Strange Feeling In Lower Abdomen And Back

by Paul

I have been getting a strange feeling in lower abdomen and back - tingling feeling, bloated, tired, sometimes engeryless...

...Any ideas?

Hi Paul,

It sounds like your digestive system needs a good clean out. You may have picked up some bacteria or parasite along the way - easy enough to do. The tingling feeling suggests that may be the case.

Or you may just be suffering from these symptoms as a result of indulging in a poor diet.

What are your bowel motions like? Are you regular with at least 1-2 easy bowel movements per day? Do you suffer from constipation or diarrhea?

The strange feeling in lower abdomen and back can usually be attributed to intestinal issues from either old impacted fecal matter that causes malabsorption and toxic waste build up in the gut, or intestinal parasites.

It's a simple matter to use a natural herbal cleanse to give the digestive tract a good clean out while replenishing your friendly flora (good bacteria) with probiotics.

You'll get faster results if you also include some essential fatty acids (EFA's) in your diet and boost your nutritional intake to improve your energy levels and promote pH balance.

These are my favorites...

  • Herbal Fiberblend - intestinal cleanse
  • Florafood - probiotics
  • AIMega - essential fatty acids
  • BarleyLife - whole food nutrition

From Ireland, they can be obtained here.

It's not a good idea to ignore digestive issues and hope they will go away. They usually don't unless you provide your body with the means of eliminating the cause and rebuilding your immune system.

To your good health!

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