Small Red Crawling Bugs

by Scott

Anyone heard of these small red crawling bugs?

This started sometime in 2001. I broke out in lumps on my upper arms. I originally thought they were pimples.

Some of the larger ones I tried to pop. Instead of popping, the surface skin would come off and expose a circular red sore that would bleed for hours, then slowly scab over, but never heal.

As time passed, the lumps spread down my arms and across my upper torso.

I talk to my doctor about them during regular checkups. Years ago, he took samples of the scabs and had them tested. The results came back negative - there was nothing growing on or in me that wasn't on everybody else.

And because nothing but blood ever come out of the sores, Doc and I believed it must be some kind of virus. We tried both internal and external medicines for different types of infections but nothing worked.

Over the years, I've tried everything over the counter that I could think of, but to no avail. Then last week, I tried a soap product I'd seen advertised on TV called "fungi cure."

I went to the store and bought some - and have been using it straight on my skin for about a week. My skin is currently suffering from base burns from direct exposure to the soap, but I've suffered through worse in the past.

I'm not one to shy away from pain, especially with the hope that something that hurts this bad will eventually kill what's in me.

Anyway, this Fungi Cure has finally produced a reaction. It itches like a mother, and some of the scabs have started healing.

I removed a scab that wasn't healing and applied a wet bandage of hydrogen peroxide over it. When I removed what I call a "wet bandage" (I fill a plastic cap filled hydrogen peroxide and tape it over a sore to expose it to constant treatment), I found a tiny, blood red bug in the peroxide.

I fished it out of the peroxide and observed it thinking it was dead, but then it started to move and crawled around rather quickly over the tissue I had it on. I've placed it into a bag that I'm going to take to the Doc after I call and make an appointment on Monday.

So now I know what's in me. I know they're tiny - about the size of a pin head. They're blood red, full of blood, and crawl around on legs (I could only see 2 sticking out the front but there must be more).

And I know they are
very, very, very difficult to kill. I've spent some time on the internet trying to track down what these things are, but no luck so far.

Can anyone provide some insight on these small red crawling bugs?


Hi Scott,

I'm quite interested in hearing more about what you find out regarding these small red crawling bugs. It may be that you are dealing with one of the many varieties of mites.

Yes, they may actually be in your system, or it may be that you just ended up with one in that particular sore that wasn't healing.

Sometimes we can jump to the wrong conclusion based on "circumstantial evidence," but you'll know more for certain if you discover more of them, and if you can get the small red crawling bugs identified.

I assume that you've tried herbal parasite cleanses in the past in your attempt to get rid of the red bumps? If not, that's a good first step, particularly if these bugs ARE in you. I'd suggest Herbal Fiberblend.

You should also be pumping your body up with some good probiotics, too, as well as the best nutrition you can afford. Good nutrition is the underlying resource that our bodies use to fight off invaders and heal.

If you're not so great at eating the best diet, try some whole food supplement powders to help you in that area.

I'm a little concerned about the reaction you are getting from the soap. The severe itching sounds like an allergic reaction to something that's in it. Even though the Fungicure is supposed to be a natural product, that doesn't mean you can't be allergic to it.

I once had a horrific reaction to pure tea tree oil and the itching and rash was the worst I'd experienced in my life!

If you hadn't come across this small red crawling bug, I'd have guessed based on your description of your red bumps that they were the result of your body being overloaded with toxins and trying to eliminate them as best it can.

If you have a fungal overgrowth (candida) in the body or any type of internal parasite, in fact, that can lead to too many toxins for the body to handle easily.

The liver is pretty good at tackling toxic waste from parasites, etc., and sending it out through the feces. But, when the liver can't keep up, the skin is the largest elimination organ and it usually gets stuck dealing with the residue.

Please let us know what you find out once you've had the small red crawling bugs examined.

To your good health!
Angie from

Comments for Small Red Crawling Bugs

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Mar 12, 2016
Little critters NEW
by: Vince

I m haveing these small red,raised dots pop up everywhere.But thing is they are always in pairs and connected buy a faded but noticeable line.They move around at an alarming speed.And I ve noticed maybe 1/2 go to my backside other half toward my fingers. I have a very clear video of one going to my thumb and producing this white stuff and these tiny micro. Things that come out and run around but go to where the white stuffs going..... Sounds nuts ikr but it's the truth.I have Morgellions but this maybe a different Beast?? Any ideas??

Sep 27, 2015
Tiny under the skin flat & red NEW
by: Don

This is extream, but I dug two out! What ever these are they attach with quite a force. After I had one exposed for its small size, the bleeding was kinda intense. I used an alchahol prep pads to clear the area. Then required tweezers to pull a really small, oval, flat, blood red fleck free. I have this smaller than a pin head oval dot saved. It will take a microscope to identify it. What the heck! These come from Birds? These are creepy little invaders.

Aug 12, 2015
Thank you Sharon NEW
by: Going bug crazy

After a lot of research, im convinced I have bird mites too. I don't know how this happened, other than my neighbor has a bunch of bird feeders up and there are always birds around. I'll try your suggestions!! Thank you again! I'm praying I can get back to normal. I have children and I am so concerned for them. My little girl gets bites, but my boys have been ok this far. Did they bite you more in bed Sharon? I honestly don't believe it's bed bugs, but my baby girl wakes up with bites. She also gets them while playing, but moreso while in bed. Thank you for posting!!!

Aug 09, 2015
Hope this helps, i know what mine where NEW
by: sharon

I know this is an old post but hope it still helps someone.

I was covered in tiny red bugs it felt like. I felt them crawl into my ears and eyes also. I went to drs and dermatologists. they sent me to a shrink who said I was seeing things. I so Hate drs.

At times it felt like someone dropped a tiny drop of acid on my skin.
It turned out that I had bird mites. Drs will tell you they don't bite people but I know they do. They can live in your pillows and bedding and all over your house.
They can get in from empty bird nests that are outside. They live up to 9 months without a meal and they survive winter. I put my pillows in a chest freezer for 3 months and when I used them again they left lines all down my back where they chewed through my skin. They also sometimes leave small lines that look like tiny scratches but have dots in a line if you look real close.

I found the only way I got rid of all of them was I bombed my house with a bomb for spiders and other insects. To get them off my body and hair I used rubbing alcohol. I tried all the natural remedys and none worked.

I covered my whole body with a thick layer of Vaseline and left it on for 1 hour. they cant breath through it. It must be plain not with aloe because aloe runs. I just kept rubbing the Vaseline around and applied more when needed. I looked close and found hundreds of them dead both the red ones and black ones that had old blood in them. Then I wiped that off and took a shower. Does make a mess but amazing how well it works. Then anytime I had a itch I would wipe it good with think hand sanitizer with alcohol or just rubbing alcohol on a rag and hold it on for a minute or two. I got rid of all of them thank god. They can infest your house also. so you can get them right back. Permathrin that the dr gives for body lice or scabies does NOT work on these. Also hair lice stuff also doesn't work. It wont kill them. Ive read of lots of people who have this problem but drs say its all in our heads. I sure hope this helps people.

Aug 06, 2015
bug hell in the bible belt NEW
by: miranda

Thank you Jesus. I already have mental illness inhereted, plus lupus, live in a small town with a "crazy" girl reputation in bible belt own family still dont believe me.....I feel like I have been a victim of a voodoo curse and thought maybe it really was just my obsessive nature that made me feel sick. I am going on month three of a constant bug battle. ..fleas. bed bugs..scabbies..head and body and genital lice....ive treated and name it...I was seriously considering burning the place and myself. ..but rethought that one before I acted on it impulsively. I even had the neighbors call DHS on me for "erradic behavior" ( i tried to explain to each person that questioned my health and my sanity how erradic they might behave being eaten alive...always met with the same disbelief and exhiled responses)...I am relieved just to read the comments. ....I knew what I have been experiencing was real enough to me....I am just excited to know that these microscopic parasidical demons are real outside of my apartment and imagination. ....the itching..the pain.. the sores..the constant cleaning. ..and social and psychological damage are real regardless of whether anyone believes me or not. I am going to try probably all of these suggestions. ...ive tried everything else including leaving for two weeks and draining my bank account wuth "solutions".....thank you thank you thank you all for shedding some light on this otherwise very dark existence.

May 08, 2015
Small Red Bug full of Blood NEW
by: Ghost

Hey guys, I was at school and my friend beside me and she seen a tiny red bug, so in like a second I look down and I seen one right beside me, so my friend killed the bug and blood just came out of it. Now, while writing this she is saying "What if it bites my face" "What if it bit me" Wow. She is so paranoid. Two little red bugs in the same time limit. I think it was a Clover Mite.

Sep 24, 2013
Small Red Bugs On Scalp Treatment
by: Angie from

Umm... What's everything? :)

Does that include:
  • Herbal Fiberblend?
  • BarleyLife?
  • AIMega?
  • Rinsed scalp with sea salt & water daily?
  • Applied a mixture of coconut or olive oil combined with tea tree, lavender, or clove oil?

Were those part of your everything? If not, that's the best place to start.

Sep 23, 2013
small red bugs
by: Anonymous

going thru the same thing myself...thought it was lice... small micro red dots....on my scalp....
ive tried everything.....

Dec 27, 2012
i know what they are
by: Anonymous

I read every single one of these post and have come to a conclusion that the bugs you are talking about may be bed bugs. It is common if you do not change your matress every few years or so. Bed bugs do turn red when they are swollen and vary from very small to large sizes. Google the images for bed bugs, you may find some that look like what you all are speaking of perhaps?

Apr 15, 2012
red and tiny
by: Anonymous

I was just playing my computer thing and i scratched my head and it just fell out a red tiny squirming bug if any one knows what it is please tell me.

Feb 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I would go to a disease specialist they got the parasite out of my husband he wasnt doing like u all But he has Lymes Disease & when they got the 6 week blood test back his blood also showed unknown parasites & Rocky Mount spotted fever (yes its the one that they say is the one they can get rib of yet this was 3 yrs later from when he got the bite)But I know when they done more blood work a yr and half later the parasite was gone so u may want to look into that bc on David they treated all 3 areas of the blood, bloods itself the inside of bloods cells and the outside of the blood cells if i remember it all right. an we know that it was living in his belly and his blood, wasnt coming out of the skin like u all but it wouldnt hurt to look into it.

Sep 26, 2011
Red Dot/Parasite Solution? part5
by: Andrew Locke Le

Oh here are some little extras that I've also collected:

1) you can digest DE with liquid solutions. this is suppose to help drive out the bugs within your body
2)tea tree oil is suppose to heal the damages
3)neem oil is suppose to affect the bugs ability to reproduce
4)try taking a bath with DE in it. with your skin pores open, i assume that its silicone properties can physically kill the bugs aswell as driving them out.
5)when you're using oils, make sure you use carrier oils when mixing it with essential oils. the carrier oils help penetrate the skin better aswell as helping it open your pores more

Sep 26, 2011
Red Dot/Parasite Solution? part4
by: Andrew Locke Le

summarization of methodology:

1) im taking hot epsom salt baths for 30minutes at a time with a mixture of carrier oils of fractionated coconut oil/olive oil and essential oils of lavender, tea tree, neem, eucalyptus, peppermint daily/weekly/whatever until i see absolutely no more radicals/bugs that are left behind after draining the bath.

(you don't have to go to the extent of the oils i did out of my own desperation for relief. olive oil + lavender/tea tree/eucalyptus is plenty fine and is more readily affordable)

2) multi-vitamins (with food or healthy oils like fish, since MV's are fat soluble), and antixodants (i'm drinking alot of green tea) while getting more exercise and sleep

3) vacuuming and cleaning fabric weekly while also applying a weekly application of DE + water to my surroundings

Anyway, best wishes to everyone that's going through the same issue i've been going through. it's a pain to have to delegate your focus in something so trivial when you're having to sacrifice away from the better things you enjoy. i hope yall find the success we've been all so desperate to have!

So with further ado, grab your hats ladies and gents because it's a bug hunting time!

Sep 26, 2011
Red Dot/Parasite Solution? part3
by: Andrew Locke Le

And so here's what I've done:

-the internal removal process (opening the pores)

in order to open pores: take hot baths with epsom salt. the steam opens your pores while the epsom salt acts as a sedative aswell as acting as a greaet catalyst for you to sweat more which thereby allows you to release more toxins from your skin.

you can also add a good mix of essential oils like tea tree, neem, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender along with carrier oils like fractionated coconut oil, olive, sweet almond, grapeseed, hazelnut, jojoba to help open and penetrate the skin to provide more healing of the damages aswell as driving the bugs off. these oils are a bit pricey, but it does work well to open the pores, heal, and drive away these buggers.

-the healing process

i'm not too sure about the complete facts, but i'd like to think that there is a reason why these parasites are choosing you as a host. prolly the common symptoms of stress/diet compromising your immune system.

in order to heal the damage internally, i'd like to reason the idea that antioxidants/vitamins/minerals would have a profound affect of driving away more radicals aswell as healing.

obviously things like sleep and exercise helps here since it helps to promote a stronger immune system.

-the environment

sure enough you can clean your sheets and vacuum your entire evironment on a daily basis if you were well disciplined to keep it up. but yeah, it's not always plausible to keep up this grind. so, perhaps its best to try using anti-paraisitic applications to prevent incursions. there are plenty of them in either chemical or organic form in the market, but what i like to think is the best and cheapest option here is to use diatomaceaous earth. DE are dead exoskeletons from organisms eons ago that have found its way to having silicone properties. the importance of silicone here is that on the microscoptic level, they are like sharp glass shards. the idea here is that you use a simple mixture of DE and water and apply it to your surroundings because once the solution completely dries up, it's got the ability to physically puncture the strong exoskeletons of these parasites that we wouldn't have done if we had tried to kill them using chemicals.

Sep 26, 2011
Red Dot/Parasite Solution? part2
by: Andrew Locke Le

Okay, so flash forward to this very point in time. As of now, I've been scabies free even after i had its more worse norweigian scabies counterpart.

Interestingly enough, I got myself in trouble yet again with another bug problem! Couple weeks ago, I started experiencing all the symptoms you fine people have proposed. So I thought to myself, hmm, let's try the same method I used to get rid of scabies and see if that works!

And lastly, here's the most exciting thing in this post! I've found a solution that does actually work! Not to mention it's super affordable! Huzzah!

So here's where the theory crafting begins.

- these bugs do not exist in the outer exo layers of our skin. whether if its dermis/hypothermis,
they can't be ridden without having to penetrate the outer layer.
-in order to do this, i thought about the idea of opening the pores of the skin and applying ingrediants that would drive these bugs out of my skin because no matter what i did to try to kill/poison them, they would still had pesky existence.
-but what about the question of where are these bugs coming from because even if you do remove them internally, there's always that possibility that there are external factors involved.

Sep 26, 2011
Red Dot/Parasite Solution? part1
by: Andrew Locke Le

Hi ladies and gents!

Before I go on theory crafting a solution, let me give yall some background.

11 months ago, I got myself in trouble with scabies. Like many of you here, I've been told that I was insane for always complaining about bug issues even after having to go see a doctor for monthly prescriptions of ivermectin pills/permethrin creams. Doctors kept telling me that they were simple allergies after seeing them every 2 weeks for 2 months. No kidding doc, allergies are the human response to some unknown entity in the body. your body is supposed to send off all sorts of signals to notify you that something is wrong! But really Doc, you're just gonna give me anti-histamines and all that jazz to the point where the symptoms got severely worse? Sure enough after every application I got the salvation I had needed, but the problem kept on persisting even when I cleaned my bedsheets and vacuumed my environment on a daily basis.

But what made the experience so painfully exhausting was the fact that I was working full-time as well as taking graduate math classes. Little did I know before I began my thorough research on these parasites is that these prescription medications that doctors prescribe to us are actually carcinogens. Sure it killed the bugs right there and then, but it didn't eliminate the eggs that were still left behind.

Looking back, it really sucks to realize that us bug sufferers are being taken advantaged of by the medical and pharmaceutical companies because we are all so desperate for relief to the point where we cant necessarily rationalize a good analysis.

But here's the silly thing that I've begun to realize! These parasites have been around since the beginning of man, so why wouldn't there be natural organic solutions to them? I'm sure people got smart and damn pissed off after awhile to start poking around as feasible solutions way before the 21st century.

Aug 12, 2011
Still seeking a cure
by: Anonymous

no - mine don't appear to be exiting my body.

They're in my arms, body, and hips.

I'm still seeking a cure.

I'll keep you posted.

Aug 12, 2011
Passing worms and bugs
by: Angie


Have you tried an internal herbal cleanse? You mentioned in another post also that you are passing worms. I would most certainly start a very thorough digestive cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend to clean out your system and give your body a chance to recover.

I'd suggest a 3 month cleanse, although you should certainly see good results within the first week. You definitely don't want to just let this situation continue as it will have long term negative effects on your health in all likelihood if you do.

Aug 12, 2011
red bugs
by: Dawn

i have those red bugs on my scalp and on my body. they are very hard to kill.they come from within. i have worms and ive pulled alot of bugs out of me. is that what happenswhen you have a parasite? when i urinated last night 7 of the red bugs wereholding on to the toilet tank and climbing back up. i flushed and put clorox in the tank.

Mar 21, 2011
Still Infected
by: Anonymous

And still experimenting. Nothing new to report.

I haven't had any red dots fall off of me. I would consider that a step in the right direction though - because i can't seem to get anything off of me.

One thing that seems to have made a difference is ice packs. I tried it a couple weeks ago, and the sores on my arms all healed up. Unfortunately, the infection returned (or maybe I was re-infected).

I'm going to use the ice packs for a week or so to see what happens - maybe I need to kill the eggs repeatedly.

We'll see.

BTW - anyone else trying this - don't leave the icepack on so long that it damages your skin. That would be bad.

Good luck all. And please post me if you find a solution.

Mar 21, 2011
how are you making out now
by: Anonymous

just interested, i've had a problem with scalp sores and recently combed a few "red dots" that fell out into the white sink. I hate dermatologists at this point!!!!

Nov 24, 2010
So I went to see the dermtologist
by: Anonymous

The bleach made me sick - shocker - and left nasty splotches in my skin that took months to heal - so that solution is out.

I finally reached the end of the month wait to see the "specialist." And what a hack. That was a complete waste of a $100. If I want to get stared at like I'm nuts, I can just stay home and tell my wife about my little in-skin residents.

Anyway - I went to see the doc - and I gave him the creepie crawlie from my arm - and he goes away for a minute - literally a minute (after the last doctors spent 2 hours trying to identify the creepie crawlie to no avail)-- and he comes back - and tells me "it's a flea - go home - vacuum the house - and rest assured - all my problems are over."

So I say - "Uh, that's not flea - I've spent the last month researching every kind of skin parasite known to man - including all species of flea - and nothing I've seen looks like that sample."

He looks at me like I'm nuts - complete distrust.

So - I insist that he take a skin sample. He hems and haws, then finally agrees. He then takes a chunk out of my arm and sends it away for testing. But here's the rub - he took a sample of my exoderm. And I clearly stated that the creepie crawlie I pulled from my arm came from the endoderm - deep under my skin. I shared this fact with him both before the sample was taken, and after the results came back negative - negative - shocker. He shrugs - looks t me like I'm insane, then tells me that I am welcome to go get a second opinion.

Who are these people? He took my cash with big 'ol smile on his face. Frickin wanna-be know-it-all Quack. Smashing square pegs into round holes and saying they fit. And in the process - shaving off symptoms that don't fit so he doesn't have to do any real work - and oh-by-the-way - I'm going to stare at you like you're insane until you believe it to.

Anyway - after the waste-of-money-dermatology-so-called-"specialist"-visit, I tried the advice given by this site and tried the olive oil / Eucalyptus mixture. It didn't work.

But I do have some hope. I'm going to try experiment number 6028. If it works, I'll report back what I find.

But to each of you suffering through all of this stuuf - best of luck - and don't give up the fight.

Nov 24, 2010
I'm happy (kinda) that i am not alone
by: Crystal from Baltimore

people were thinking that i am crazy... this has been going on for months and only here and there would i ACTUALLY see a damn bug... the bites itched so badly... and then eventually hurt... i did the same thing on the back of my arms.. tore the skin right off... horrible.. i actually just this morning saw a red bug full of blood... my nut self killed it quick because i just woke. either way... i think i need a new matress.. or better insulation...

Oct 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

sounds like what i had/have i think it might be chiggers or "red bugs" i dunno...i researched forever and apprently we are severely lacking in our knowledge of human parasitic infestations...there is seemingly very limited options for what this could be...i also wet to a doctore and got completed ignored while describing the same symptoms..he then prescribed me with an anti itch cream that did not work and a sedative so i could sleep. no refills or yea that lasted about couple weeks. that was last summer. i sort of just ignore it now and dont ever talk about it because everyone seems to think im insane..:/ ive basically just made peace with the fact that i now share my body with tons of tiny parasites that only i seem to know exsist...its nice to see that other people out there have expiereinced this..let me know if they ever found out what parasite it was..or email me at if u want..

Sep 01, 2010
I have them too!
by: Anonymous

Right before Memorial, I noticed a rash on my lower right calf. Through out the summer it has remained with varying degrees.
TOmorrow I have an appointment at the dermotoligist. I know havwe these scabs on my scalp, upper thighs, fingers etc.... I was just scratching a scab on my head and put the scab on a piece of white paper, then continued my work. I glanced over and saw the tiny little red bug moving across the paper. All I can say is finally! I have been all over trying to figure this out.
Did you have any other symptoms?

Jun 17, 2010
small red dots
by: Anonymous

Scott.......Did you get small red dots that looked like blood spots that came to the surface of your skin? when squeezed they just bleed. skin feels itchy and stings in spots, feels like something bitting you constantly? that is how i feel. if try to put anything on it, it worsens. are these things in pores or on hair folicles? Linda

Jun 01, 2010
Wow! Thanks so much!
by: Scott

I'll try out the suggestion and get back to you! So sweet!

May 18, 2010
Small Red Crawling Bugs
by: Angie

Hi Scott,

Interesting story. I was speaking to an older Australian gentlemen this week at a health convention I was attending. I mentioned your small red crawling bugs and he immediately said, "Those are Ked."

Now, I haven't been able to find anything further out about them under that name, but he confidently assured me that's what they were - similar to lice, but feed on your blood instead of the lanolin, etc., that lice enjoy.

He said to mix pure eucalyptus oil in olive oil in a ratio of 1 part eucalyptus to 20 parts oil. Cover the scalp with it (or other affected area) and leave it on overnight. He suggested you cover it with a towel or something to reduce the mess.

He reckoned if you did that once and then again 7 days later, you should be able to get rid of them.

Please do let me know if you try this and whether or not you find it does the job.


May 14, 2010
Doctor's visit
by: Scott

I visited the doc on Monday and gave them the sample of the blood red creepie crawlie from my skin. It is definitely a parasite as they let me look at it in the microscope. It had hairs, and arms, and claws and eeeeuuuuugggh! Nasty looking.

Anyway, I was in the doctor's office for over two hours as they tried to identify it, but to no avail. In some ways, this parasite resembles lice, but in other ways, not. There are no eggs on my skin or hairs, so it must all be internal.

They gave me a referral to a skin specialist, so my parasites and I are going to eat light and show up for my appointment toward mid June - that's the earliest they could see me.

In the mean time, I went to the store to buy some Rid - a product that's supposed to kill lice, and applied it to my skin. This stuff doesn't kill what I have, it just pisses them off. They riggle around in my skin and some come out of their holes so I can clean them off, but again, they're not dead, just pissed off. But at least I know there are lots in me - and multiples living in each tiny hole in my skin. That's where the eggs must be too.

Anyway, now that I know what I'm looking for (very tiny, blood red discolorations in my skin - which are the holes they've burrowed into me) I can use other means to kill them.

I used both the Rid and the fungi-cure on one of the holes last night and watched as the parasite writhed at the opening of the hole, but it wouldn't come out - even after picking at it with a needle. These things hold on damn tight. The Rid and Fungi-cure certainly didn't kill it - so I used straight bleach on it, and that seems to have killed it, though it hurt like a mother for hours afterward.

I'm not looking forward to the pain, but at least now I have a way to kill them. And I'm really skeeved to have little parasite cemetaries in my skin. Yuck!

Warning -- I don't reccommend anyone else use toxins on their skin as I'm a bit different in that I'm a vegetarian, with no intake of dairy products of any kind. The cetin found in all dairy products is a main carrier for toxins and carcinogens to be delivered into our cell structures where it can damage our DNA (causing cancers and such). Toxins and carcinogens just passes through me. If you consume dairy - it won't pass through you. For more information on this, read "The China Study."

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