Small Stings On Me...

by Carlie
(Mcminnville Tn)

I Have Been Feeling Small Stings On me All Over My Back, Legs, Arms And Lots More. What is This?

I'm 11 and I used to have lice. Then I got bit by a tree bug that looked like moss. I don't know what it was but ever since I felt those stings.

I feel them all over and now starting on my hands. I don't know what they are. I can't see them.

This morning I felt a sting and itch behind my ear kinda like my neck and I felt this black thing. It wasn't lice. I held it in my hand.

It was black on top and white on bottom with lots of little legs moving. A lot of times I feel a sting then itch and I feel it and I feel like a bump.

Please help. I need to know what it is. It has been going on for a while now :(.

Thanks So much!!!

Hi Carlie,

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a frustrating and annoying problem with small stings and itching feelings. Did you ask your mom or dad about them or show the bug you caught to them to see if they could identify the problem for you?

It doesn't sound at all like lice, of course. Lice tend to stick to the head! :)

There are parasites that cause a poky, prickly feeling (they are usually internal parasites). Then there are parasites that burrow under the skin leaving an itchy rash.

It's possible that you have picked up an external skin parasite but I'm not sure that all of the experiences you've had actually go together as the same thing.

It may have been coincidental that you were bitten by a tree bug that looked like moss and then started noticing these stings. On the other hand, if the bug was poisonous or caused an allergic reaction in you, that may have been the
initial cause of your problems. It's really pretty impossible for me to tell you one way or the other.

The fact that you caught that one black and white bug behind your ear doesn't seem related to the rest of your skin condition. It would be my guess that you are noticing bugs, etc., much more easily because you are having this concern than you normally would.

If that particular type of skin parasite were the problem, I think you'd be seeing more than one and in the places where you are feeling the skin stings.

It's more likely that you have an internal toxin, whether from a bug bite or something else that is the real culprit.

See if you can locate some organic apple cider vinegar. You don't want the regular kind that your mom might use for salad dressing, etc. You need the raw apple cider vinegar that is still cloudy and hasn't been filtered.

If you can get some of organic ACV (usually available in health food stores and grocery stores in the health food section), apply the apple cider vinegar directly to your skin or put a cup or two in your bath water and have a good soak. This will help to soothe your skin and may even eliminate the problem altogether.

If the stinging and itching persists, you may want to ask your parents if you can get some probiotics and a good herbal cleanse to help you get rid of the problem from the inside out. I would suggest getting Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood for that purpose.

Do you like garlic? Try to eat some garlic every day. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal and can help to get rid of parasites that are bothering you.

Well, Carlie, I do hope that you will be able to identify or at least get rid of this buggie dilemma you are having. :)

To your good health!

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