Subsurface Skin Parasites

by Country Gal

Question about subsurface skin parasites...

When I combed my hair and cleaned the hair off the comb, I threw the hair in the hopper. When I happened to look at the clump of hair, a scab was included in the hair.

To my amazement, the scab started spinning and twirling. Now, I'm obsessed with this spinning.

Any dry skin, flaking or scab from non-healing sores that I scratch at are thrown in a cup or container of water and I find the spinners.

I have small sores that aren't healing very fast. At first I thought I might be diabetic. I used tick and lice shampoo because I found some tiny granules I think were parasitic eggs. I've been using that shampoo for about 2 months. The eggs are gone, but the dry skin still spins.

I bought a 10 - 100X microscope. With this, I see very fine worm-like things. Common lint also has creatures in it.

No movement when dry, but when I put them in water, they spin for 10 - 15 seconds, then stop. Some dust also has the spinners.

I've steam cleaned a couple of times, wash the bedding twice a week, and even bug-sprayed the floor. That seems to have helped with the dust, but bodily, I can't eliminate the creatures completely.

Is there something over the counter I can use? I have an appointment with a dermatologist but had to wait 5 months for an opening. I want these things gone now.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Hi Country Gal,

When I hear the phrase "subsurface skin parasites" I immediately think of scabies. It doesn't really sound like that is what you are dealing with though, based on your description.

I think it may be a blessing from the Lord that we can't actually see all the microscopic organisms that are around us everywhere. We'd ALL freak out! :)

We usually can
live in harmony quite easily with these microorganisms, but if our immune system is weakened for one reason or another, that's when they can become a problem.

I would suggest that you stop using those chemical shampoos. If they didn't work the first time for you, they probably won't. Instead, you are only adding more and more toxins in your system every time you wash with them. This weakens your immune system even further.

If you are still concerned about lice, etc., in your hair, just cover your hair and scalp with olive oil and wrap it in a towel before going to bed and this will suffocate the lice if you DO have them. You can repeat the process every 4 days for 2 weeks to get any late hatching eggs, if needed.

The fact that you are having sores that aren't healing, etc, is an indication that your immune system is weak and your body needs some support to enable it to do what it was made to do - heal.

I would suggest that you give yourself a thorough digestive cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend and support your immune system with the Garden Trio and AIMega.

These three supplements will work together to put your body in a better position for healing. They will help you eliminate toxins and provide wonderful nutritional support. You can order them all wholesale here if you want to give them a try.

Something else you can try topically for your skin (as I realize you are worried about subsurface skin parasites), is to add tea tree oil or organic apple cider vinegar to your bath water.

The supplements help remove parasites from the inside out, but I often like to use topical treatments as well. It's best to use ones that are "safe" as well as effective when you can.

Keep me posted on your progress.
To your good health!

Comments for Subsurface Skin Parasites

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Feb 22, 2015
Figured it Out
by: Katie

Hi I'm back. I was having the same problem and automatically assumed it was a parasite issue because I actually had scabies that I cannot get rid of.

However, this has nothing to do with scabies or even parasites. This thing drove me nuts because I could not get answers anywhere but it never failed, every time I dropped a scab into water, it spun and jerked around.

UNTIL I had a friend offer a story to me... when he was a young boy, he and his friends used to make "motor boats" out of twigs and pine tar. They would put the pine tar on sticks, put them in water and the twig would take off like it had a motor. AHA! it's the oil reacting to the water.

How to test it... I took off a tiny piece of the cotton end of a Q-tip, rubbed it into some mineral oil and dropped it into the toilet. Wouldn't you know it, it spun and jerked just like the scabs and skin flakes did. It was exactly the same action, not such a good experiment because the cotton sunk but I got my answer.

So if you noticed this, stop it. Do your own experiment with a piece of paper or something dipped or rubbed in some kind of oil, drop it in water and watch. This is what happens. It is the oil in your skin that is reacting with water and propelling the skin flake or scab around like a motor boat, NOT PARASITES.

Debunked. Thank you. Glad to relax on this one.


Nov 17, 2014
Skin Flakes and Scabs that pop in water
by: katie

I have seen the same thing. If I throw a flake of skin or scab into the toilet, it acts as if I've put it in acid. They jerk, pop, spin and you can see indents in the water as if something is jumping off these pieces of skin. Sometimes I will just scratch my face and flick my fingernails really hard into the toilet water and I will see jumping, popping and activity on top of the water even without skin flakes.

I have also been dealing with scabies (I thought...the derm did find scabies poop in a scraping and the biopsies were coming out consistent with scabies tho no bug was ever found). This has been for the last 2.5 years or more and it is not killable. No tea tree oil nor apple cider vinegar is going to do a thing to this, I've tried it. I've tried everything. I've been on constant non-stop doses of ivermectin. I've done albendazole for months every day. Nothing kills it. I now have very few marks on me but my back always has a spot that is irritated and itchy, my scalp, inside my ears and my face. Now and then other areas get attacked, but mostly those areas.

I hate to say this because really I feel hopeless and I don't want to pass hopelessness on, but it really is a bad issue and doctors don't understand it and don't know what to do about it, and some are afraid of it. All the doc will do is give you a couple tubes of 5% permethrin and send you away. Permethrin is useless against this. If you're lucky they will also give you stromectol (ivermectin) which will give a little relief but won't be a cure. After that they tell you that you have parasitosis and wash their hands of you, leaving you to suffer with it forever.

Many have done some pretty desperate things to stop this such as animal meds, and I don't know anything that has worked yet though many are claiming albendazole works (didn't for me).

I'm sorry. Its very depressing. I've searched everywhere for information on this phenomenon about what the skin flakes and scabs do in water, and this was the first place I found someone else who has seen this happen too. And the funny thing is that I've had skin flakes from other parts of my body that don't do this. Anyway, take care.

Sep 14, 2014
was country gal sucessful
by: Shorty

Im having the same symptoms as coutry gal and its making me crazy! Did the suggestions given help eliminate the problem?

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