Sores All Over Her Arms

by Mike

My sister, who is 62 years old, has sores all over her arms.

She also says that when she wakes up, that there are bugs coming out of her mouth and that she is catching them in a jar. I haven't seen them yet.

She also says that after she urinates and dabs herself, she see them on the toilet paper and allows them to dry at which time they shrivel up into a ball and then these two big eyes are left looking at her.

What's going on and what can we do to help her?

Dear Mike,

Assuming that your sister is not on medications that are causing extreme side effects, it sounds like she is dealing with internal parasites at the very least.

As for most internal parasite infestations, we always suggest a natural cleanse and immune boosting supplements. These are the ones we believe to be the most helpful:

Herbal Fiberblend
Para 90

They are available through AIM at wholesale prices. Following the above protocol, and a short term diet that cuts out sugar and processed foods, she should be able to cleanse her system and heal the sores, etc.

She may also find that the gel from a fresh aloe vera plant will help with healing the sores more quickly.

If she is concerned about external parasites in the home, she may want to consider fogging the home with the natural Dr Ben's Evictor the Cedar Oil Store.

There are also other recommendations throughout this site posted by those who have suffered with similar complaints that you and she may want to consider.

I hope and pray that your sister is able to get help and relief soon. Your concern for her must be an encouragement to her.

Kindest regards,

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