Something seems to be growing under my scalp??

by Desperate for a Cure
(United Kingdom)

About 8 months ago I was bitten by something in my scalp. It would grow into a spot like a pimple. I would pick the head off it, squeeze it as much as I could as it was very painful, and then it would just scab over and become bigger.

After a few months I would then have these pimple type sores pop up all over my scalp and I could feel something moving about underneath like something was growing there.

Once the scabs had dried I'd be able to pick them off and what came off always seemed to have some type of a tail but not head.

During this time and which continues to this day I get ill from these. I went onto the internet to find a cure as I went to my Doctor who has now prescribed me with 3 lots of antibiotics and a scalp solution which only helped the inflammation and stopped taking the antibiotics as they didn't seem to be helping either.

I have tried every known cure on the internet so far and I seem to have killed off quite a few of these things - however I now have a very painful line of them where they seem to have concentrated in the middle of my scalp and just the one at the back of my neck in the hair line.

As a result of the pain and the sickness I was feeling I requested a referral to my local hospital dermatological unit - I attended and was told I was 'imagining it'.

I do not get sick very often, I do not have eczema and I know my own body and I know when something isn't right.

I had even kept a substantial amount of scrapings of these 'scabs' to be sent off for analysis and to date still have no answer as to what it is that I may have.

I have been told it is not ticks. I do know that once the scab has hardened to a stage that I can get a pair of tweezers around it and wince and pull very hard that this thing with the tail on it comes out and I get slight relief.

I then clean the area with a clean cotton ball and tea-tree oil and put Savlon on it which helps to sooth the area.

However, just when I feel they are going, a new batch seem to pop up out of nowhere and now I am left in desperation as I have seen two different doctors and they have no idea what it is.

I would like to know if anyone has ever heard of anything like this before and if this could possibly be something tropical.

I was bitten whilst down in the south of England, in the summer in dense forestry type area and I have looked into if it could possibly be deer ticks but I have been told that it is not.

If anyone could assist me I would be truly grateful as I am at my wits end now and tired
of scratching what feels like pretend and imaginary lice that are not there.

Dear Desperate,

What a time you are having! I'm so sorry to hear of it. Whatever it is that you feel seems to be growing under your scalp may or may not be related to a bite you received when in the south of England.

The fact that you have these recurring pimple type sores on your head could come from an unusual parasite or even a very weakened immune system that is unable to fight off some form of infection.

If what you are seeing is definitely a "tail" then you probably do have a parasitic infection of some variety.

It was a good idea to try the tea tree oil. Tea tree has natural anti-parsitic properties and is helpful in many cases, but not all.

I understand why you also tried the antibiotics. Antibiotics can be helpful in certain situations, but more often than not they do more harm than good.

They would have definitely weakened your immune system further because they would have killed off the good bacteria that you still had in your body so that you have fewer natural antibodies to fight off whatever this problem is stemming from.

It's possible (and probably likely) that you are also battling an internal yeast infection as the result of all that your body has been through with the antibiotic treatments and the initial bacteria.

I wish I could give you a definite answer to say "This is what you have." I can't, of course.

What I CAN do is encourage you to try internal cleansing and the use natural immune system builders to give your body the ammunition to fight off this problem on its own.

First of all, cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend twice per day for a few months. You should get results long before the three months are up, but you want to be sure you get a thorough cleanse so that you don't keep getting a recurrence of the pimples.

Secondly, find some good quality probiotics at a local health food store. I normally recommend Florafood, but it isn't available in the UK. You want to look for probiotics like acidophilus, bifidum, and longum and take them at least twice per day.

Third, get some Bear Paw Garlic to act as a natural anti-fungal and blood cleaner.

Finally, start taking the Garden Trio at least once per day to give your body the nutritional support it needs to build healthy new cells and detox your system of damaging toxins, etc.

I hope you will find that taking this aggressive approach to give your body the tools it needs to cleanse and heal will give you relief and healing.

By the way, have you tried raw organic apple cider vinegar yet? You can put that directly on your head and on the pimples as well as add some to your drinking water to promote faster healing.

Please keep me posted on your progress. I am praying that you are much better soon.

To your good health!

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Jan 20, 2018
Help NEW
by: Telzsa

What r your recomendations for this u can email me at

Sep 29, 2014
Parasites of gigantic proportions
by: Silent_Warrior

To all that have what is believed to be parasites under your scalp, and have seen small white worm like critters.

Highly suggest you message me here at this site, using above "nick name". Can direct you to a site that is very informative, and suggest to you what these white worm like critters may be.

Warning, however, it is not an easy fix, if what I believe is the causative parasite.

I speak from experience!

Hope to hear from some people, as I do believe I may have your answer to this problem, albeit, very expensive, but no money to me, nor does this website pay me one iota. It is for information only.

Oct 21, 2012
Something Under Scalp...
by: Angie from

Dear Sad Head,

What do you mean by "everything?" It's hard to make suggestions when we don't really know what you have already tried. :)

If you really ARE willing to do anything to rid yourself of this problem, I can't emphasize enough the importance and benefit of an internal cleanse and immune boost.

  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Bear Paw Garlic
  • Barley Life
  • AIMega

These supplements are well worth trying because they have a great track record and even come with a money back guarantee. They're available here.

I'm often amazed at how difficult it is to convince people that treating a condition internally really does work in the majority of cases because they only think of topical treatment.

Having said that, topical treatments can also be helpful. Have you tried rinsing a couple of times per day with sea salt in water and then applying a mixture of lavender and tea tree oil?

Alternatively, you could use the sea salt rinse and then try making a paste of the BarleyLife suggested above and applying it topically to the affected area.

I hope this helps you and that you will soon be a Happy Head! :)


Oct 20, 2012
Sad Head
by: Anonymous

I have this and am miserable.
I am told it's in my head!
I've tried everything!!! No relief!!!

I would do anything to rid myself of it!

May 24, 2011
me toooooo
by: Anonymous

over a year now face nose arm shoulder back got pics?

Apr 02, 2011
same symptoms - some advice
by: Vivere

I have exactly the same thing. The nest seems to be in the center back of the head feeding on a vein. I can get it smaller but it never goes away. Under scalp tunnels lead from there to large sores on the the crown and front of my head. If I dig far enough I can come up with a small red mite or insect. I can feel them running in the tunnels sometimes across my head. I have lesions on my face and chest and if I scratch my head I can feel tiny pin pricks in my other lesions which I assume is an insect running to get inside again because I dislodged it. I also have the wormlike things come out of the sores and out of my pores. The best help I have had is using an expensive medicine given to me by a pathologist in Garden Grove, CA. He tested my skin and says the white cores are a silicone substance. This might be caused by dental sealants that attract parasites. Other possibilities are breast implants, knee replacements, etc.

What works ? Peroxide works best for me but can't use it all the time because I'll lose my hair. Its always quiet right after I color my hair. Also try Denerex shampoo with Coal Tar in it. On another day try mixing a large bowl of salt water and a good amount of cayenne pepper. Soak as much of your head as you can - pour the liquid on areas you can't reach. When the scalp is soaked wrap in a towel and let sit for awhile before washing out. It will get very hot. That helps kill them. If you can get access to an infrared sauna that helps a great deal. Ask a dermatologist to use infrared light on your head. Sit in the sun when you can. Cover your pillow and bed with a plastic liner. Personally I would not use tea tree oil although it works, since it comes from a tree and it might make the parasites think you are a tree making the problem worse in the long run. Washing your hair with a bar of sulfur soap can help also.

Good luck !!! I hate this too !

Jan 28, 2011
chem trails
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem, is like white dots that feed on you. they attach themselves to clothing and are easier to see on black clothes. carpeting must be removed. keep food in glass jars they do get into your food. they seemto fly. i turn on the stove and remove the dot from cloth and burn it. they spark when they burn. frget the washing i have boiled them. they love water, therefore your mouth is their favorite place. wash with cold water if possible they do hate the cold love warm temperature. one thing i noticed is they camouflague into silver dots, white dots and if you put it into a jar of water and close the jar the dissapear but one week after you can find a creature almost see thru fish like. hard to determine this parasite,i did read in youtube these come after chem trails therefore no cure go to youtube and type chemtrails and you will see so many people are getting these parasites so sad that we are being infected for testing purposes. doctors dont care because they dont know what it is. one thing i did i took off my sheets and because the bed has a plastic they seem to come out. i ue powder that they hate too. once i used baking soda with salt on my head and it stpped them for a while but my body had too much salt and it thickenned my blood that was not good it was bad for them but for me as well. the only thing i have been able to use is powder i look like a ghost but at least i can seat at home calmed. remove carpets they love it. dont forget they love water.....

Jan 27, 2011
Same thing in U.S
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have been dealing with this for years. We have been to every kind of doctor more than once only to be told we are crazy. There is something out there that is causing this but no one wants to help us all find out what it is. Just look anywhere on the internet and although it may not be explained in the exact same way; there are people all over going through these unknown skin problems. Maybe when a scientist or entomologist is plagued with this; something will be done. You are not crazy for thinking you have this; but it can drive you crazy. Hope things get better for you soon.

Dec 23, 2010
Thank God I'm not alone
by: Sherry in AZ

What started out years ago as a sore on my arm has permanently scared me for life. Yet still no answers. And yes at some point you begin to think you are raving mad! No one can tell you what "IT" is or what to do about it. Even my own husband looks at me as though I've lost my mind. But there is definitely something very wrong. And my "IT'S" aren't only my problem but I truly believe my dogs have them too. I too kept the tiny little white looking worm things to take to a lab. It's been so many years and so many sores that take months to heal that I'm scared from head to foot. I will never be the same again! God PLEASE help us. We aren't crazy. Please let us find the answer to this horrific thing that has infested our bodies.

Dec 15, 2010
something growing on/in my skin
by: Anonymous

i seem to have similar problem only,my skin develope a pimple which will fill wit puss if sqeesed the puss will come out only to fill up again but a scab will form but when i pull scab off i can see a white dot in centre sometimes i am successful in getting the white dot out which looks like some sort of worm cannot be squeesed out,have to let scab over in the hope it will come out with scab next time.these leisions can take up to 2/3 months to heal leaving a scar.what are they and how do i get rid.sometimes i think there going only couple more appear.mainly located on my arms and chest(not a pretty site on a girl)

Dec 10, 2010
Having same problem
by: Anonymous

Dear Desperate,
I am currently staying in Malaysia and having the same problem as you. I am very tired of scratching and all the doctors thought that I am having a psycho problem. If you are able to find the cure for it, could you please let me know too?
Thank you so much for your help.

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