Somali Parasite?

by Erica
(Minneapolis, MN)

What is the Somali parasite?

Hello, my father told me that a woman moved in next to him that came from public housing. Apparently she brought with her something that he said is a Somali sand parasite?

I am not sure if he knows exactly what it is, but he says that she baths in bleach every day (doesn't seem safe!). She shaves and pours comet around her house. Now it has infected their entire building.

We have spent a lot of time there, and I am extremely paranoid that we have brought it home. It is becoming a real epidemic in public housing I think they need to do something to quarantine it!

Do you know what this is and how to rid it from my family if we are infected?

So far, all I can say is I have noticed everyone's itching their heads and I do have a lot of little bumps all over my right arm?

Hi Erica,

I can't emphatically identify the particular parasite you refer to as the Somali parasite.

Unfortunately, there are so many different types of parasites (internal and external) all around the world that it's not the least bit surprising when we find ourselves having to deal with them on some level.

Often public housing becomes a breeding ground for such things as mites, bed bugs, sand flies, and various other irritating creatures. Whether they are the common variety or more exotic imports, it's often hard to determine.

I would certainly not recommend bathing in bleach,
particularly not as a regular course of action. There are much safer and more effective additives to your bath that are worth trying. Among them are organic apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, oregano oil, etc.

It sounds to me like you have not actually seen any insects or parasites in the hair or on the head of your family members. Is that correct?

I think your best option is an overall internal cleanse. Something that is safe for both adults and children alike.

You can use Herbal Fiberblend to create an unfriendly environment in your body for parasites and bacteria and gently cleanse your system.

If it were me, I would also take probiotics at least once per day for a few weeks. Something like Florafood capsules will help to build up the good bacteria in your body and strengthen your resistance.

As for the rash on your arm, you can treat it externally as well by trying any of the bath additives I mentioned earlier. Apply them directly to the skin or dilute with a carrier oil in the case of the essential oils. Olive oil would be a practical choice as a carrier oil as you may already have it on hand.

Hope that helps some and that you and your father and your family are not plagued by this for long. I don't think there is much likelihood of quarantine on the "somali parasite," so it's best to take action yourself.

To your good health!

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Oct 31, 2010
Disinfectant rather?
by: Adam

However when I was on holiday in India, I fell off a scooter and my cuts were washed with "Dettol" disinfectant. Previously the only Dettol I had ever come across was strong bleach.

SO it's probably that, as opposed to normal bleach! I'm sure she'd be dead by now if it was bleach.

Jun 02, 2010
What Is This !!!
by: Bediveare

I have read your report on this parasite and I have never heard of anything like this.
Who is this person who brought this into your building and where are they from(what country)
maybe that person need to go to a hospital and possibly be isolated until they find out what this is?
Scrubbing with bleach will only damage their own wellbeing and they seem to need help.
This may be an epedemic case, who knows.
If your whole building has been affected with this surely the authorities and the owners of this building should do something and the first thing would be to fumigate the whole building.

Surely something can be done to protect the public from getting infected.
There seems to be no security on this?

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