Rubber Worm/Larva Like Parasite

by Eliza

Little rubber worm/larva like parasite coming out of lesions...

It started off as pimple like bumps on my body that felt hard to the touch. As though there were something under my skin.

If I rubbed the bumps in circular motions with any type of soap, scrub, etc., it would cause small brown/black spots to appear hard to the touch! I managed to get one out, it looked like a small brown seed with a hair at one end!

One night while in the shower, I felt a "bump" that seemed to run in a line across the back of my neck. Remembering that I had bought some Dial hand soap that same day which contained triclosan, I put some on a sponge and started exfoliating the back of my neck.

I then felt these hard "seed" like things and if I rubbed in circular motions, they came off but with a lot of my hair entangled with it!

After getting out of the shower I noticed 5 circular lesions that were full of some sot of sticky puss that would run down my neck! Where my fingers had touched, my finger nails were like glued to my skin with hard brown specs around the tips.

I went to the doctor and he said it was a bacterial infection and gave me antibiotics. I knew it wasn't that...well yes it was because what ever parasite I have, after rubbing it with dial caused a bacterial infection.

It has been a few months now and my lesions seem to have healed, not leaking puss but where the back of my neck meets my hairline seem to be little holes that have small rubber like worms in them!

They almost look like maggots that are very rubber like & sticky! I seem to be passing brown "seed" like things when I use the washroom.

They come off sometimes in the shower, when I put Noxema, fungal cream, etc on them. Fresh Papaya seem to kill them or they really hate it! I also take garlic capsules to try to kill them, and eat a lot of yogurt.

think I am going CRAZY sometimes and it is causing a lot of problems between my husband and I! He is starting to think I'm losing it! Can you please tell me what I may have! dog had these maggot like things on her back...I took her to the vet and she gave her a worm treatment...could I have caught some type of maggot worm from my dog? My doctor does not believe I have already told him about my dog!


Hi Eliza,

Sorry you are having such a rough time. It is true that you could have a fungal infection as well as parasites, but I don't think you'll have much success treating it with antibiotics.

If you have used the antibiotics, you have probably weakened your immune system further. You really need to replenish the good bacteria in your body by using probiotics so that it can help re-balance your body and get your fungal and parasite issues under control. Eating yogurt is good (if it doesn't have added sugar in it), but probiotic supplements are even better.

I would suggest that you get Herbal Fiberblend and give yourself an intestinal cleanse since you are already aware that you are passing what you believe to be parasites.

Cleansing may take you several weeks and possibly even several months, depending on how severe your infestation is advanced.

While you are cleansing, I would also use Florafood (a combination of probiotics) as well as Barley Life and AIMega for nutritional support and to aid in healing.

I can't tell you what specific parasite you are dealing with based on your description of rubber worm/larva like parasite. It could be intestinal flukes, pinworms, or one of the many new reports that are circulating of various parasites that are not commonly known.

Regardless, the basic steps should be followed for intestinal cleansing and immune boosting support. Of course, I'm not a doctor, but I'm just letting you know what I would do. :)

Hope you are able to get it all under control soon. To your good health!


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Nov 21, 2020
Sticky Stretchy sores in scalp
by: Nani

Like so many of you, I too am plagued by these torturous worms! I was told I have a delusional parasitic disorder - I am NIOT imagining this - and I have lost ALOT of hair, too. What I discovered My extensive research (that ENT doctors and Dermatologists should know but do not!) is that there is a condition called Demodex (skin) Folicorum (follicle). It produces 2 types of sores they call boils. One type is a type I innthink many of you are talking about. It produces eassdisiouwhiteectifplugs in ayour scalp or under your skin. betgdnajeews ithtsileciapseThe top of the boil (the demodex llmitesiiwhave burrowed down under and cause the scalp and are the cause of the boil) can have brown sharp things sticking out of your scalp around them. If you take pictures of your sore with your phone camera and then go to edit, and crop and enlarge your picture, you’ll be really disgusted like I’ve been and even more anxious to get help!!! And when you scratch the scabby part off of the boil, and can get a grip with your nil or a tweezer and pull they stretch way out and are really sticky! Look under treatment for demodex folicorium. I see an infectious disease specialist this week and will get back to you afterward! Hope this helped!

Oct 30, 2017
Its Demodex Mites NEW
by: JL

It's demodex mites started with our dog also. Do the Pedal-Pinna reflex test on your dog where you acratch or rub the inside of their ear if they kick their back leg then yes it's mites. Eye doctors know about them they cause dry eye gritty eyes, blurry vision almost everyone has them in our skin the demodex brevis live in sebaceous glands and demodex folliculorum lice in hair follicles. They also are a cause of rosacea. The patches of skin breakouts with stretchy white plugs are the mites your skin will not heal until they are physically gone from there patches will stay inflamed for months as they are constantly hatching laying multiplying. They come out at night and mate feels like hairs tickling your face. Look up on Internet you will see so many people have this and doctors have no clue what this is. Nu-stock from amazon or feed store is a sulfur cream that helps dry out and kill what is there these mites stay so deep in skin most things cannot reach so sleep with zinc diaper cream and tea tree oil. It doesn't seem that we can get rid of this totally ever just keep it under control keep a spray bottle of alcohol 70% and spray any bite or itch or scalp and face, change pillow vases spray rubbin g alcohol on carpet couches etc you have to treat all day everyday low immune system and fungus or yeast seem to contribute to this over population also don't take antibiotics

May 06, 2017
A possible solution for you...
by: Angie from

If you can't follow the full protocol cleanse suggested, at least try the Herbal Fiberblend and Composure as that should help with both the anxiety and the parasite issue. Be encouraged.

Apr 26, 2017
Sticky itchy mystery parasites... hair and thread loving
by: Denaligurl

I have this same thing. Dr's have diagnosed as neurotic excoriations. 😡 I am certain this is not the cause and I am also having problems with SO who thinks I'm not lucid. Dealing with anxiety about having this mysterious bug, not being taken seriously and then being written off by medical professionals is extremely difficult.

I'm finding it difficult to maintain my life and have been extremely depressed. Wish there was an answer! Anyone???

Jan 17, 2016
Try a good parasite cleanse...
by: Angie from

Hi Michele,
Please consider using the suggestions I made above (particularly the Herbal Fiberblend) as that as what I have found most people have success with.

Jan 17, 2016
Me too
by: Michelle

I have this. Help!!!

Sep 06, 2014
sounds like mango worms
by: britt

Check with Dr and vet sounds like mango worms . Toys lay these eggs on things with moisture skin,clothes,pets ex.

Nov 02, 2013
me too
by: Anonymous

I got the same thing what is it

Oct 02, 2013
Same Symptoms. Did you get rid of it/? What was it?
by: Anonymous

I have had the same symptoms now for over seven months, these worm like things burrow themselves in a circular pattern around my hair. They produce some type of sticky substance. I feel like I am going crazy. I hae been to emergency rooms, dermatologists, and infectious disease specialist. did you find out what it was and how were you able to get rid of it?

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