String Like Worms In Stool


When constipated, I try to go to the bathroom and the result is a string that looks like a worm surrounded by mucous.


You may very well HAVE string like worms in your stool. Don't panic. It's not as uncommon as you might think.

We are exposed to so many bacteria and parasites each day, that we are bound to eventually have them take up residence in our intestines (they love it there).

When you suffer from constipation, the food you are not passing is rotting in your colon and creating more and more problems for you.

To eliminate constipation AND get rid of the worms/parasites is not difficult, but it does take some consistent effort on your part.

Try using a natural colon cleansing product like Herbal Fiberblend. HFB is the one I use, so I know it works very well.

Basically, it's just psyllium fiber and a bunch of different herbs that help to kill and eliminate parasites and cleanse your entire digestive tract.

If constipation is a regular problem for you, give yourself a full 3 month cleanse (3 pots). Start by using 1 tsp. of Herbal Fiberblend twice per day (mixed in water or juice) and then after 4-5 days work your way up to 2 tsp. and then 1 Tablespoon.

Once you are at 1 Tablespoon twice per day, continue at that amount for the 3 months and then gradually taper back down again when you are finished.

You will be truly amazed at how thoroughly this works. Apart from the taste (it's a little bit bitter), I've never heard a bad word from those who've used Herbal Fiberblend. It's been helpful to so many people.

You'll see more weird things passing in your stool. The string like worms in your stool will be flushed out of your system and you will be able to have a bowel movement with unbelievable ease.

Let me know how you get on with it or if you have any further questions.

To your good health!

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