by M Sutherland
(caithness kw1)

Is it possible to see a parasite under the skin as I had salmonella and was in hospital for two weeks three years ago.

I was then on steroids for the last three years as I developed severe pain in my joints. I am now off steroids and the pain in joints are back as bad as ever.

Could it be anything to do with the salmonella?

Hi M,

Certain parasites can be seen under the skin, but it really isn't that common for most intestinal parasites. You didn't mention if you are actually seeing something under your skin or if you are just suffering from the joint pain.

In your situation, I would probably try an intestinal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend for a few months just to help get rid of any lingering toxins or build up from the long steroid use and from the effects of having salmonella.

I would also take AIMega and Barley Life and Frame Essentials to help with the joint pain. I think you'd find those three in combination to be extremely beneficial.

Based on your location, you'll have to use the UK Order Form and then you can get the wholesale prices.

I really hope you feel better soon.
To your good health!

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