Scalp Problems

by Jen
(California, USA)

Dealing With Scalp Problems

Dealing With Scalp Problems

I have had a situation with scalp problems for as long as I could remember.

It feels like bugs crawling around, making it itch, and sometimes I will feel a sharp pain, and when I touch where it hurt, there is a raised bump.

However, I have never seen any bugs or anything weird. I was told maybe it is parasites. So I was looking online for something to help them, but all I see are for ones in the intestines.

What can I do to end this once and for all?

Hi Jen,

Believe it or not, you would treat scalp problems or scalp parasites in a very similar way to intestinal parasites.

This is especially true for a situation where you haven't ever seen an external parasite even though it feels external. You almost always treat the inside as well as the outside of your body when you are dealing with a persistent condition.

Our skin is often a reflection of what is going on on the inside. :)

What have you tried on your scalp so far? This is what I would suggest...


Rinse your scalp well with a sea salt and water mixture. After that, apply a mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil to the scalp. You can put the oils in a carrier oil to make it go further (like olive oil) and easier to spread on the scalp.

Once you've done this daily for four or five days, you can switch to a less regimented routine by simply adding some essential oils
to your shampoo and conditioner. You can use the cheapest shampoo and conditioner you can find if you like, and to a 12 ounce or more bottle you would add the following...

Add to the shampoo bottle:

  • 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • 5 drops of Geranium oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender oil
  • 5 drops of Neem oil
  • 5 drops of Thyme oil

Add to the bottle of conditioner:

20 drops of Peppermint oil

If you use smaller bottles of shampoo and conditioner, reduce the amount of oils used. If you can't find all the oils listed, use as many as you can find. Most of them are available at the Vitamin Shoppe.


I highly recommend that in your effort to get rid of your scalp problem that you also cleanse internally like I said from the beginning. This can really have a profound effect on your body's ability to eliminate or ward off whatever is pestering you.

Start out with 1 teaspoon of Herbal Fiberblend twice per day and gradually increase to 1 tablespoon twice per day for several weeks. Then gradually decrease back down again when you are finished cleansing.

I would also suggest that you take some essential fatty acids, like AIMega, every day if you don't already. This is a simple way to help your body strengthen the immune system (along with a healthy diet).

Hope that helps and that you are able to finally get rid of the scalp problem once and for all. Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

Angie from

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May 02, 2018
Candida IS a type of parasite...
by: Angie from

Hi Amanda,
Thanks for sharing your info. I just wanted to clarify that candida yeast overgrowth is a parasitic infection. People don't often think of yeast or fungus as parasitic, but it is.

Having said that, the main point that I wanted to male is that if the root of your folliculitis is the yeast overgrowth, you need to address the yeast overgrowth or you will most likely continue to have recurring issues.

The antibiotics usually end up increasing the yeast overgrowth in the long run unless you are very diligent in replenishing the good bacteria in your body. I would strongly suggest that you take plenty of probiotics to get the yeast under control and keep it under control.


Feb 25, 2018
Scalp problem
by: Amanda Stiffler

I have folliculitis and have been suffering for two years. I thought it was some type of parasite at first due to the crawling sensation. But I had a biopsy come back saying it was canida yeast. Which due to having it so long caused my hair follicles to get infected and cause ingrown hairs. When I pull an ingrown hair out I notice at the end of the hair there is a hard black spot covered in blood or pus. I started putting monistat on my scalp and it has gave me such relief and I’m finally beginning to heal. I also have to take two types of antibiotics. One is RIFAMPICIN and the other is Bactrim.
PS look up photos of folliculitis. It was amazing to finally see pictures of the thing I had been battling forever and seeing photos that showed me the exact thing that I was assuming was a type of parasite was actually a bulb on the end of my infected follicle.

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