Skin Parasites

by Sylvia Brookes.

What to do about skin parasite that turns skin brown, causes sores and swelling of tissues?

I have an impaired immune system because of past cancer treatment. I was told by one doctor that it was from my husband's dog and doesn't usually affect humans, but I can't find him - must have left the country. I think he's gone to live in Switzerland.

There are small white grains big enough to see coming out of my skin, some type of eggs I think. Also I am being bitten, then there's some sort of insect debris that lands on the floor.

The doctor that vanished told me I had exfoliative dermatitis due to insect infestation. My family doctor is only in her twenties and thinks I'm crackers.

The bite feels like a hypodermic, but you can't see the parasite that bites. The insects actually in my skin resemble a bed bug but are only a fraction of the size - one tenth maybe.

I also need to know what to spray my home with. After dusk I'm under attack from these hit and run merchants.

Does anyone know what this is and how to cure it? I would be eternally grateful to get my life back.

Best wishes,

Hi Sylvia,

Sorry to hear you've been having such troubles with your skin and possible parasites. It definitely sounds unusual and

I certainly understand what you mean by the weakened immune system from your past cancer treatment. My dear mother has been through some cancer treatment, too, and I know how it affected her.

I'm not a doctor, but my best suggestions for you would be based on my own knowledge and opinions of cleansing the body and boosting the immune system. These supplements are designed to do that...

Those are the supplements I would start with for internal use. For external skin treatment, see if you can locate an aloe vera plant to use the gel on stubborn itchy or painful patches of skin. Also, try using a cup or two of organic apple cider vinegar in your bath water.

As for spraying around the house, you could use an organic apple cider vinegar and water combination in a spray bottle. It's safe and non-toxic.

Another option would be to dilute some pure essential oil that is anti-parasitic in water to use in a spray bottle. Good choices would be tea tree oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, oregano oil, or neem oil, to name a few.

I hope you'll be able to use some of these suggestions to improve and regain your health and get rid of these skin parasites that have been troubling you.

To your good health!

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