Scabs On My Dog

by Amy

Hi, there are unusual scabs on my dog.

My dog keeps getting these long thin scabs on his skin, they pull off like string and are a crusty white and reddish colouring but look like segments.

From the outside it looks like a scratch as the fur is slightly raised. I thought they were scabs from scratches as I have a puppy who's always jumping on him etc.

Now it's been a while and he keeps getting them so I've gotten concerned that it could be something else.

When I pull them off it definitely doesn't look like something alive! Could it be something else apart from scabs on my dog?


Hi Amy,

Is your dog still having trouble with these scabs? Have you taken the dog to a vet to get any professional advice?

When you pull off the scabs, what does the skin look like beneath the scab-like strip? Is it, in fact, scratched, red, etc.?

It's possible that your dog has some type of skin parasite that is leaving these marks. Consider adding some organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar to his drinking water (1 Tbs. per bowl).

You can also put some of the apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle (slightly diluted if you prefer) and spray it on your dog's coat. Yes, the vinegar will smell for a bit, but the scent will fade.

ACV has been an effective natural remedy for some pet mites, fleas, etc.

Another option is to use some tea tree oil in your dog's bath water (or use the spray bottle and water again for this purpose).

I hope your dog's skin is improving. I'd be interested in hearing if you discover the cause of the problem.

Kindest regards,

Comments for Scabs On My Dog

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Oct 06, 2017
No more scabs
by: Jenn

My dogs scabs were not thin strings they were sort of roundish and just crusty looking no bleeding some redness they would heal by themselves I just applied a mix of essential oils coconut oil tamanu oil base with lavender rosemary verbeone helichrysm francinscence fenugreek and I forgot which other ones and also a spray by zymox which was anti fungal and they would heal and come off I would not mess with them because that could lead to an infection you should let them heal and not rip them off just apply coconut oil at the very least which is antimicrobial when the scab finally fell off the skin underneath would have a remaining darkness like a stained from whatever the scab thing was but perfectly healed otherwise. I changed my dogs diet to grain free and I added cbd oil to his diet as well as chlorella from taiwan. I have only ever given him the best foods but now he eats ziwi air dried mixed with primal raw and some of the freeze dried nusentia but he gets bee pollen chlorella cbd oil probiotics and coconut oil added to it oh and digestive enzymes I also started using this excellent shampoo that the vet approved they sell it online at this animal
Pharmaceutical website which I learned of when I took my rabbit to a different vet and maybe that also helped
Because actually once I used it it stopped then I just added cbd and chlorella because I want him to live as long as possible and be super healthy
The shampoo was expensive but they sometimes have sales it’s regular price is 20 and change. Here is the website

It’s called Max-chlorhexidine shampoo and it treats fungus and yeast I have only used it once and he has not gotten it back so I think actually if you can only afford one thing try that because I think that’s what is preventing it from coming back. It penetrates the skin and keeps the protection going even after bathing but you have to use it like it says. I bathed him like three times massaging it in so the five mins would go by and rinse then I did it again for like three mins and then I did it an extra time to be extra sure hope this helps

Oct 04, 2017
Wire brush can cause thin long scabs too
by: Liesl

I read this column a while ago, when my dog had long thin scabs on her back. When we went to the vet, the vet checked everything, and then asked if she had recently been to the parlor. She did indeed go the the parlor 2 weeks before. The vet suggested it is possible that the parlor use a wire-type brush to comb her hair. She is a border collie, but getting older now, so her skin may be thinner. It is possible that the wire brush they use can cause scratches on parts of her body, like her back.
Just an opinion to also consider...

Apr 19, 2016
My dog also has been getting scabs
by: Jen

My dog has been getting these also. The first time we took him to the vet it was negative for ringworm and positive for yeast. At the time it was a heavily rainy season so it made sense that he was getting wet as he's a French bulldog/Boston terrier mix with frenchie feet and is low to the ground when we'd take him out to use the restroom. The scabs began on his underside on the belly which was the wettest. He's an indoor dog but the moisture allowed the development of yeast. we switched foods to nusentia and started adding digestive enzymes as well as probiotics and dermx for skin and coat support that they sell. I had never heard of this food but from the description it sounded really great. It actually improved and went away but now it's back again. We have kept up with the food except when we have run out and the order has not arrived yet as its not available in stores, but I was also thinking maybe this has to do with Chem trails?! It has not rained that much and he's getting the exact thing. They are constantly spraying chemicals into the sky and many local parks at least here in Florida have had dangerous levels of arsenic causing them to close. I'm not sure if it's related but more people should be talking about this and raise the issue to make this practice permanently stopped. It's not good for us humans but it also isn't good for the animals that get exposed to this innocently. At the very least we should be asking what the hell is being sprayed and be provided with reasons as to why a full analysis!

Apr 09, 2014
Did anyone find out what this is?
by: Therese

Hi, I am wondering please if anyone has found out what this is? Dog also has it and i would really love to know what to do because i have no money to go to the vet.

Aug 26, 2012
Scabs on Dog
by: Dog Owner

Try the organic apple cider vinegar and water mixture described in the answer to the first question. You can give the dog a bath with it, too.

You can also bath the dog in sea salt and water, which may help.

Aug 26, 2012
Mine too
by: Seree.

Hi my dog has scab on her tail

Dec 15, 2011
Long Thin Scabs
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was just online trying to find something for dog. He came home to me from a shelter and has those same long thin, dry scabs that I pull off. They look like string.

What did you find useful? Many thanks. Laurie

May 31, 2011
scabs on dog
by: Anonymous

dry, scaly, flaky, not bloody scabs, in circular patches? could be ringworm. if the patches are larger, irregular shape, lots of hairloss, and red or bloody, it could be mites.

Jul 08, 2010
Treatment for Scabs on Dogs and Cats
by: Angie

You might want to get this book Veterinary Secrets Revealed. They provide some really good information for various types of ailments that I think you'll find helpful. You can download it and get access right away. Hope that helps!

Jul 07, 2010
My cat has similar symptoms please let me know...
by: Anonymous

My cat has this type skin symptom as well Please let me know if anyone knows what they are and how to get rid of them safely for him and I hope I cannot get whatever it is :-( Please mail me here

May 27, 2010
Scabs on Dog
by: Randy

Hi, did you ever find out what those scabs where? when they came off, did they have hair in them? My dog is getting them now and I am slightly concerned because two years ago when I adopted her, she had mange. If it gets any worse I will be taking her to her Vet.

Jan 29, 2010
Scabs, Bugs, or ???
by: Anonymous


Did you ever figure out what those thin scabs were? I have five dogs -- three have 'em and two don't! Let me know what, if anything, you found as your comment is the only thing I've come across on the issue.



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