessity of the procedure and the best possible Gastroenterologist available to do it.

  3. DO shower daily paying special attention to thoroughly cleansing your genital/anal areas with warm, soapy water and rinsing these areas thoroughly.

  4. Keep your fingernails cut very short and keep them clean..definitely wash your hands well every time you use the bathroom or before you touch food.

  5. Spray and wipe toilet seat with Lysol before and after using it every time.

  6. Do not give or receive oral sex unless you use proper not share barriers.

  7. Do wash your hands and under your fingernails very well if you masturbate and be mindful of what you touch before you get a chance to wash your hands.

  8. Do have regular bowel movements by adding a proper amount of fiber to your diet---the Fiber One cereals are great for this purpose. It is ideal if you can have at least one bowel movement per day.

  9. Do have a comprehensive colonic at least twice a year from a board certified professional.

  10. Do take chlorella supplements daily to cleanse your blood and move worm toxins and filth from your body.

  11. Never eat fruits or vegetables without cleaning them thoroughly... this is especially true for organic fruits and vegetables.

  12. Do eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables (especially leafy green ones) daily.

  13. Do drink lots of distilled or clean spring water daily...never drink tap water.

  14. Do wash your underwear, sheets and towels regularly with hot, soapy water...never shake your undergarments, sheets, or towels around after using or wearing them or prior to washing them..parasite ova can be blown about in the air in your environment and inhaled; ingested by you, others, or your pets if you do this.

  15. Use your own set of towels and sheets if
    at all possible to further avoid spreading the infection. Use separate towels for upper and lower halves of your body.

  16. Do take the following herbal supplements daily: Probiotics, Garlic, Chlorella, Black Walnut and Wormwood Tincture (alcohol-free). If you are a female, you can also apply Black Walnut and Wormwood Tincture onto panty liners to fight strictly Pin Worm infestations. Pinworms can burrow into your genital skin and lay their eggs in this manner. You can detect if this is going on if you feel the genital area near your anus and/or your vagina. You will feel raised skin bumps. Trimming your bush is optional but, common sense would dictate that tincture compresses are best applied to skin and not to pubic hair.

  17. Never eat food from dubious sources. If you are not sure that the person who prepared the food did so in a safe and sanitary manner, do not eat it! Avoid eating food from fast food restaurants, large restaurant chains, or, basically, from any impersonal food establishment that you do not absolutely trust. When battling a parasitic infection, it is best to prepare all of your own meals.

  18. Do take powerful antioxidants like Alpha Lipoic Acid and Acetyl L Carnitine to give your body's immunity a boost in fighting the damaging effects of a worm infestation.

  19. Do NOT consume sugar in any form. Worms (and cancer) LOVE sugar.

  20. Do not consume margarine, grease or oil except cold-pressed olive oil.

  21. Avoid cats and dogs as they may carry diseases or parasites as well. If you have a cat or dog, make sure that it is worm-free.

  22. Never allow your pets to sleep in or get on your bed or your couch. Do not let cats walk along dining or food preparation surfaces.

  23. Cleanse your sinuses once a week with a Nettie Pot system.

  24. Never wear anyone else's swim trunks, bathing suit, undergarments, shorts, or pants.

  25. Never walk around outside in bare feet...especially on soil.

  26. Do lose weight with a healthy diet and exercise. Parasitic infections can cause severe overall edema that can compound the challenges of obesity. By losing weight if you are overweight, you can greatly reduce the visual impact of the swollen ankles, thighs, etc..., caused by the edema and be able to move about with greater ease and less stress to your body. Unfortunately, the edema will only go away once the worm infestation does.

  27. Do not eat leftovers.

  28. Finally, remain positive as mood can effect how well our body's can destroy and evict invading organisms.

Thanks for sharing your tips for dealing with a round worm infestation in humans. You make some great points.

I'm a firm believer in a good colon cleanse and the use of probiotics and whole food supplements for dealing with a round worm infestation in humans or, in fact, almost any type of internal parasites.

These additional tips you've added will help people avoid contamination and recover even quicker.

To your good health!

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