Sores with Three Black Dots and White Thin Thread

by Andrea
(Pensacola Beach, FL USA)

Sores with Three Black Dots and White Thin Thread Coming Out of Skin

I have recently been working in the garden and got bitten by something. The sores itched really bad.

Now it's been two months later, and I still have the sores - they seem to have three black spots in each sore and itch.

Also, I have noticed fine white thread coming out of my skin all over - mostly from legs and arms. I am finding wads of lint around me and I see droplets of what looks like water wherever I am.

Can you please help?

Hi Andrea,

I sure wish I could help, but I'm afraid I can't really tell you what might have bitten you with any confidence.

I'm familiar with certain hairy caterpillars that can land on the body and leave hairs poking out of the skin. It burns and itches like crazy, but the ones I'm familiar with do not create further white thread-like or lint-like later growth.

Have you been to the doctor to have them take a look at the sores? If you tell them that you were bitten by something, they may be familiar with a particular insect, spider, etc., in your region that they have treated in the past.

Have you noticed any other unusual conditions that you are experiencing since this episode? Things like upset stomach, constipation, bloating, etc.?

You may find it helpful to get some coriander essential oil to apply to your skin topically to see if it would clear up the sores for you.

I always suggest that people take immune boosting supplements when they are having a reaction to something - whether they know the underlying cause or not.

When you give your body a lot of resources to work with, it can often figure out where the problem lies and deal with it on its own.

Wish I could be of more help, but I hope you are able to discover the source of the problem and eliminate it.

Do keep us posted on how you progress in case someone else comes along later and has the same issue.

To your good health!

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Apr 28, 2012
Rash, Black Spots, Thread-like Worms, White Tongue, etc. NEW
by: Angie

Although we can't "diagnose people" online, I can offer some suggestions for you to consider to help you and your boyfriend get rid of this problem. It definitely sounds like you have a parasite issue, and most probably yeast/candida overgrowth.

You both need to treat yourselves or you are likely to continue to pass it back and forth if only one of you does something about it. These are what I would suggest for cleansing your system and boosting your immune:

Herbal Fiberblend
Bear Paw Garlic

You can order them online in the US here. If you live somewhere else, let me know and I'll see if they are available in your region.

You also need to cut out the sugar in your diet until you get this condition under control. Sugar (and processed foods) feed all kinds of parasites, so you want to cut off some of their food supply and give your body a chance to fight back.

Hope you both are able to follow this regimen so that you can begin feeling well again soon.

Apr 27, 2012
bugs NEW
by: jamie

hello, my name is jamie ,i belive i have this diseise along with my boyfriend.we started suffetring from skin rashes,black spots,worm thread like thimgs coming out of the skin,we have been to many doctors and they dont have any answers to give except were crazy,i dig holes in myself thring to get these hard black moving things out of me,the have now nested in my ears and there tentaqcle fiber things make ot very diffecult to pull or cut them out.they are in our nose,mouth,oh dose yalls tounge hurt reallybad and burn with food or carbanation,with white patches on it,we also have gas heartbu8rn and oyher things ,please e mail me at,i will talk to anyone who can help orknows more about this.thank you so much,i know were not crazy

Apr 19, 2012
scared NEW
by: Anonymous

i have found this bite with thread on my scalp! is it a parasite? it feels like the thread means a spider of some sort! my skin itches and burns, and im scared my baby will catch it.

Mar 23, 2012
Sea salt and alfalfa NEW
by: Anonymous

Bathe in sea salt and alfalfa. Also take alfalfa tablets. Dollar General store sells a good glycerin bar for 1 dollar that helps skin issues. It has no sodium laurel sulfate. Eat well, avoid processed food. Drink lemon water. offers many healthy treatments to health issues

Jan 24, 2012
Wow, you really do care. NEW
by: degwar

Sorry to chastise. Thanks for the apologies.
What an incredibly positive bunch of people you all are...
I would also like to recommend Comfrey as it is very strongly anti fungal, and anti inflammatory.
It will grow under any citrus tree, as it is a complimentary plant to citrus.
Comfrey used to be known as "bone knit" Not really applied for such ailments traditionally, but surprisingly effective for instant relief from discomfort.

As for a cure;
I still think that my greatest success was the long hot Condy's crystals baths every day for two weeks.
That was the turning point for me, and my life started to return to normal. I really don't think any parasite can survive that, my skin turned black.
Amazing stuff, can be used as rocket fuel, but safe enough to rub (extremely strong mixtures) all over your horse to make his coat shine.(It is sold under equestrian supplies)
I put six HEAPED teaspoons in a hot bath and soaked for one hour every day for two weeks.
Total overkill, way too strong. I am fine, but four should be a safer number. Use Jif to wash the bath as the Condy's will make a nasty mess. Make sure the bath is completely empty and rinsed of Condy's or the Jif will get hot.(chemical reaction, did I mention it makes rocket fuel when mixed with bleach? A slow but very hot reaction. Very dangerous, please be careful)
I am not completely cured, I still get black iridescent flakes coming out of my skin, and occasional rashes, but I am back at work and able to be part of society again. And no I don't have morgellons.
Good luck Andrea, and if I were you I would take up that extremely kind persons offer to have the threads analyzed. That is gold right there. There is no substitute for GOOD science.

Jan 23, 2012
No Apology Necessary NEW
by: Angie

Thank you for your kind apology, but no apology is necessary. You haven't done anything wrong.


Degwar, the original poster (Andrea) has not been active on this page for some time (to my knowledge, since we have so many anonymous posters on this site).

Just because other people post their own thoughts and concerns for things they are going through does not make their post unwelcome.

As I have expressed in other posts across this site, I am quite happy for those suffering from these difficult skin conditions to use this site as a "mini forum" where they can share their thoughts and experiences and encourage one another as long as they post in a decent and friendly way. Offensive posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned from posting.

Sometimes these pages become quite long (and off track of the original question) which is fine. The alternative at this point is for me to create a separate forum section, which I will only do if it comes to the point where the demand for it is great enough. A dead forum with little to know conversation is a dreary place!

The other option is to allow each poster to create a new page on the site, which will then be very difficult for people to interact.

This current format is probably not the very best option, but it is what we have for the time being.

I'm sure that everyone suffering has a measure of sympathy and care for the others who are likewise suffering. No need to rebuke or chastise them.

Kind regards,

Jan 23, 2012
Three Black Dots and Threads sounds like Morgellons
by: Yes We Care

No offense, in the previous comments if they seemed unrelated to the original individual's post. Yes, I care very much about anyone and everyone who is suffering any kind of skin disorder. It's just that Morgellons is new on the scene, and is really hard to get info about AND the doctors are ignoring it and calling it a imagined condition (despite microscopic evidence).

I'm no expert, but wanted to share the hard-to-find info that COULD be related to the original poster. Again, much apology if it seemed insensitive. If your sore has a thread coming out, i would find a willing medical professional (or someone who knows about biology and has a microsope, or get a 100 x power microscope yourself. Observe the material and see if it's moving or growing on its own. Good luck to everyone.

Jan 22, 2012
She wanted help I thought
by: degwar

Do any of you actually care about this individual, or do you think this is a forum to post thoughts on Morgellons???

She said:
I have recently been working in the garden and got bitten by something. The sores itched really bad.

Now it's been two months later, and I still have the sores - they seem to have three black spots in each sore and itch.

Also, I have noticed fine white thread coming out of my skin all over - mostly from legs and arms. I am finding wads of lint around me and I see droplets of what looks like water wherever I am.

Can you please help?

Can you help???

Jan 21, 2012
Morgellons is NanoTechnology Machine
by: Do Not Eat Deli Meats

In addition to being probably a textile or cotton GMO-related human-made nano-technology, Morgellons seems to be directly related to a supposed anti-bacterial spray for meats etc. Do some searches on keywords Listera, meats, nano-tech machines, silicon, silica, cellulose.

Morgellon fibers are NOT biological, they are not viruses. They are NOT organic; they DO NOT BURN until heated to 1700 degrees I read. Do your own research, see what you can piece together. this is probably the new AIDS.

Jan 15, 2012
Monsanto Cotton GMO Is Why Morgellons

THIS is an epiphany: watch this

hard to hear audio, but this hits it on the HEAD. do you know how many biologists have died mysteriously since the 90's? i don't know why but i have some ideas.

This video is an excellent report with facts and references about Morgellons. it nails it down to cotton GM0 by none other than the enemy of life: Monsånto.

This is sourced from the same video comments:

I'm including an included YT comment with additional info, this really is the dirt on morgellons, no pun intended.

from the same YT link, above:

i this is my opinion of the cause of the morgellon disease in us and its stages etc.... (edit) although I do not mention the disease to them much, they are aware of it as I have had it for fourteen-years. As you can see life goes on in the background as it has to do but I believe Monsanto has visited a plague upon us that will make Aids look like a common cold. Did you know Monsanto means my saint in Latin? and the name Monsanto adds up to 666 in greek alphabet numerised and roman numerical alphabet ...

(edit) ... see websites for hydatoxi lualba at

same YT poster comment:

"Andy-- Thanks so much for your genius level sleuthing.

1. This organism was originally detected as a cause of PRE-ECCLAMPSIA in preganancy.... I had a bad case of preecclampsia in my pregnancy in 1988, I got Lyme in 1992, and I now have Morgellons.

2) Lawrence Altman -- corrupt Science Editor at the New York Times- is a proven Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer... i.e. he's a CIA "gatekeeper."

3) I have gotten good results from ARTEMISININ ANNUA.

God bless U..."

- SO, in conclusion, Morgellons as a tactic is clearly mixed in with the power structure's eugenics agenda to reduce population and a lot of experimentation on us soulful humans that deserve much much better.

Jan 15, 2012
Morgellons Before BP Spill - Genetic Mod
by: Anonymous

Morgellons is obviously (to me) a manufactured phenomenon - maybe from GMO or some other crazy experimental illuminati type food-related crap, or something even more sinister.

This has been in existence WAY BEFORE the BP spill. In general, to me, it seems like part organism and part synthetic plant that literally grows in your skin, and has messed up effects like zapping your energy and overall health. This is serious stuff, and of course the establishment seems to have been pressured into saying it does not exist and that you're crazy. You are NOT crazy, and we need to communicate about this, gather the facts and evidence and get some willing scientists and doctors involved. we all know corn etc is being manipulated to grow regardless of toxic spray. But i have seen this common element of morgellons disease happening with people who work with dirt.

I would imagine it's a genetically created hybrid Frankenstein life-form that grows like a silicon plan right through your skin. If it's in a personal garden this could mean it's coming from Chemtrail spray and can live in earth. Man, they're messing with us big time, and we will fight back. Any symptom with stuff that under magnification and examination is literally GROWING longer tentacles or threads as time passes. God help us overcome these Satanists. (reference to illuminati occult practices).

Jan 04, 2012
It came back
by: Degwar

Hate to burst your bubble, but I did the anti fungals, antibiotics etc.
It made me feel awful, my skin split because I swelled up so badly, it hurt to pee, and two years later it was back worse than before.
Yes it came back...
Fact is 90% of your immune system is in your digestive tract.
Poor diet leads to a candida overgrowth that weakens the immune system to the point where other invaders can flourish.
Vegetable oils tainted with solvents, metals in anti caking agents, Teflon from cookware, chemicals from plastics, chlorine, and fluoride to name a few are toxins we can't get rid of when our immune system is weak so the problem is exacerbated.
The toxins feed the fungus, the fungus makes more toxin and so it goes.
Yes it was a bite in the garden that was the initial cause, but your immune system should have dealt with it.
To explain my previous post:
The bath is to get rid of the other infections (i.e tinea or one of the thousand or so varieties of skin fungus)you have picked up which is why your skin is driving you mad.
The (drinking)water is to stop the candida problem by removing the greatest source of sugar from your diet, and to flush out the toxins.
The JUST blanched vegetables are gentle on the stomach lining, and are essential for nutrition, amino acids, and vitamins. (Google nutrient lockout).
I highly recommend red cabbage juice raw for the healthy bacteria content, and because the flavonoids will relive gout (arthritis).
Processed foods are full of salt, sugar and simple carbs(more sugar), MSG,heat treated, and laden with preservative, colors, flavours, thickeners, etc, etc, etc. Do your self a favour, and only buy things to eat in two places. The vege shop, and the butcher.(Don't forget fish) Supermarkets don't sell food.

Animal fat is to provide essential oils, amino acids, and readily available energy. (See the Weston A Price Foundation for information about real foods and where to get them.)
Sage and moisturiser are both anti fungal, and soothing which will relive the symptoms.
Ultimately symptoms are just that though; symptoms.
The answer is to strengthen your immune system and then your body get rid of the invaders.
Note, chlorella, and bentonite clay are worth using for there incredible detoxification abilities. Chlorella is also a multivitamin, and a complete food.
Finally, you must get plenty of quality sleep, and exercise. The body is mechanical. It needs movement to pump fluid about. Sedentary people are always prone to illness.
Half an hour a day of rigorous activity. No less!!!
Don't forget to smile. None of us are perfect.
Be well:-)

Dec 30, 2011
Morgellons treatment etc
by: Anonymous - Germany

Of-course this all depends on how far advanced your infection is. Ultimately it will quite likely need long term strong meds, especially antibiotics. They have to be given in combination - usually two different ones at a time to tackle different aspects of organism development - plus anti-fungals and anti-parasitics. These are strong and dangerous hence the need for medical supervision.

Where would you get such treatment? Not from your local doctor that's for sure. Contact ILADS the organisation representing doctors who treat long term Lyme disease. Many of their doctors are aware of Morgellons and several now have special treatment regimes for it at their clinics.

My own doctor runs the specialist clinic CHC - Clinic Hannover City in Hanover (Hannover), Germany though there are others in the US etc.

That's just a taster but I hope I have put anyone in despair on the road back to recovery. A final caution: it'll be a long road. Good luck and good wishes.
Please ignore the part 7 - I tried posting in 7 sections and then found three would work. I hope the moderator allows all this. It is a big issue.

Dec 30, 2011
Morgellons treatment etc part 2
by: Anonymous - Germany

In my case I went for conventional medicine: antibiotics, anti-fungals and anti-parasitics - and under medical supervision, which is essential. It had to be a private specialist because no ordinary doctor would deal with me. However after two years, the Morgellons issues you describe - and other nasty stuff - have gone. I still have ongoing minor problems including dry eye, severe stomach ache at times, and some minor itching on my feet. This might be down to Morgellons still being there OR an auto immune problem caused by the huge amount of meds I have had over two years.

There is another thing you should seriously consider. Morgellons often comes with co-infections. Amazingly many sufferers are all positive for Lyme disease and a few others incuding Babesiosis and Bartonella. The bad news is it notoriously difficult to get a positive for Lyme. Some tests are better than others but ultimately diagnosis should be through clinical observation. By the way I compared US maps of incidences of Lyme and Morgellons and found areas of high incidence to be virtually identical. There has to be a strong link.

Now the practical advice. Look up Lyme disease and the co-infections. If you have a whole load of symptoms which match then you are in luck to a certain extent. You can then go to a local doctor and say you think you have Lyme. They'll ask if you saw a tick or a red mark (bull's eye). Some doctors believe that if you have seen either then you don't have Lyme! Not true I assure you. But if your doctor is better educated you might then get some tests and meds. You might then be able to mention the "other" infections. Whatever you do, (and I can't say this strongly enough) do NOT mention Morgellons. If you do you DEFINITELY won't be treated.

Dec 30, 2011
Morgellons treatment part 1
by: Anonymous - Germany

This sounds very much like Morgellons aka Fibre Disease. You won't find it in medical books. If you go to a doctor describing these sort of symptoms the chances are you'll be diagnosed with fear of parasites (parasitosis) or treated for a mild skin irritation. The reason for this is doctors have never been educated or trained about this disease. But I assure you it is a very physical disease and not in the mind.

So can it be cured? A handful of scientists and medics are aware of it and conducting research. Since they are not quite sure what it is or its life cycle there is no specific treatment, I am sorry to say. However, some treatments have been proven to be highly effective in knocking it out.
More in a moment.

Some of the lotions etc described here might give you some relief or hold it back but they will not eradicate it. Whatever organism (maybe even multiple organism working together) is involved it is far too complex for that. You will find some people have had success with a combination of tinctures taken internally. That is the real key. Yes, we are not simply talking of a bug on the surface of the skin. There are bacterial, fungal and parasitic issues involved. These tinctures deal with these various aspects. The organism may well be spending at least part of its life cycle in the gut. In short we are dealing with a multi-organ infection so rubbing the skin with ointments is not addressing the bigger picture.

Dec 01, 2011
Same symptoms
by: degwar

I too have been set on the quest for a cure to skin disease. It is no easy road, especially when you are driven by your own suffering.
For extreme cases bath in Condy's crystals; add six to eight LEVEL teaspoons of potassium permanganate to a full warm bath. (Note you will find it at horse grooming supply outlets, or garden supply outlets.)
Soak for 20 minutes every a day for two weeks, scrub off dead skin. Apply LOTS of moisturizer or your skin will crack and split. Clean SHEETS, PILLOWCASES, and clothes EVERY day, wash laundry in hot water; IE hotter than 65 degrees Celsius.
For less extreme cases or spot re-occurrences apply a mixture of sage oil and moisturizer at least twice a day. (Add 10 drops of salvia officinalis per pound/250g of moisturizer. Get a natural plant based moisturizer. Parabens and petrochemicals will not help.)
Clean sheets and clothes every day, wash laundry in hot water. Scrub off dead skin.
In all cases resist mad scratching.Instead drown it in the gentle moisturizer/sage mix and rub in well.
(Please note; I have tried all the obvious oils, and some pretty obscure ones too. Sage is effective. Everything else I have tried is not!
It is also dangerous. DO NOT OVERDOSE!!! Google it...)

Sugar feeds this disease. Wean yourself off sugar completely. Replace every single drink in your day with still (preferably mineral) water or herbal tea. Avoid acidic foods, eat blanched vegetables, lots of animal fats, avoid all processed food whenever possible, but don't starve yourself.
Reduce stress levels to avoid re-occurrence,
eat well; see the Weston A. Price Foundation.
Be well:-)

Nov 30, 2011
Morgellons Sores
by: Ashley

I am in Mobile, AL. I too have these same symptoms. However, I was in Missouri early this summer and got ATE UP by what they call chiggers. I know growing up we called chiggers "red bugs". These are NOT the same thing! Missouri chiggers are horrible. I have had sores since July. They started out with the same general effects as described in my internet searches, but now I am experiencing different symptoms that are consistent with Morgellon's. I suffer from OCD and I see that the Dr's. out there seem to think people with OCD are imagining this disease, so Obviously I won't go to the doctor for him to say I'm crazy. BUT, I do know this skin is behaving and looking different all of a sudden than it ever has in my whole life and I'm 40. That is not imaginary. Even my pores don't seem to be allowing toxins out of my skin. It's like everything under my skin (like a zit for example) gets trapped just beneath the surface and can't come out unless I get a needle and poke a hole to get it out. Bumps still appear on my face. They just don't make it to the surface anymore. I am experiencing these and all of the Morgellon's symptoms that you would find on the net. I was skeptical about the fibers until I started holding them in my hand and watched them curl up! My husband said, "It's just the air circulating that makes it move." I handed one to him the next time and he said, "OMG, this thing is really moving on it's own!" I feel helpless, but I do know that soaking in an Epsom salt bath daily seems to be working the best to dry them up. Also, I mixed calamine and tea tree oil in a squirt bottle and hubby sprays me down (ain't that sexy!) Would love to correspond with anyone about this subject. My email is Hope my info helps any and all who may suffer from this weird disorder!

Sep 28, 2011
Morgellon Sores
by: Andrea

Hey Lisa,

I have been on the internet frequently and have suspected Morgellons Disease or Syndrome..whatever they are calling it. Yes, I am horrified and scared. I have many other symptons that correspond with this syndrome. Of course, my husband and kids think I'm crazy. I would love to email you, but I do not have your address. My email address is I would also love to know what part of the country you live. I'm on Pensacola Beach, Florida and don't know if this is somehow releated to the BP Oil Spill. Please help...any information would be appreciated. Andrea

Sep 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

I dont want to scare you but this sounds like Morgellons please google it and find more information there are numerous treatments you could have gotten it from the soil if working in the garden if you google Morgellons in soil you should find answers sorry to say the Doctors wont help they dont think this disease exist you can take supplements and use different essential oils garlic garlic garlic is effective but not by itself if you are itching and you have sores this is morgellons Iam almost an expert I beleive I have this too very scary but they are trying to find a cure please e-mail me and I will give you alot of great information and possible treatments

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