Severe Joint Pain While Detoxing

by Ivana


Two weeks ago I started a detox with store bought ACV. Yesterday, I found your website and I immediately purchased Bragg's Organic ACV. Few days after I started ACV my knee started to hurt.

I slowed down with my daily activities but it's not getting any better. In fact, it got much worse and now my other knee hurts just as bad. My ankles do not feel right either. I feel like I have the "old fashion flu" from my knees down.

Any experience??? I know I did not break or hurt my knees but this is a weird feeling and I can hardly get down the stairs. I do not want to stop because I truly like this natural detox and it's helping me with my weight loss.

I was taking lots of ibuprofen to cope with the pain but I do not want to take 6 Advils a day anymore. It has been about 12 days since this started. I also wanted to mention that I have never ever in my life had any knee issues or knee pain.

Hi Ivana,

Let me make sure I'm understanding you correctly. You have been taking regular processed and filtered apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks and started having severe joint pain while detoxing.

A couple of days ago you realized you were using the wrong kind of vinegar and went out and purchased Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar.

Have I got it right?

How much of the regular ACV were you taking each day?

Have you noticed any improvement in your symptoms of joint pain since you made the switch?

There is a DEFINITE difference between using raw organic apple cider vinegar and using processed and filtered apple cider vinegar. The detox and health benefits are really only available when using the organic ACV.

The filtered ACV is "dead" and doesn't provide the live enzymes and other nutrients that you want for good health and detoxing.

Hopefully, making this change in vinegars will eliminate the severe joint pain while detoxing you have been experiencing. If it does not, consider adding some healthy Omega oils in your diet or through supplements. A good Omega supplement to try is AIMega capsules and is beneficial for those with joint pain.

I look forward to hearing of your progress and results! To your good health!


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Jul 22, 2018
Pain and detoxing NEW
by: Carrie

Congrats on moving up to the Bragg's brand. It really is the optimum choice and easily accessible. I take 2 TABLESPOONS of ACV each day and I have done this for years. I started doing it for cholesterol then I found out about all the other benefits. 3 weeks ago I jacked up my detox another level and started juicing. 4 days with nothing but juice/smoothies. All of a sudden pains flared up. Foot, knee, finger, neck, elbow. Each had it's own flare session independent of the others. They only lasted a few days. I knew right away this was an effect of detoxing since these are all old injury areas. When this happens it is the body revisiting the old injury areas and detoxing at a whole new level. (deeper) It can indeed be painful but I have found that most of mine are gone in a matter of days. Ride it out. It is very uncomfortable but a really good thing and temporary.

Feb 06, 2010
Knee pain
by: Ivana

Hi Angie,
Thank you for your response and yes, I used the White House All Nature ACV for 2 weeks before I switched to the organic one by Braggs. The pain was really bad and I was afraid something else could be going on so I went to see my PCP for help. I am only taking 1 tsp each morning on an empty stomach. According to my PCP I have an inflammation inside my knees and she put me on steroids. FYI, I am taking fish oil every day. Thank you for your time, I love your webpage very much. Ivana :-)

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