Sandy Scalp

by Lynn
(Vancouver, Canada)

Question about sandy scalp...

About a year and a half ago I moved to a "new" home as well as a "new" job. I was an apt. building manager. It's a very high-stress job.

Anyway, at first I didn't know what to think of this itchy scalp I started to have. I made a point to go purchase Head & Shoulders, wash my hair, following the directions perfectly.

I repeated this 2 days later, but this sand like texture continued to grow "sandier."

Every time I run my hands or finger tips thru my hair, I feel this tiny sand like substance. No matter how much I scratch, it will not go away.

Actually say 2x a month or more, depending how much I decided to scratch that day, it jumps back and fourth from being tiny black sand like dots, to almost spread out bumps of skin at the end of my hair, on my scalp, close, so close to my scalp I find myself picking at them until I can't feel them anymore, or until it hurts.

Please tell me what this could be.

Hi Lynn,

It might be that the black dots you are experiencing on your scalp are the result of a fungal infection, giving you that itchy sandy scalp feeling.

Have you noticed any other symptoms of fungal overgrowth in your system? It may only be external, but many people who get an external fungal
infection also have an internal fungal overgrowth (commonly known as candida).

What I would suggest for the scalp is to make yourself a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil and apply it to your scalp twice per day.

Before you apply the essential oils, give your head and scalp a good rinse with sea salt in warm water.

Continue this treatment daily for a couple of weeks and see if that takes care of the itch and the sandy scalp feeling. If you find the essential oils too strong using them straight, you can dilute them with some olive oil before applying it.

Your new home may have some mold issues that could cause a fungal infection, but another alternative is that the stress from your new job could have weakened your immune system to the point of allowing a fungal overgrowth in your body.

Those are only two possible scenarios. :) There are unfortunately numerous others that could be the contributing factors, but I only about what you have told me.

Apart from the scalp wash suggested above, you should consider watching your diet for a few weeks and cutting out the sugars and processed foods (particularly carbs) as they do tend to feed fungus.

If you do suspect internal candida overgrowth, also consider an herbal cleanse and some probiotic supplements to help get your system back in balance.

To your good health!

Comments for Sandy Scalp

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Dec 27, 2021
Yes! Yes! AND Yes!
by: Julie

I agree with what everyone has stated above!! I’m at a loss!! I have this grainy substance in my hair that feels like sand. I have gone to 3 different hair dressers, the school nurse, and my dermatologist who all say I have the cleanest scalp they have ever seen!! Then why do I feel like I could create a sandy beach scene when I touch my scalp? I have tried different hair cleanses, different shampoos and conditioners, brushes, combs, even lice combs, washing our white sheets (daily) in hot, bleach and detergent and then drying them. I’m at a total loss. Not that I’m glad others have this very annoying mysterious grainy scalp issue, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone and there is hope that someday this mystery will be solved!!

Nov 19, 2021
Treating scabies cured my scalp
by: Ter Sanctus

While treating scabies, my scalp has healed from my picking itching and hair pulling. I also had clear crystals from my scalp with tiny black pepper looking spots.
I had a 5 weeks of ivermectine treatment every 4 day along with sulfer lotion one week and essential oils in a lotion like neem, tea tree, clove, lemongrass.
Along with my scalp my body was expelling these crystals some quite large and sharp along with these hard shiny black pepper flakes.
I also was shocked doing dilute bleach baths and Borax with 3% hydrogen peroxide bath at the amount of sand release from my body. I was sleeping on white sheets that I hot washed every day, when I woke there would be sand and black flakes all where I slept. At one point it felt like my back had thousands of tiny pieces of glass under my skin and I was in misery.
Long story short, I've seem to have had a major detox after my treatment for a few weeks and although I suffered greatly, I feel like a new person. My hair is sprouting back and I have stopped itching and picking my scalp. My immune system has not been the same since the chronic Lyme disease since 2008. I had a big reaction to the scabies mite, all my lymph nodes were sore huge but the treatment of ivermectine, sulfer, essential oils, and those borax baths and bleach baths seem to help detox and purge what I think were morgellons from me.
I also changed my diet which further helped me. No sugar, low carb, simple food. I wish everyone the best with their ailments and hope you find a solution to bring you peace.

Oct 27, 2021
Sandy Scalp-Treat as Oxalates NEW
by: Dana Rogers

Very likely these are stored oxalates. They're disturbing because they're toxins our bodies should get rid of. Probiotics can get things processing better in the gut, and start to clear your bodies. There's a lot go learn and do that will improve things. I finally know...many years into it! Health to you all!

May 04, 2021
Morgellons NEW
by: Same

Hi I suggest you go to a site on Morgellons.
This is most likely what you have.
Doctors do not treat it. Do not go unless you saY things that are in no way related to Morgellons. I have gotten antiparasitic drugs, but had bleeding and an CT scan and was prescribed an antibiotic and an antiparasitic! I never said anything about Morgellons. Another way is to say you eat sushi and are sick.

Oct 29, 2020
sandy scalp. NEW
by: vicki

I hate to say this. But your Sandy Scalp, is Hair Folicle mites. There is no one night fix for this, and you must see your doctor for treatment.
The tea tree oil , helps, Ive had better luck at home with a bar of sulfer soap I bought at walmart, but it only last a short time.

Once the doctor prescribes the medication, it takes almost 4 months to finally rid your self of these mites. There is alot of work involved, laundry, cleaning every inch on your living space, treating others in the household, pets, anything you come in contact with..

Im a 50yr old female who has dealth with this far too long, hair loss is only on the side of my head that I sleep on. Ive become a recluse, and hardly see anyone anymore. I havent made it into my doctors office as of yet due to this blasted Covid-19 putting everyone into full panic mode.. O have to wear bandana's on my head when I do go out from embarrassment. Ive even buzzed my hair so to even it out some and it not be so noticable..
Good luck to all of you. One I get this taken care of completely, Ill comment, and let you know how it went.

Jan 29, 2019
Response to Lynn NEW
by: Sheila

Lynn you described exactly what I have been experiencing the last 6 months.

I have seen two doctors who said there was nothing wrong with my scalp, only these scratch marks, like a railroad tract going in even intervals.

Could a doctor please look at this condition and not simply look at a small area and prescribe nothing.

Apr 30, 2018
Sandy Scalp- Black crystals
by: Crystal

I just discovered this in my scalp after mixing an arevedic deep conditioning treatment I was experimenting with. I used Ghassoul (Rhassoul) Clay, Aritha (soap nut) powder, bhringraj powder, apple cider vinegar and 1cup of hot water. I mixed well and let it cool. When I applied throughout my scalp the paste was fine grains. Washing it out I felt the large crystals in my hair. My scalp felt some relief. I was wondering what the grains could be. I thought cancer or parasites. I never felt them until I tried this treatment.

Apr 03, 2018
Sandy Grains on Scalp?

Hi, I am a middle aged man and I have these sandy grains too.

As far as I can tell, the sandy grains are crystals and I'm pretty sure they are oxalate crystals.

The point is that the Androgen Receptor ENHANCES oxalate crystal formation and the Androgen Receptor coactivator Hic-5/ARA55 is HIGHLY EXPRESSED in the dermal papilla cells of hair follicles in persons with pattern hair loss (also known as androgenic alopecia).

DHT is also a type of androgen but it looks clear from many comments on the net that it is a crystal that's clinging to the hair follicle!

Anyway, I use a Thai herbal product to extract the sandy grains.

Apr 02, 2018
by: me

Sandy scalp is due to crystallized sebum.
That is because of demodex mites which almost everyone has naturally.
When these mites carry bacteria, the sebum (oil) hardens.
You don't need to do anything about it.
But if it bothers you, you can take ivermectin horse paste.
Or do topical ivermectin with durvet pour-on ivermectin.
Good luck.
If it's just on your scalp it's no big deal.
My problem is I have it on my whole body in which case I suppose it is scabies.

Mar 03, 2018
Sandy feeling scalp
by: Parasitebeginner

Parasites from pets can enter from bare feet OR someway get their enterance in SCALP.
Drs do not know this or more than likely are not going to bother.
The Hookworm or flatworn or whaever worm comes from cats, dogs,litter boxes,poop,soil, unwashed hands mostly. Causes scalp irritation, "oil", fungus, ringworm, sandlike feeling, burning, blisters,"bubbling", pain. Get parasite medication from a doctor and antibiotic. Use Borax to clean everything even scalp and body. Dilute 1 part Borax to 3 parts water and wash bedding and clothes every 2 days with hot water and longest dry.Continue using dandruff shampoo or baby shampoo but very little. Inspect your scalp for boggy feeling and round cyst like bumps. Wash scalp and hair as often as needed. Eat a diet that parasites haate. Look up foods and keep eating them. Eat 3 garlic cloves smashed every 2-3 days at bed time. Drink low amoints of water or only the minimum you need. Dont feed the parasites/worms or hydrate. Use lice or scabies shampoo on hair and body 3 times a month. Dont overuse home remedy. If youve tried it and not better in 5 days dont continue. No home remedy that will mask or feed the parasite. (Most do) These parasites/worms will make you crazy but keep fighting them. Try and find a specific Dr that knows scalp isues and parasite. Keep educated and keep fighting!

Nov 05, 2017
Mysterious Condition
by: LoriL

Me 2. I've got it also. The grainy sand particles, knots/bumps on scalp, feel like something is in my hair/tangles easily or isattached, to my hair close to the scalp. Which leads to my hair pulling, skimming strands of hair with my nails, and twisting.

The crown of my head has an area that currently has short hair stubble that is course. Lots of dry, course hair breakage. And it has been gummy at times or really dry, to the point of heavy flakes or scabs. Ear aches and infections, are relentless. I have felt something in my throat a couple of times to the point I thought I would suffocate or hyperventilate, thus creating more anxiety and laborious breathing. I have had a black streak around my mouth, in a laugh line, and in front of my outer ear, in the early stages of this condition.So yeah, all this is, not all at one time but rather, at times. There are good days and bad, but the night time is the worse, due a lack of sleep and restlessness.

I've tried all the home remedies under the sun including, salts, baking soda baths, vegetable laxatives for internal cleansings, alcohol, olive oils, vinegars, lotions and creams, other oils and etc. I have spent literally thousands on over-the-counter soaps, shampoos, conditioners, mouthwashes, ear drop kits, herbs, antihistamine, exfoliates, laundry detergents, laundry mats.

This year I decided to get on a medical merry-go-round over this condition? I was given a script for medicated shampoo with Keto??? which did nothing. Went to my dermatologist and got this 5% creme for itching that worked, as long as I applied it to different areas of my body. I used up all the tiny medicated shampoos and crèmes. I was diagnosed with dermatitis/fungal infection. I was told I was not contagious but I believe I am because of so many people coming up with this condition.

Many women in particular in my southern area of the states, are now wearing bandanas, ball caps, and etc to keep their heads covered. Men? Not so much but men wear more head coverings here anyhow. I still have it, to no avail.

Diet? Primarily, I do a vegetarian Mexican diet. I do lots of jalapeno peppers and spicy foods. The diet makes me feel better due to the capasin in the peppers, I guess. I stay away from sugars and breads just in case it is a fungi infection. I still have the bloat a lot.

I wash all clothing in a Free detergent, in Hot and additional rinse, and a screaming hot dryer for at least an hour at the laundry mat. My HUD apt I had, had black mold and pest issues, so I moved out. And this is where my nightmare began, in 2015. I bought an economy car and put everything I owned, into a storage unit in case this is a parasite/bug/spider type issue.

I've been reclusive for the first year and not so much the second year. Its been my finding that some, not many, are more susceptible to this condition than others, for those who are working out in public. Kinda like the flu, only not ever, completely going away. Some get it and some don't. Which tells me this is most likely autoimmune. I have hyperthyroidism already as if that weren't bad enough, add this to the list of conditions.

I've suspected spider mites, tree mites, bed bugs, misquito bites, fleas, flea and dust dander, deer ticks, domesticated animals, and everything else I've come across, to no avail. I've also thought that this condition could be related to restless leg or neuropathy? I thought of requesting a blood analysis from my endocrinologist, to check for any and all parasites. I did a poopy test and that was negative but there are blood
tests/smears that parasites can inhabit as well.

And I've also returned to drinking sugar/creamer coffee, since I ended up with a black tongue at one point, drinking black coffee. I do not drink residential coffees out of the stores anymore because they BECOME, contaminated eventually, even in the frig. I drink commercial coffee only. I used original Scope, religiously, everyday. I also use Johnson and Johnson's Baby Powder with Aloe and Vitamin E, daily. If the product is not sealed, do not purchase it. Other powders are not sealed and can BECOME contaminated. I wash with Kirk Castile or Yardley's Lavender Soaps, from head to toe. Let stand 3-5 minutes, rinse and repeat. Wash hair separately from the shower, once a week.

Prayer helps and I listen to the ministry on the radio during my late/early morning hours of sleeplessness. I pray that someone out there can not only figure out what this is but what can be done for this condition.

I still live out of my car and will until this condition is resolved. Why infect another place, right? Or God forbid, catch something somewhere else. And I suspect that I'm not the only one living out of my car and with the same issues. There are countless people with this condition and/or living out of their vehicles, in America. Me? I'll stay put in my vehicle until this mystery is resolve. The sooner the better:)

Aug 06, 2017
Thousands of itchy hard tiny sandy.
by: Terry

Suffered for years. Tried olive oil to soothe my dry itchy scalp. Will try vinegar. In menopause. Nothing seems to work. Mint mouthwash sounds interesting. Doctors won't even touch my scalp to feel the evidence.

Jul 11, 2017
Me too
by: Crazy scalp

Has anyone tried Apple cider vinegar with Epsom salt and lavender oil or tea tree oil....

Nov 01, 2016
Sandy scalp & particles in mouth
by: courtnay

I have been sick for pvt two years with sandy scalp just being one nightmare. I have turned into a recluse because ok am ocd now. I only have comfort if I first wash my hair, then face, then mouth, then body. Then I must wash all of my towels, clothing, linens ; I have a never ending likes of laundry having to change clothes several times a day. This sand on my scalp looks like small grits. I find rinsing hair with antiseptic mint mouth wash to provide quite astonishing results.

Oct 21, 2015
fine sand
by: carlala

Year ago my Doctor acted like he didn't believe me when I feel a fine sand on my scalp He thought it was all in my head.(not on it. ha) He parted my hair on top and peaked for a mili second and said all clear. It can be mental he tells me.
I requested a dermatologist. Went there. Same treatment there. A mili second peak at top of my scalp and an all clear. What else can we do? Honestly it isn't as bad as it was last year but I still push fine sand around with my finger mainly on crown of my head. I am so ready to be rid of it...Take us seriously.
"It isn't in our head" I hope!

Oct 13, 2015
by: Melissa

This problem is HUGE among so many people. If we were doctors we would have a diagnosis but NO ONE knows and doctors certainly have NO idea!! We are not on here imagining we have grainy scalps because we are bored or's because we have it and it's affects us, we are loosing our hair without a cure, treatment or at least some sort of reassurance that it's going to be ok! I've spent hours and hours searching something to help bring my personal battle to closure but no it gets worse. Seriously if just one dermatologist found one patient and trusted them....that would be the first miracle!!! We need a doctor who will listen and believe. I'm more than happy to jet you run your fingers over my scalp....YOU WILL FEEL THE GRAINS....,,and NO I did not just recently go to the beach! It's so sad that doctors and hair specialists don't understand yet there are literally hundreds of posts making these complaints. Whoever eventually treats this will by my hero!!

Jul 21, 2015
Sand scalp
by: Patgrinch

This debilitating horror began in 2008. I have had no peace except occasionally. I'm trying different ideas, like wash hair more often or wash hair less often. I spend endless hours at night sitting up because once you place your head on pillow for any amount of time, that side of the head gets hot and itches even more. The scrunching sound I heard upon scratching was very loud at first. Once or twice my scalp felt like it had a tight cap on it with loud scrunching. This was actually a short relief. I purchased all types of shampoo. Nothing really helps except a shampoo I have been using is called L'Oreal sulfite free. I have not decided results yet. Next I will try salt and water. I think I should stay away from doctor prescribed shampoo. This has irritated my scalp more than regular shampoo.
Do see your doctor about prescription called Clobetasol Propionate Topical Solution, USP, 0.05 percent. Your regular doctor should be able to prescribe. Make sure you have no allergies to this drug. This works for intense flair ups. Use sparingly. It's a corticosteroid.
I still think it has something to do with extreme high humidity, like I am now living in since 2008. Good luck

Jul 08, 2015
Please help
by: Chris

Have you found a cure yet? I have had this for two years..can't find a solution or even a diagnoses

May 18, 2015
by: amber

Does it ever fill like you have bugs in you're scalp? I. Do ad have same problem except for I'm finding the spiders that look like hair I'm my hair

May 18, 2015
I have the same exact problem
by: amber

I have had the same problem for going on 3 years. Nothing helps. I started pulling my hair out it has me going nuts.

Sep 27, 2014
"Sandy Scalp"
by: Angie from

The salt is a good external treatment, but for true healing it sounds to me like you are going to need to boost your immune system so that your body can physically fight off your condition and heal your scalp.

So many people underestimate the importance of nutritional support in the body not only for every day health maintenance, but more particularly when your body is being attacked by something.

I encourage practically everyone who visits this site looking for answers to honestly try the three supplements that I call My Daily Essentials as a minimum starting point in tackling most health conditions - internal and external - because they help put your body in a strong position to do what it was created to do - fight off infections, parasites, illness, disease, etc.

Your body can only perform this task with the support you give it. If you don't give the body what it needs, don't expect it to do the job you want it to do.

Hope this helps and that you get this cared for soon.


Sep 26, 2014
started as a sore on scalp
by: I have sandy scalp too

Ive had it since 2012. Been to many drs. They dont know. Ive tried everything my husband and 13 yr daughter have it too now. Ive spent 10, 000 $ on every product. It will eventually turn into some sort of parasite that makes u itch and break out in sores that dont heal on ur scalp face neck and body. I started talking 3 tea spoons ful of salt for a week and drinking alot of water and mixing salt (alot) in my antimicrobial soap im using for shampoo and scrubbing my body and scalp with it also everday I also use good old white vinegar before I shampoo. The sand is going away and I have a few sores left .please pray that God heals this. Feels like a death sentence and so many ppl have this its pathetic.I beleave drs do know what it lady overheard her dr say morgellons when he was in different room but told her it was nothing haha. Its a new fungal parasite im sure of it and it is contagious.

Sep 13, 2014
sand on scalp feeling
by: carlala

For several months now I have been having a problem with my scalp. When it started I thought I might have head lice. For a month I tried home remedies such as over counter lice shampoo, vinegar, kosher salt, olive oil. I felt like a salad dressing. I finally gave up and went to my Doctor. He peeked on the top of my head and said no I didn't have anything. He thought it might be stress or maybe my imagination. I left his office in dismay. A month later My scalp then started feeling like it had particles of fine sand on it especially around the crown. I made an appointment with a Dermatologist. She looks on the top of my head and says your scalp looks healthy and gave me some samples of a shampoo that did nothing. My Husband thinks I am imagining it. I can shampoo my hair and it comes immediately back and it is all over my scalp. I can see nothing, just feel the grainy stuff as I push it away with the fatty part of my fingers. Now my fingers are feeling puffy from pushing sand loose and it irritates my scalp. It's like rubbing sharp sand on sensitive skin. I am beside myself. I Don't know what to do>?

Oct 25, 2011
Another Sandy Scalp Rinse Idea
by: Angie

Very odd about the gummy feeling. I don't know what would cause that. I'll be interested in hearing if the sea salt and water rinse and the essential oils clear it up for you.

Something else I thought of that you may want to try is organic (raw) apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it). ACV can be used as a good scalp rinse, but it didn't come to my mind last night so I wanted to remember to mention it today.

Do keep us posted.

Oct 25, 2011
Sandy Scalp- added info
by: Lynn

The sandy scalp is just on the crown of my head. I was washing my hair the other day , in the shower. I used a small amount of shampoo, washed like normal, applied conditioner
and you know when you rinse conditioner out of your hair, how nice and silky the hair feels, well mine did except the crown of my hair & scalp. It felt gummy? I conditioned again and still gummy?
The next day my hair feels nice like it always does, except just on the crown it gets super dry, a little tender from scratching but not itchy though. It never is really itchy per say. It gets a little irritated due to scratching. I do know that scratching isn't good, it causes an infection, then can spread it. I have had no problems at all with my hair in the past. I do color it and have been for years so I do not assume it is the product of hair color. I do not use anything else otherwise.
Maybe that

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