Skin Pulling Back

by Lisa Helsby
(London, UK)

My friend has been complaining of her skin pulling back. She blames her hair, says it's pulling.

She gets lumps over her body periodically like a snake inside her. She shaved her eyebrows off and pulled all her hair out.

She has muscle spasms where her feet turn to the left like her ankles broken then they go back to normal. It really happens. I and my friend saw it happen to her. So weird.

She went to Egypt a few months back and also had a contraceptive implant put in. Any clues?

Hi Lisa,

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and this strange skin pulling back condition she is suffering from.

Has she seen a doctor about this yet?

Both of the possible causes you mentioned are realistic. She could certainly be having a negative reaction to the contraceptive implant. Any time we introduce unnatural chemicals, etc., into the body, we run that risk.

With contraceptive implants, you are changing your natural hormone levels and that can really throw your body out of balance.

At the same time, she could easily have picked up some type of bacteria or parasite while traveling in Egypt. This can also seriously affect your health.

I obviously can't diagnose your friend's condition. If she doesn't want to see a doctor or can't get any results from seeing one, she may want to consider trying a natural parasite cleanse and some immune system building nutritional supplements. That would be my first step.

If that doesn't help, she may want to consider having the implant removed to see if that stops the problem she is having.

It certainly sounds serious and is affecting her in very negative ways. It's not a condition that should just be ignored. I'd like to hear an update as she progresses.

To her good health!

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