Sores Don't Go Away

by Matt L.
(Bristol, Pennsylvania )

These sores don't go away on my face...

These sores form as a pimple but then have puss and hard black stuff under the skin that is extremely hard to remove.

It doesn't go away unless I can remove all black stuff but its hard and string-like also. They're in the same spot on my face.

Please help me.

Hi Matt,

Can I assume you know what blackheads are and that these sores on your face are NOT blackheads?

A blackhead is usually recurring in the same location because of large pores in the skin that tend to collect oils, dirt, etc., in the pore, causing the blackhead pimple to appear.

Blackheads can also appear string-like when you squeeze them, but once the debris is removed, it doesn't stay string-like, but can easily be mushed, etc. (for lack of a better term).

However, if you are NOT talking about a blackhead, but a more serious type of sore on your face, it could be any number of things. Here are a couple possibilities...

  • An ingrown hair can often get infected causing puss and the hair to be trapped in the spot until it is released. That could also be recurring.

  • A fungal infection could express itself as sores on the face. Do you have any other symptoms of possible fungal infection (candida) that may indicate that could be the cause?

Not knowing for sure why the sores don't go away on your face or what the real cause of these sores are, I can
only give you some basic suggestions for dealing with them.

First of all, and what may seem extremely obvious, is to be sure to wash your face well with warm water and soap morning and evening. This will help cut down on any oil build up and clean out your pores.

Secondly, you may want to try applying some hydrogen peroxide to the sores daily. This will help to kill bacteria and may even help loosen and remove the black string-like thing in the sores themselves.

Next, I would suggest that you look at your diet and consider if that is affecting the condition of your skin. Many people don't realize how much diet does affect skin. Do you eat much sugar and/or "junk food?" If so, try cutting back for a while, at least until you get these sores back under control completely.

Finally, if all else fails (frankly, I'd do this first), try a good herbal detox. It may sound crazy, but when your insides are full of toxins, overgrowth of yeast/fungus, etc., your skin really suffers.

Your major organs do the best they can to eliminate excess toxins and waste, but when they can't keep up for one reason or another, they send the residue to the skin. This results in a wide range of skin conditions, and yours might be one of them.

I'd suggest both Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing and Florafood as a probiotic to build up the good bacteria in your body.

Hope this helps,

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