Small Brown Spider Looking Thing?

by Jeremy
(NSW central coast, bush)

Some small brown spider looking thing bit my neck and it was really hard to get out...

I was in the Australian bush in NSW 'central coast' and then I left. I was in the shops an hour later and I felt the back of my neck close to my hair. I felt something behind my neck, so I pulled, but it didn't come out so I got my friend to pull it and it came out.

I saw it. It was small and brown and had small dots on its big abdomen. It was the size of 1mm.

Hi Jeremy,

It sounds like you may have picked up a tick while you were out in the Australian bush. They do latch on while they suck your blood and are difficult to get out.

They also get a big abdomen as they fill up with blood. I know it sounds pretty disgusting, but ticks are not that uncommon.

It's good to try to remove a tick carefully so that you don't leave it's head or any other bits behind in your skin to fester.

Usually tick bites don't cause any lasting issues (sometimes a minor irritation), but there are occasions when people have serious problems as a result of a tick bite/infection.

You may just want to rub the area with some tea tree oil (or eucalyptus oil) and see if you have any other problems.

If you do feel like you are having any after effects, you may want to check with a doctor in case it was something other than a tick.

To your good health!

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