Small Bumps On Feet

by Ceinwen
(Perth, Western Australia )

Is it a parasite?

My son has recently started getting small bumps on his feet that look like bites, but they are in small rows.

We have two house dogs. I thought it could be fleas - but he now has a line about 20 cm long of these bite like bumps running down his back.

I suspect he has a kind of parasite - but am not familiar with it so don't know what to treat him, us, and the dogs with to get rid of it.

Can you shed some light?

Hi Ceinwen,

Have you considered the small bumps on feet and back could be from bedbugs? They sometimes bite in what appears to be lines or rows. I don't think flea bites would be in that type of pattern.

Does your son seem to get more bites during the night or are they developing during the day when he isn't in bed?

You can check the bed/mattress closely around the seams to see if you can spot signs of bedbugs.

Another option might be scabies. Scabies can also seem to leave tracks in some instances.

I would try tea tree oil applied to the skin topically to try to get rid of the problem. Tea tree (eucalyptus) oil is anti-parasitic and is pretty good against several types of skin parasites.

If you can get your hands on some raw organic apple cider vinegar (unfiltered), you can use that, too. Put it a couple of teaspoons in the dogs water and also in a glass of water for each of you to drink each day.

There are plenty of health benefits from drinking a bit of raw ACV, but it also makes the body a less friendly environment for parasites.

You can even put some ACV diluted with water into a spray bottle and spray it on your pets and around the house (even around the bed frame and mattress).

Those are just a few ideas to try to help you out. Hope they do!


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