Slug-like Skin Parasite

by James


A day ago I was trying to pop a swelled bump in between my shoulder and neck. To my surprise a big lump shot out.

I looked closely and found that the "big lump" was a snail/slug-like skin parasite creature. The parasite is a little smaller than the straight casing part of a normal writing pen.

Before I tried to pop the bump on my skin I had occasional pin pricking annoyances, which should have tipped me off.

The creature has an end that looks like a tiny snail tail, a body that is circular and tiny bumps aligned in stripes (about 6 small stripes), a tiny, snail-like head that is barely visible.

When I put the creature in water it didn't move, when I put it in a bag it began to move very slowly. My bump on the skin is significantly smaller.

Obviously, one of my questions is what is the parasite?

Second, What should I do/where should I go? If needed

Third, is there going to be more parasites in the bump?


Hi James,

You've got me stumped with this slug-like skin parasite living in a swollen bump on your skin.

It certainly doesn't sound like a scabies or mite parasite. I'm wondering if it could actually be something that has laid an egg under the top layer of your skin while you were sleeping and it has hatched in there.

Your skin would fester and swell trying to expel the foreign substance. It's a bit bizarre, isn't it?

You may be able to take the creature in to your local vet (if you kept it) and see if he can identify it. I'd love to know what they say.

As for more slug like skin parasites in your future, I guess only time will tell.

It would be a good idea to clean the area with some peroxide and then apply some tea tree oil, or Indian neem oil, or even oregano oil if you happen to have any of those.

They're all highly anti-fungal and anti-parasitic and can help to get rid of any lingering parasites. If you don't have any of those on hand, you can order them from Mountain Rose Herbs or Puritan's Pride.

While you are waiting for that, if you have some organic apple cider vinegar in the pantry, just use that. It has some really good healing properties and may do the job sufficiently.

Give us an update if you find out anything further. This is a curious one that I haven't heard of.

To your good health!

Comments for Slug-like Skin Parasite

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Jun 20, 2022
Tiny slugs in subcutaneous tissue of abdomen showing in skin ultrasound test
by: MM

June 2022. I have been living with these slug parasites in the subcutaneous tissue of my abdomen for over 12 years. A subcutaneous tissue ultrasound was done in 2016 that vividly showed the creature details: Tiny slugs having a mantel, pneumostone hole, two pairs of side by side tentacles each having a bulb eye on top. When expanding the ultrasound films in the compuer the hole looked more square and inside the hole possible circuitry...but not sure as I could not magnify the film any larger without distorting the picture.

I have unusual tiny slugs crawling around in subcutaneous tissue in my abdomen causing havoc and stomach spasms. Unable to identify these tiny slugs. Unable to identify if organic or synthetic biology or bio engineered? Nothing kills them...tried Clove oil, oregano oil, neem oil, ginger oil, invermectin, moxidectin, praziquantel, Dimmetrol, etc. etc. etc. Thinking it could be one of DARPA's cyborg implants or sewage remediation genetically engineered slugs, since nothing yet has been able to kill them....So, I am thinking DARPA is to blame in collaboration with corporate bioweapons labs.

Oct 01, 2019
slug like skin parasite NEW
by: John

what you described is ringworm. I recommend the doctor prescribed anti worm meds, not the herbal type, which are not effective.

Apr 02, 2017 NEW
by: Linda

My husband and I have parasites. I have more and am worse. We are on a detox cleanse. We do have slugs. Some are big and some are small but you can see them. One came out from behind my husbands ear and the little whole healed. Mine came from a middle finger and took forever to heal. I used peroxide/neosporin and kept it wrapped and cleaned everyday for a wk. I have had the slugsz They are tiny and you can also see them with the naked eye. I have brown worms, round worms and another big white worm family that can get long. The wornm body isn't smooth-like but knows kinda like yarn-shaped....can't put the words together to describe it at it's best. Good luck all. I've been working on this for a yr. now when I started a detox program and got Ned's. switched. Then they were all over all the sudden. I have gotten rid of 2 other species. Again, good luck. It can play with your mind, sometimes you or someone else tells you, your acting crazy and really feel like your going to lose your mind but stick with what you believe in your gut.... (no pun intended)!!!! lol. Prayers 🙏!

Jan 08, 2016
looking for answers too NEW
by: Diana

My daughter has had this lump for a couple months. It looked like a small mole. Last night she said it hurt. So I was pushing around and it looked like a sliver under her skin. So, I went to work to remove it. I found there was an open hole on it so I squeezed it and a slug like thing came out. I did not sleep last night thinking about it.

Dec 31, 2011
Snail like creature under skin NEW
by: Marty

I also had the same exact thing when I was about 16. I also forced it to pop out and it looked like a miniature snail. I lost it so I couldn't bring it to anyone to examine. I'm 47 now and still alive so it must not of been life threatening (ha ha). It sure would be great to finally find out what the heck it was though.

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