Sores At The Base Of The Scalp

by Holli

Three of us at our house have sores at the base of the scalp on nape of the neck that are red and irritated, just below the hairline.

It doesn't itch, no creepy crawly feeling, well maybe but it just might be paranoia, it's just a really painful sore. Can't help thinking this is some parasite.

We do travel a great deal and have had multiple exchange students living in our home from ALL over the world.

They do come an go over the years but never really goes away. We all have this outbreak right now.

Hi Holli,

Since you are all experiencing the same sores at the base of the scalp, it certainly seems to indicate some type of contagious or transferable bacteria, virus, or other type of parasite.

You said you've been experiencing these sores off and on for years, so I'm wondering what you may have tried over the years for relief or remedy.

Whatever you decide to use, you ALL THREE need to follow the same treatment. If you don't all follow the protocol, you run the very great risk of continuing to pass it back and forth repeatedly.

There are a couple of basic steps that are recommended for almost any parasite cleanse. The first step is a herbal digestive cleanse to help rid your body of parasites, toxins, fungus, bacteria, old fecal matter, etc. I recommend Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing.

The second step is to boost the good bacteria in your body by taking probiotics, like Florafood. This helps to "outnumber" the harmful bacteria so that your body can heal.

What have you tried to apply topically? I can't give you one specific ointment that works for anything, but I can give you some suggestions to try until you find the one that works best for each of you. First, cleanse the area with hydrogen peroxide, and then try one or more of these topical remedies:

  • aloe vera gel (right from the plant if possible)

  • vitamin E oil (you can prick open a capsule or get the oil form)

  • O2-Zap from GHC is something I recently learned about that may be worth trying

I hope that you and your friends/family are able to completely rid yourself of this continuing problem. It will most likely take a few months of consistent treatment on your part, but you may be able to eliminate the sores at the base of the scalp for good.

To your good health!

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