Skin Itching

by Sandy


For the past few days, I've had a slight skin itching on my arms, legs, back, and chest. It's not real constant, but aggravating!

If I scratch it, it gets really red and flared up. I heard this could be from parasites. Is this true, and if so, what can be done?

I was told before that I have intestinal parasites! Also, my hair is falling really bad! HELP!!!

Please respond.


Hi Sandy,

Quite often the symptom of your skin itching can be due to internal parasites. If you have already been diagnosed with intestinal parasites then that is probably the most likely reason for your itching skin.

I would start with a thorough intestinal cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend. HFB is safe and effective and very easy to do. You just mix some with water or juice twice a day for a few months to give your digestive tract a good clean out and detoxify your body.

Secondly, I would build your immune system with friendly bacteria called probiotics. This gives your body a little army to fight off unfriendly and unhealthy parasites. Try Florafood as it has 3 probiotics in one capsule to give you better immune support.

Those two alone may be enough to stop the falling hair problem, but if not there are other options you can consider. Let me know if you still have problems your skin itching or hair falling out after that.

To your good health!

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