Sticky Spots Everywhere

by Renee
(Stillwater, NJ)

What To Do About Black Sticky Spots Everywhere?

What To Do About Black Sticky Spots Everywhere?

I'm fighting sticky spots everywhere - on shower floor, feet, bedding, clothes, everywhere!

I've read of a few others like my problem and was so hoping to find a remedy or even just what the heck it is because it's making me go insane!

I'm making sure everyone is wearing shoes, lint rolling everything, doing more laundry than ever!

It's gross and it's so hard to scrub off all my floors. Almost impossible. I told my husband I want to move!

Let me know if anyone finds the remedy to this nasty nuisance.

The black tar spots have ruined so many clothes, bedding, towels, my couch, my floors, too much to list. It's sad.

~ Renee

Hi Renee,

I'm rather stumped regarding your description of these sticky black tar spots that you are finding all over your home.

Do you have the sense that it is something coming out of your skin, or rather that it is something that may be in your yard or environment that is coming into the home on your clothes and shoes?

Are you experiencing this only in your own home, or do you find these black sticky spots everywhere at work or in the car, or other places you frequent?

The reason I'm asking is to try to determine whether it could perhaps be a third option and be something that is specifically in your home (since you want to move).

If it IS specific to
your own home, have you checked the heating/air conditioning units, air vents, etc.? Attic? Basement?

My concern is that since you can't determine the source of the sticky substance, that makes it more difficult to know the best way to approach treatment.

If you believe it is something in or on your body, the best approach that I know of is to follow a thorough internal cleansing protocol.

By that I mean that you need to use something like Herbal Fiberblend to cleanse your body internally of excess mold, fungus, parasites, bacteria, etc., and make your body an unfriendly place for this "nasty nuisance" as you call it. :)

I always boost the immune system, too, while cleansing using BarleyLife, a whole food supplement that is very rich in good nutrition.

If the whole situation is stressing you out too much, try Composure, which is a natural herbal combo that relaxes the body and the mind and promotes good sleep.

As for your house cleaning efforts, you may want to try vinegar, straight if you must, to make the cleaning a little easier, and then I really like to use a little clove oil in water for cleaning. I'm currently living in the tropics (lots of mold) and it is very effective.

I sincerely hope this helps you and that you are able to get rid of these black sticky spots everywhere and enjoy your life and your home again.

Angie from

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