Something Being Thrown At You Feeling And Then It Pierces You

by Lilium

I get this something being thrown at you feeling and then it pierces you. It doesn't really hurt, but sometimes your skin feels a little dry.

You can't see them, but you know they're there. I've tried almost everything...

Because it's spring and rainy, now that we near December 2009, the problem is less frequent.

At first I thought it was ticks or fleas, but now I'm not so sure. It still could be.

I got some garlic from the store, cut it into squares and boiled it in water. I haven't sprayed it around the outer house walls because of rain.

Nowadays they seem to want to try to jump in my eyes. So far they failed. My mom says she doesn't feel them, but she's a booz drinking/swearing "pirate." I think that's why she doesn't feel them.

Yes, we have a dog. We have cats that live outside and they like to catch and eat field mice. I know some should be sold or given away.

I've wondered if I could try to put something in my body so that when I perspire and my skin breathes that it lets out something to keep them off me and away. Is there anything like that you know of that won't cause health problems?

Is there a way I could draw some of my blood and put something in it so I could use it as "bait" to trap them on something sticky?

Please reply asap.

Hi Lilium,

Your description of "something being thrown at you feeling and then it pierces you" is really
quite unique. I haven't heard a parasite problem described quite like that before.

If you were experiencing ticks or fleas, you would be able to see them with the naked eye, so I don't think ticks or fleas are the problem.

Your idea of using garlic is a good one. However, it's better if you EAT the garlic. You can eat fresh garlic if you like it, or you can take Bear Paw Garlic capsules. This is the closest remedy I can think of that will work as you are desiring to keep external parasites away.

People who eat a lot of garlic do have the odor coming out of their pores, which is what I think you are talking about. Bear Paw Garlic is pretty "odorless" but still very effective against parasites and fungus.

I wouldn't really recommend drawing your blood and adding anything to it to use as bait. Instead, consider cleansing your system with a good herbal cleanse. You may just have a case of fungal infection or intestinal parasites that are giving you these sensations.

Try Herbal Fiberblend for a few months. It's very safe and easy to use and will give your body a thorough detox and a good spring clean.

If you can afford it, get some Florafood too. This is good quality probiotics (acidophilus, longum, bifidum) that will strengthen your immune system and help get your system in balance.

I hope you are able to take these suggestions and get the relief you are looking for. Keep us posted!

To your good health!

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Jan 21, 2010
Try Apple Cider Vinegar to keep the Fleas Away
by: Angie

Hi Lilium,

Have you tried apple cider vinegar to keep the fleas away? You need to get the organic raw apple cider vinegar. It's cloudy and unfiltered (the filtered kind won't do).

Start adding a teaspoon to a tablespoon to a glass of water at least once a day (2-3 times is better if you can stand it), and drink it.

The ACV helps keep fleas away for pets and also helps some people too. You are feeling like a flea magnet, but this might be just the "repellent" that you need to make yourself less attractive to them.

Let me know if it does the trick.
To your good health!

Jan 20, 2010
found it is infact fleas but ther may be somthing else
by: Anonymous

a year or so ago me and others went hiking next
door on a plant reserve with nice fishing lakes that the city is protecting for now.

the weather was nice and sunny and somtimes close to nite tho we had problems with vines w/thorns
we never came home with any bugs or parasites.

last year our cat vanished came back pregnant
kittens got old enough to start hunting
came back with fleas .

i dont know at what point fleas can be seen
with the naked eye but while looking in a mirror
a flea jumpd into my eye for a drink.

long story short
im looking into why fleas and somthing else
likes me more than other people it has to be somthing im taking , doing , or eating .
so i had my blood tested an waiting on results..

what i cant understand is that even tho the bed
bugs wher a small problem havent seen any sense
and keeping to vacuuming regularly under furniture
and looking into water and robo vacs I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE .
so why now. if u have any ideas of parasite bait
or traps that work plz let me know could be somthing i havent tryd.
things ive tryd are:
d.e. -still using
things uv mentioned
bowl water dish soap as bait

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