Scalp Parasites

by Daphne Woodhouse
(Burnaby, BC, Canada)

I am under the care of a naturopath at the moment and during the time I'm taking the remedy for parasites, when I wash my hair (usually after applying the conditioner and rinsing), sometimes I will see (not more than 3) small white clumps (tapioca-like) in the hair strainer.

What kind of scalp parasites are these and how can I get rid of them faster?

Hi Daphne,

Are you sure these are actually scalp parasites that you are seeing? Have you carefully examined the small white clumps?

Do they look like they could be eggs? Do they have any legs or specific features?

Why not collect them and put them in a container to take to your next naturopath visit? They may be able to help you identify them if they actually get a look at whatever it is.

Usually for scalp issues I recommend regular rinsing with raw organic apple cider vinegar, particularly if there is itching involved.

To kill live parasites on the scalp (like lice, etc.), olive oil can be quite effective. For that treatment you just completely saturate your hair and scalp with olive oil, wrap it in a towel and leave it on overnight (for about 8 hours).

The purpose of the olive oil is to smother the parasites. In the case of lice, it's wise to repeat the process every 3-4 days for a couple of weeks to be sure any hatched eggs aren't allowed to reproduce and repopulate.

I hope your naturopath has encouraged you to take probiotics along with whatever cleansing supplements you are taking. They are very important in the parasite cleansing process to rebuild the good bacteria in your immune system.

You should take probiotics each day but at a different time of day then cleansing herbs.

Hope that helps.
To your good health!

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Jul 26, 2021
scallp parasites
by: carolyn

Try taking baths with a couple cups of borax and a bottle of peroxide. I had the same problem. It helps a lot. You need to heal internally to get rid of this. I got this from the Earth Clinic, Take 1/8 tsp. borax and put it in water and drink it throughout the day. I myself put it in a pot of coffee. It will kill internal parasites. Do it 5 days on 2 days off. I also take 5 capsules of formula sf722 every morning and 1000 mil of tumeric twice a day. It needs taken with fat. I'm on a low carb diet so that's not hard for me. I also take a capsule of clove when I go to bed with the tumeric. Clove oil also goes a long way for healing sores on the scalp and the rest of the body. Bugs don't like it. I had sores for years that would finally heal but open up somewhere else. It went on for many years before I finally did all of these things. Good luck to all.

Jul 26, 2021
I know what this is
by: Michele

To Tommy and all, for the past 3 yrs since i moved here my skin and scalp have been attacked. Rashes, hives, itching, boils, ulcerations and even i.n.d. surgery.
They are Strepsipteran. I researched, have a microscope used to be a vet tech. You can only see the male fly with ur video on ph with light ON. The females stay on you; they never grow wings, antennae, orlegs. They barely poke out of scalp or skin sending a feromone to the males who live under 5 hrs so they only mate. Too tiny to see. Females are larger and do grow. Eggs are hatched inside her and larva r born live. We are accidental hosts for these parasitoids r suppose to parasite insects. Sometimes used in bio control.
I dont think they thought what happens when the bugs they feed on are all gone?
The larva eat clothing, vaneer, wood etc.
I guess the Revelations plague had to start with something. But this isnt God doing this. And it isnt f#$@in climate change. Its Men playing God. Muipuricin kills the females. Im beyond help. I have billions Everywhere. Im a L4 paraplegic if that werent bad enough. I stay away from people cuz Im afraid il infect them. I cant live like this and No one is being held accountable.

Jun 26, 2021
Urgent!!! read if you have scabies NEW
by: scabies killer

You need to get Ivermectin, Pills!!!!!
you need a dosage of 12mg, usually comes in 3mg or 6mg pills, you must take 2 pills of 6mg to get the 12mg


you will also need Permetrin cream, the days you don't take the pills,




the ONLY product i know workd to clean stuff is LYSOL!... clorox doesn't work i dont know why

email me if u need help


May 11, 2021
Eating alive
by: Tommy

I'm glad that I ant the to only one that's crazy.. doctors ok 15 different doctors less than 5 months it's been going on 2 years with what's eating me alive it started with bumps around the eyes now I'm a homeless shelter for a host of been over ran by aliens like shit.. don't tell a doctor this, first thing he on that meth.. anyway I'm getting eating from head to the bottom of feet..they like my half way or pe pee zone . need help I'm in looking like a zombie from walking dead.thanks

Jan 14, 2021
fn bugs NEW
by: Randy

I feel for all you ur not crazy i have phorisis so have itching anyways started noticing hair looked wet different shade and actually purplish tint when washing water runs with that tint looks dirty can b hour after washing .hair will have like a crystal look like a clear hair gel that dont dry feels gritty if u look with camera on with max zoom could see eggs especially if u use a phorisis grease they show better find eggs that r black and white hot salt baths help alot can see looks like sperm then some look like little lobsters and some look like a h that r white have some gets on clothes and seem to eat cloth like acid would as far as open wounds pulled some outta me that left big scars and hurt like hell and had where looked like got hell beat outta me eyes black blue when try to wash seems to look like dirt or soot was on me and hard to get off once again had the purplish tint and looks like have a dirt shadow so no we aint crazy dr did same to me was getting ready call psych cause im bipolor also with suicidle tendencies and friends and family thought i was losing it yes depression was hitting me bad but hot salt baths within few days was feeling so much better and gave myself hope that this was gonna cure what had been making me feel like i was knocking on death door and waiting on my final sunset but Gods been with me thru tornado firehip replacwments which they fd up 3 eft side 1 right asmha brochitist empasyma back surgery just been hell for last 9 years ontop of just having the bugs and rest problems have wound on buttocks appx4in round had what looked like a bullet hole been dealing with it 11 months belive bugs caused it tho drs said pressure sore belive was bugs caused wound and now in the wound please all ur not crazy and please do reshearch and kick there creepy crawly asses and enjoy ur life bug free and healthy please have a good yr kick 2020 out as we all kick 2020 out door

Jun 07, 2020
Flea Larvae are Black NEW
by: Vegan Enviro Girlz

Flea Eggs look like teeny, tiny black dirt balls. Get them off the dog and off your guys' bedding. Take a container (I use a cool whip tub type container, called Coco Whip.) Squirt some dish soap in the bottom of and fill it up to about halfway with water. The dish soap will suffocate fleas. Drop any flea dirt balls and bugs in here. The flea dirt balls make red streak as they sink. That's yours and the puppy's blood in the eggs. Flea Larvae (thin worms)is black, Immature fleas are also black. The flea adults are reddish brown because they've fed on your blood. They are usually prego females full of it, looking to lay their eggs again. Vinegar won't kill the bugs. Believe me, I've tried! For our animals we got them each ultrasonic, battery powered flea repelling keychain attachments from Amerimark catalog. It was one of the best investments we made! (This was way before covid came to light as the rump squatters in the white house basement bunker KNEW their covid started in JANUARY, of course.)

Just make sure to keep the ultrasonic keychain(s) clear of water bowls, baths, rain, streams, etc. Just any moisture. They will corrode the battery holder inside, because they're not waterproof. I have only seen thin white worms like a "ramen noodles" and the small dry yellow "rice grains" are the bits after they die usually after dogs chew on their fleas or eat a mouse they shouldn't have. They come out of their rump. Think they're classified as tapeworms, not roundworms. That's why over the counter dewormer at Petco or Walmart won't work. They don't usually carry any kind except roundworm medicine. long part of worm is still alive inside puppy and the small gross "rice grains" are what has dried out after breaking off and A small bit of ivermectin is what we use, but don't give them too much! It's figured for a 1500 pound horse. Hope it gives you guys a permanent respite! Be careful and Good Luck!🤗😍

Feb 26, 2020
going crazy
by: tone

i have some kind of bug or worm in or under my scalp.always scratching or pulling my moves from one spot to the other sometimes it comes out i can feal, like a head attached to a long fat overgrowin hair every one thinks im crazy litrualey, like im crazy some of the docs have perscribe phyco theropy no bull

so i am crazy

Oct 03, 2019
Scalp P
by: Susie Cooper

I have read these comments and I have the same thing. For almost 4 years now. I've been to a lot of doctors, they all tell me the same thing, Delusional parasites. Bottom line is they don't know whats wrong with me. But it is bad. If my baby brother hadn't killed himself 2 years ago. I would kill myself! I have 3 grandchildren in my care. ages 3, 9 & 11. They depend on me, but I can't take it anymore I have all the symptoms as I have read on here. I;ve tried tea tree oil and still use it. I can feel like a force is driving them in in. Sometimes I feel like its the devil. I really need help.

May 04, 2019
Easing the itch NEW
by: Geri

I, too, have the same problem. To ease the itch at night so I can sleep, I rub a very thin coat of vicks mentholatum on my forehead including my eyebrows. I don't get very near my eyes because all they do is water, but I cover my cheeks and neck. These creatures seem to hate the smell or the heat when they try to crawl in it and as a result, I'm experiencing less and less living ones and more and more dead ones all the time. Slow but steady. They are no longer showing up in my mouth or ears. I wash my hair daily and scrub hard with my long, strong fingernails. At night I put a very light coating of the vicks on my scalp and it really does keep them quiet.

Hope this helps,

Nov 29, 2017
Scalp Parasites or Psoriasis
by: Angie from

Hi Angella,
Sorry to hear about what you are going through. My best suggestion is to try the parasite cleanse which includes a good detox as immune boost which may do the job for you. Some of the herbs can also help with the anxiety and depression.

You can also try applying some organic coconut oil to the affected external areas that may help to soothe the symptoms while you are trying to rid yourself of the internal problem.

I hope that helps.

Nov 28, 2017
by: Angella Rayner

Hi I been diagnosed as having psoriasis and have been so itchy around the neck, shoulder blades, scalp, in between my eyes and feel I been misdiagnosed. I feel a parasite in my brain and its not delusional neither.

Sleep deprivation raw skin particles don't know what to do.

I have depression and suicidal tendacies even ezcma bad around stomach, hip, belly button.

Jan 30, 2017
Morgellons scalp
by: Cary

I have tried the ketchup the last two days on my scalp and it seems to be helping. I pray that it continues to work. I have been fighting it for almost four years and also have spent bookoo money. Doctors are no help, they thought I was coocoo.

Nov 08, 2016
by: Zixi

Raw apple cider is not going to do a thing just scare them off for a moment. Sounds like Morgellons. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to find a cure. Angie unless you have morgellons and you know your remedies work save it because it is a serious condition and it is not in anyone's mind. I'm reading another book now about cancer cures I've got another remedy to try if it works I will let y'all know it's three ingredients Wormwood taken internally black walnut hull and clove pure oils taken internally. I've used clove a bunch because it is the number one antioxidant in the world yet not in these combinations also something I'm going to try right now is this ketsup Idea only because I hate the stuff and never eat it but I had a tiny bit that got on my French fry and didn't see it on that particular fry instantly I tasted the nasty stuff and instantly I felt things trying to escape my body. I'm totally trying this on my body sounds better then in my mouth but I winll eat it if this works. It makes scene in a way. Also if you can safely get yourself to be alkaline for 12 days and take breaks between I believe this works I just can't stand drinking baking soda and water. I've known folks that have done it and cured this and even some other major illnesses but you have to consult a doctor or better a natural path first. Believe me I've tried almost everything from colloidal silver to the worst chemical possible and I can't believe I haven't tried ketsup it's like I feel like I can't wait to try this! Thanks Raime

Mar 12, 2015
When all else fails...
by: Angie from

Hi Peggy,

I understand your concern for your friend. I've made it quite clear that I'm not a doctor, but I've learned a few things over the years.

I can't say if what your friend is experiencing is from parasites or something else that has gotten into herr system and is at the root of this problem.

When all else fails, I've discovered that the very best course of action is to follow a cleansing and building regimen that allows your body to eliminate parasites and toxins, etc., and boost the immune system so that the body can deal with whatever it is that is going undiagnosed.

It is surprising to some how well this works and how effective it is in even the most mysterious cases. It's no magic formula, just simple common sense. At the worst it will improve the immune system, at the best it will deal with the problem entirely.

The protocol is as follows...

Morning and Evening:
Composure - take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening before bed - you can open the capsules and mix them with the Herbal Fiberblend if desired.
Herbal Fiberblend - start with 1 tsp. 2x per day and gradually increase until you are using 1 heaped tbsp. 2x per day (take this 1 hour away from everything else; other supplements or medications except for the Composure) (for at least 3 months)

Mid-morning and Mid-afternoon:
BarleyLife - take 1-2 tsp twice per day for nutritional support. Best taken on an empty stomach.

With Lunch And Dinner:
AIMega - 2 capsules twice per day (essential fatty acids)
Florafood - 1 capsule twice per day (probiotics)

Those ARE my best suggestions and I feel strongly that they will benefit her. They are available wholesale here if she wants to give it a try and they have a money back guarantee.

In addition, she may find it helpful to rinse her hair/scalp regularly with a mixture of organic apple cider vinegar and water and then follow that up with the application of organic cold pressed coconut oil.

Such topical treatment can be very helpful but ultimately I believe the internal regimen above is her best option.


Mar 11, 2015
by: Peggy

My friend has a scalp condition for 5 years. She has seen over 50 doctors to no avail. It looks like ring worm, the hair actually grows back into her scalp, it's itchy, painful and the hair around it stands straight up. A waxy substance makes the hair stick to her head. She used borax tonight and oddly, she can pull the hair back out of her scalp and she can hear popping in her head. What could it be? I feel like it's a parasite.. She feels like she's going crazy and doesn't know what to do!

Nov 25, 2014
After 5 yrs or more an answer that makes sense
by: Distracted/on verge of losing the plot

What a relief to read of other people suffering the same as me and being a lot more honest about it. I've been told its dandruff ringworm and other various ridiculous explanations. I've been ridiculed shouted at by friends family and my own children for scratching and sometimes even a little scream that I've let slip out,

I expected to be disbelieved before I even went to the dr's, so I was very careful in what I said not wanting to appear silly or have an over active imagination.

My symptoms are intense itching of scalp, but more importantly the movement(hair will continuously curl into face eyes nose eyelashes irratiating skin .my hair will curl and part itself also making little mounds of hair by twisting it around and around leaving a little funnel , I can see the eggs larva and worms under skin taken pictures kept samples and made videos ( because its more active at night) all to be albeit ignored by professionals who after hardly looking at them pass them off.

Mine too can go and I'll recover feeling great but then out of the blue it all starts agAin people are sick of me talking about it & it actually annoys them leaving me isolated and left to struggle and feel ashamed of my immense discomfort.
I have bee suicidal too.
Sorry, next symptom my feet I believe this is how they got into my body ,I too think they are accidentally on my scalp z& body and is often complicated by secondary infections from the itching and picking,

I have just been diagnosed with *** cutaneous larva migrans ;;;; sometimes called sand worm. Creeping eruption or plumbers itch or ground itch, although I don't live in a hot country. So I've hot medicine fingers crossed that they are right but as someone previously said I got a feeling I'll get them again., the medicine is called albendazole & you should get a dr's prescription 1st don't self treat it could be dangerous & I don't want that on my mind as well as the bugs lol good luck & best wished to all fellow suffers.
Without you and your family leaving your home all your belongings at the point of get better then it's just a matter of time before you pick it up again no matter how careful you are

Jun 03, 2014
sure way to get rid of bird mites
by: karen

I have tried everything!!! the best thing was beeswax because it will suffocate anything. I kept lots of it on my head then used a swim mask to keep it from drying out and even wore a wig for a week or so. They would fall from my head and get under my skin. Once I contained them on my head they went away. I had to stay at my moms because the hive was at my house

Jan 31, 2014
by: cilla

I have a fiber that couldn't be seen with the naked eye.I shined a black light on,see a fiber with a small smooth head,bores into pores,seems to attach to a small jell like ??? creature.Stings.Comes out scalp,especially after wash hair.This is the stage now.I went thru several stages before this.sesame shaped bug,gathered around eyes,stung.Feather looking white thing came up out pores,lots of them.Then worm pimple looking.I pulled these out,had sores,itching.I used tea tree oil/olive oil on face,back,arms,ect.Ilooked up information on spiders,started mixing 10 oz.alcohol and 1oz peppermint oil ,put on body[not face or privates {burns]be careful.I put this in a spray bottle.Also in my scalp and I put a plastic cap on head and sleep with.The fiber worm on my body has been cut way down,lot less worms in head,I finally sleep.I still sleep with a swimmers mask on because they are in my eyes and I fear more will get in.I have an app.with a dr. for this.All of problem inside scalp first.

Jan 13, 2014


Aug 11, 2012
Bentonite clay plus scalp treatment
by: Anonymous

Try Bentonite clay POWDER (one to two cups in bath water). Sub-merge your body and position all but your face in this solution. The first time I tried this treatment thousands of whatever came out of my body. I used the hottest water I could tolerate and soaked for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes. I rotated positions in the tub, 45 minutes on my back, 15 minutes on each side, 30 minutes on my stomach. I did this daily for one week, then I tapered off to every two days, every three days, etc. Now I take a Bentonite bath about every ten days. This treat-ment has helped immensely, including the scalp. I also treated my scalp; after hair had been shampooed and air dried, I applied Vodka (40% alcohol); let it dry and then applied Vodka again. When it was dry, I mixed together Pond's cold cream, oil of oregano, and tea tree oil. Applied generously to hair, put on a shower cap, and left it on my head for 12 hours. Did this every other day for ten days--excellent results. Good luck to aeveryone.

Nov 17, 2011
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
by: Angie

You can get the raw apple cider vinegar at the health food store, but you can also find it in many grocery stores (usually in the vitamin or health food section).

No, don't use the regular kind that has been filtered or distilled. It's the raw/organic apple cider vinegar that hast the healthy properties still in it.

The most well-known brand in the US for raw apple cider vinegar is Bragg's, but you may find other brands like Melrose or a local organic apple cider vinegar in your area.

You may also want to try rinsing your scalp with a mixture of sea salt and water and then applying a combination of lavender and tea tree oil. It helps some people depending on the cause of the condition.

I'm sorry that you are suffering. I hope you will see some improvement and be encouraged.

Nov 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have written before. This has been going on for over two years. I didn't have the worms at first, then I thought my hair was coming out, then I saw the hair move. Thewy just keep getting worse. I not onlt have the worms, I have black things, actually I started with them. I also have white things, but they almost always have the tiny black specks. I know have them on my lashes. I have tried the olive oil, it didn't work. I could lose my mindb ut I'm fighting it. I can';t get help from anyone. I don't know what to do, or where to turn.. My dog has some of it. Do you get the raw vineger at a health food store? Will the reg work as well and should it be cider or white. I have had a stent put in other health problem more serious, but this a complete night mare.

Nov 09, 2011
I believe you...why?
by: Rob

I'm normally using a microscope and checking out tiny life at the least 400x magnification.

I've seen the fine ciliate hairs in tiny organisms that help me identify them.

As a youngster, my Dad taught me to watch for unatural movement to spot game. We could see a tiny bird in the forest using this technique.

So with the two types of observing nature, I know how to look at my own scalp critters.

I recently had a bad medication reaction a few months after heart surgery. The Doctors asked my daughters if I had been drinking, and since they saw an old empty can of Fosters Lauger behind my chair they said yes. The Doctors were all over me about DT's and redicuklous assumptions of the like. One female Doctor badgered me so much about it I agreed so she would shut up. She was so smug after that...made my skin crawl.

However, my doctor not there, had them do a full blood makeup and found no alcohol, but rather a toxic medicine concoction. so much for smuggles...

I scratch my head or beard and simply reach for a simple magnifying glass with a special 40 x for finer material, and I can see the little critters moving.

I also am able to see and identify all the creatures in the house, and what their relation is to each other as in, predator or pray.


Aug 21, 2011
tiny white skin/hair white clumps??
by: Jennifer

I have been dealing with these things for over a year. They come out of hair follicules/pores...someone mentioned that they look like true! I started to take apple cider vinegar and tiny bit of borax as a parasite cleanse/helps to regulate ph...I overdid it @ 1st...but, I know these things are internal and this concoction did help somewhat...I really believe this is an internal problem as well as external...may be some type of worm? I really have no idea...I tested neg in stool sample BUT, I have heard that those tests are only about 25% accurate??So, when the crawling and biting get bad I soak in alot of salt and vinegar...bleach as needed and dust dry borax on me and it must kill them?? It helps to keep them off of you while you sleep. I dropped another sample off to be identified and they keep telling me it is not a bug? We shall see what the latest says??? Good luck...Jennifer

Aug 16, 2011
Parasites on your head...
by: Angie

Hi Dawn,

I can't say for sure if what you are experiencing is able to be transferred to others because we don't know for sure what is ailing you. Parasites can definitely be passed from person to person, but some people are less susceptible than others.

If you are having an allergic reaction to something or a side effect of some form of medication, then of course, that should only affect you.

The internal cleanse that I refer to is a natural herbal cleanse. The pills your doctor has prescribed are different entirely but some may call it a cleanse of sorts.

The parasites on your head that you are describing; are they actually visible to the naked eye, or are you just "feeling" them there?

If you can't see them, the "feeling" could certainly be a side effect of the adipex-p or something else that you are taking.

It could also be completely unrelated to that. I can really only guess (from this distance). If your doctor is not telling you that you are simply imagining it all, that is a good start.

If you are genuinely suffering from internal parasites, then yes, they should be eliminated by a good natural cleanse and good nutrition. It's not something you should have to suffer with indefinitely.

Watch your diet, too. Sugar and processed foods will feed the parasites and weaken your body's ability to fight and cleanse.

I hope you are able to find relief soon.

Aug 16, 2011
bugs on my head that stick straight up!
by: Dawn

Angie I am very frustrated. Are these stages that i am going thru contagious to the others in my family? My latest stage was parasites on my head that sticks up like static electricity on my scalp and on my privates. Im very scared. My doctor gave me 4 mebendazone 100 mg. Isnt this what is happening? What my doctor is having me do is cleanse. Will this go away? My doctor also said it may be a reacction to the adipex-p.

Aug 12, 2011
Cleasing for parasites
by: Angie

Dear Dawn,

I already responded to your other post, but I want to re-iterate for those who are reading this besides you. You should most definitely consider a good herbal cleanse to clean you out from the inside out.

When you have intestinal worms and other issues, they do not go away on their own. There are medicated and chemical treatments (that are seeming to be less and less effective), but a strong natural herbal cleanse is a safe and effective method of cleansing the body and detoxing as well.

I always suggest Herbal Fiberblend because that is what I have used with great success and I know many others that swear by it, too.

Hope you are able to take action and feel better soon!

Aug 12, 2011
what is going on?
by: Dawn

i got a new puppy who was loaded with fleas. the veiting at gave me advantage multi. 2 weeks later advantage doesnt work. Before i went to the vet i put Sentryhome flea spray for home and carpet on floors.MY legs were burning and i could feel bugs running up my legs. i put seabreeze on my legs and my body because i had bugs in my skin. I also have worms. i dont know what kind. i know i have worms because because the astingant made them come to the surface. i keep checking my kids because im so afraid of them getting this. i had a cat that i had to get rid of a couple of weeks ago because she kept biting everyone in the household and drawing blood. I also forgot to take care of the litter for awhile and when i did i dumped it in the garbage can. D you have any idea whatthese tiny little things are on my head and body. i cant see them but i can sure feel them. i went to the doctor after i passed alot of worms. she gave me some chewable pills that i have to take every week. she also told me my psoriasis has gotten worse. psoriasis is red . my scalp is very dry. freaking out

Apr 19, 2011
Scalp skin white tiny parasite that flies,crawls and burrows into hair/pore follicules
by: Jennifer

There was a posting on the web(from twf parasite) about a new parasite that was coming into USA from new clothing...Heard it is a manmade bug, that was made to kill all natural bugs in cotton fields. Well I tried to email twfparasite and the email was rejected! Whoever this was, knew exactly what I am dealing with...NaturalGenisis describes this parasite exactly as well! Yet that product didn't work and is so expensive! My 6yr. old son & I have had these things for over an entire year now! I have tried everything, I think there is to try! We can get rid of them for up to a month but, I am missing the eggs or something because, IT ALWAYS COMES BACK! I am @a loss. If someone has this parasite (bug)...You will see a couple of things!
*tiny white dots(face,hair,nose,ears,etc)
*tiny black dots(face,hair,nose,ears,etc)
*tiny whitish to skin colored worms(same)
*Itching and/or skin crawling&stinging bites
These will all burrow into the 1st layer of skin.
The adults are tiny whitish cresent shaped and fly(and/or float)in the air! These things are everywhere...Flea spray that contains;pyrethrins does kill the adults that fly/float around but, it's eggs that I can't figure out. I have tried lice shampoo that contains pyrthrins and these things pop right out but, always comes back! We have tried treatments for scabies-morgellons remedies and always come back! Wash in hot water w/ammonia&borax,oils,(olive)essential oils,mayonaise,vaseline, apple cider vinegar,seasalt baths,peroxide(helps the best),EVERYTHING!!! Alot of posts on this site are describing this parasite as well...Someone please give me an answer about how to kill the eggs...esp. if they are protected under the skin?? Seems like the worst is in hair follicules...I buzzed my on's hair off and all that happened is you could see these things better! Please email me w/any helpful suggestions Thank you, Jen

Mar 15, 2011
Eggs in Stool and Scalp Pain
by: Angie

Hi Julie,

If you have seen the eggs in your stool, you definitely need to give yourself a good digestive cleanse. Using capsaicin on your scalp is not going to get rid of the problem on its own.

The reason that it is burning, of course, is because it is made from chili, etc. I hope it isn't damaging your scalp in the process.

If you are able, I would suggest you cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and take some probiotics, like Florafood. You need to flush the parasites out of your body and build up the good bacteria in your body.

You can still use some topical treatment on your scalp if you feel the need, but you may want to consider something less harsh. In fact, just coating your entire scalp with olive oil while you are sleeping may be helpful.

It's also a good idea to cut out the sugar in your diet for several weeks until you get the problem completely under control.

Mar 14, 2011
by: Julie

I have had something on or in my scalp for 6 years. I have never seen one or feel it. M dermatologist told me to put Capsaicin cream, from the drugstore. I felt like my head was on fire but that goes away after a few times. I had noticed that when I was picking I would get really bad stomach cramps and would have to have a bowel movement. After I started using the Capsaicin a couple of times I had a bad stomach cramp. It was real runny. when I looked in the toilet, I saw a hundres or more eggs floating around. They looked like eggs, same size and so on. Later while combing my hair I found a tiny bug. had to use a jewelers loop to see it, but it was a bug all right....sorry I have no results yet but I will tell you when I find out. God I hope the results get rid of this stuff befor I cut off my head....will be in touch, Julie in OR

Feb 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I can relate to your situation as I have been suffering with parasites for years now. It is extremely frustrating!!! I too went to a psych ward because everyone thought I was just depressed. I knew it was more than that. On top of having parasites, I had high levels of mercury in my system and I am illergic to the metal that I have in my leg (broke leg in car accident. I went to several dr.s all tellin me that I should be on anti-depressants. Finally, a homeopath took me seriously and did a hair follicle test which determined that I was infected. I am finally starting to regain my health thanks to her! Best of luck to you all who suffer with parasites and heavy metals. You are not alone or crazy.

Nov 01, 2010
Parasites on scalp and face
by: Not crazy

I've been suffering with some type of parasite on my scalp and face. I feel crawling and jumping sensations on my scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, cheeks, ears and nose.

I THINK I might be dealing with the demodex mite because the articles I have read say that two types of these mites can infest humans and when they do, they affect the scalp, the eyebrows, the eyelashes and face.

The dog is suffering with something too and that is also why I think it is the demodex mite we are dealing with.

The problem is is that no one will do any kind of magnification on me or the dog to find this parasite.

I was even FORCED to stay in the psych ward at my local hospital because they viewed me as having delusional parasitosis just because I am being treated for depression. I am not delusional and have NEVER hallucinated in my life!

WHY won't someone LOOK at the people suffering from these problems?! This is awful! I am on the verge of suicide from the agony.

And then to have someone who is SUPPOSED to treat and HELP YOU when you come in having an allergic reaction to these things, view you as crazy is unprofessional, uncaring and UNBELIEVABLE!

I guarantee that if one of these KNOW-IT-ALL doctors got these things on them, they'd want some help and wouldn't want someone thinking they were crazy! LOOK with MAGNIFICATION before you judge someone.

I don't know what to do. I have tried all kinds of lice products to no avail. Even shaved my head thinking that this was originally a head lice problem.

My vet said that lice products will not kill demodex so maybe that is why I have no relief. But that doesn't explain the jumping sensation.

All I know is I need someone to help me by looking at me and my dog. A tiny scraping is not going to bring about results, been there done that.

The dermatologist I saw only scraped one small area of my scalp and the vet only scraped one small area of my dog's chin.

I have been doing research on this, as I said, and thousands of people across the nation are suffering in this type of manner. The CDC supposedly is studying it but HOW I don't know, when they won't come out and examine you. The study is called New Morgellon's Disease. So if I am CRAZY then so are THOUSANDS of other people.

Let's get serious here, you can't SEE God but you KNOW He is there because of all the things He created including you and me. Just because you can't see these parasites with the naked eye doesn't mean they are not there! The medical community needs to WAKE UP and start LOOKING with magnification equipment that will help them to see these things. Once identified, then we can discover HOW to KILL THEM and/or keep them off us.

PLEASE I BEG YOU help me before I can't take it anymore and end up committing suicide or they cause such an allergic reaction they kill me.

I can be reached at wildfiresub(at)

Thank you and God Bless.

Aug 13, 2010
sounds like fleasii
by: Anonymous

i once asked a doctor if fleas were all the same size. he said yes. WRONG. adult fleas you can see right away. the newly emerged fleas have not fed yet and are tiny really tiny until they fed. so we now have two sizes. the flea worm is tiny and white. this sounds like what you have. and yes vinagar will kill them, but the newly emerged will infest again so use the vinagar again.

Apr 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have some kind of parasite under my scalp and all over my body, under the skin. I have been to 2 Derm Doctors, who have more or less said I was crazy, but I pick at these things all the time and can actually see them jump and crawl after I get them out. They bite, crawl and irratate my skin and I have lesions on my head and scars all over my arms and legs from these things. I have absolutely no relief and am going crazy. I can not find a parasite dr in my area and as i said before, the derm's have no clue of what i am going thru. My husband thought I was crazy too, until he got a couple on his head and back, but with him, I picked them off of him and they never returned. I am infested with them and I need relief. I am going to try the vinegar and olive oil remedy to see if it works for me.
Any suggestions. These things look different....some are small dark bugs, some look like worms, some are tiny white, and i have even seen one with like wings and almost jumped away before I washed it down the sink. Wierd, I know, but TRUE. I am not a drinker, smoker or crazy. I know I have these bugs and yet no one will believe me. HELP

Apr 16, 2010
Bizarre Parasite Scenario
by: Angie

Hi Daphne,

It really is a bizarre parasite scenario, isn't it? So you are certain they look like a parasite rather than some type of skin tissue or excretion (like what comes out of a pimple or something). Very strange!

Are you seeing any of these whitish clumps in your stool? Are you checking? :)

I don't know what particular homeopathic combo you are taking, but if it is not an intestinal cleanse, you may want to try taking some Herbal Fiberblend too.

The herbs, of course, are anti-parasitic and anti-fungal, but the fiber really helps to "brush" and "scrape" the entire intestinal tract to help you rid yourself of intestinal parasites.

Be thankful you aren't having other symptoms. Parasite infection symptoms can be very unpleasant and hard to tolerate.

The organic apple cider vinegar rinse may help with the scalp, and it certainly won't hurt.

If you do end up finding out more specifics on this little whitish clump critter, I hope you'll give us an update and let us know.


Apr 16, 2010
Scalp Parasites
by: Daphne

Sorry, Angie - I didn't really answer your questions.

I'm quite sure these are parasites of some kind as I see them when I am taking the homeopathic preparation for parasites, but only 2 or 3 at a time. I'm not sure whether there isn't many of them or if there are many more but just not coming out thru the scalp! There is really no distinguishing features other than looking like a bloated cooked clump of rice, soft and whitish in color.

Apr 16, 2010
Scalp Parasites
by: Daphne

I plan to try the cider vinegar rinse tomorrow. I'm unsure of whether the hair products I'm using are killing them or are they already dead and just exiting thru the pores in the scalp? It's quite a mystery, as I don't know whether I'm just killing a few and there's lots more or if they really aren't that prolific as I don't always see any and when I do there is only about 3 of them!

Apr 15, 2010
Whitish Clumps
by: Angie

Hi Daphne,

Do these whitish clumps have any identifying features that make you think they are parasites or are they literally just a white clump?

Isn't it funny how we try to describe things that we just don't have appropriate words for? :)

I can't think of a specific parasite that would fit that description and be found in your hair. The description may aptly fit the appearance of some intestinal parasites, but I honestly haven't heard of them exiting via the scalp.

I won't say it's impossible. Who really knows? But I'd think it's quite unlikely because if you were that infested with parasites, I would expect you to be experiencing severe symptoms of parasite infection.

I don't know of a place where you can send off a sample for identification. I had a visitor mention that they discovered a lab that would do some testing, but they haven't replied with the specifics.

Sorry I can't offer more info. and support for you on this.

Did you end up trying the apple cider vinegar rinses or anything?


Apr 15, 2010
Scalp Parasites
by: Daphne

These "scalp parasites" don't appear to be eggs, but quite soft whitish "clumps" about a quarter the size or less of your small fingernail - no legs visible, and they were not alive. I did keep them in the fridge and showed them to my Naturopath but she had not seen them before. I would like to contact a Dr. who specializes in parasites for this purpose but don't know of any. It could be that they are not "scalp" parasites per se but may have migrated from some other part of the body - would that be possible? There is no itchiness involved.

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