Suffering Since September 2008=Delusional Parasitosis=Wrong!!!

by Karen P.
(Littleton, NH USA)

It all started with me seeing some kind of bugs.

They look like dust particles, float up, around in circles, love to attach to my body/mirrors, sometimes white, sometimes clear, can freeze themselves, are all over my vehicles, turn blue/red, look like diamonds in the water, worse with any type of heat, body heat included, my skin around my fingernails is so easy to pull off, and it doesn't hurt. Long sentence, aye;o)

My daughter has some of the same symptoms as myself, but refuses to think much of it. She is losing her hair very much. She has been diagnosed with POTS since August 2008, and I am wondering why she hasn't got more symptoms than myself. Her immune system is not good at all.

Oh ya, black poppy-seed looking things appear, small black "V" shaped wirey looking hair, and hair has been coming out of my mouth the last couple of months.

So, My family took me to the ER, Thanksgiving of 2008, and the ER Doctors diagnosed me with Major Depression. How astute of them considering I was/am on depression, anxiety, and ADD medicines.

Two weeks later, I went to my GP office, only to speak to a nurse for a couple minutes, and Lord, you just had to be there!!! I know He was. ;o)

The nurse, my GP, and another GP all told me I was seeing things, to go to the ER=not, said I was hallucinating, and just told me how dare I waste their time.

They refused to let me leave, ended up having the police come to investigate, and yes I was beyond furious. I had an appointment with my Psych within the hour, the policewoman followed me to my car, and knowing I wasn't under the influence, she let me go.

Well, now I get to my Psych's office, and yes she has been informed. She already knew I thought I had a bug problem, but the evidence I showed her meant zero to her.

Oh ya, strange oblong balls of fuzz everywhere, made of bright colors, and my clothes are full of those dust looking particles. When I put my reading glasses on, they look like white round dots.

Anyway, when I went to see my Psych, I remembered to bring this antique antibiotic that my GP put me on about a month prior. I had 2nd degree burns on my face from my SAD light. Ya, I know, no picking the face while using it.

I had to go back a 2nd time to GP and beg him for medicine, as I knew my face
was infected. He thought I was nuts, even though one cheek was turning green, and I could move the lumps under the skin from place to place.

I fired them all after police incident. GP now, and Psych still don't believe me.

O-kay, back to visit with Psych after police incident. I showed her the bottle of antibiotic I was taking, and boom, within 10 minutes she reads that my ADD medicine and the antibiotic is causing Parasitosis.

Wonderful, all by myself again to deal with this 100% known problem, of some kind. I lied to her about 4 months ago. I told her I wasn't seeing things anymore. I did mention it to my mother, but she didn't say much. They will put me in the nut house if I own up to it again.

The Psych did take away both medicines, and I finally got my ADD medicine back last fall, I believe. If I don't have it, I just stay in bed, depressed, having pity-party, and the house just gets worse and worse.

Anyway, now for the last month, or so, I feel like I have head/body lice. My daughter says it's only dandruff mom, and those Moxie drinks are making you think this way.

Now I really believe the sugar is what made them worse, aye? As a recovering alcoholic of 2 1/2 years, that was my reward when I wanted. Doesn't matter now, I still can't drink;o) Thank You Lord-Thank You Jesus=Amen!!!

Well now, I am sure I could go on, but this is more than enough for you to inhale today. Just can't take much more of this, don't want to be here anymore, and because of my daughter/family, and being Born Again, I have to just pray-pray-pray.

Just how did we acquire this wonderful, known to the world, recognized by hardly anyone, horrible problem? Could it be coming from all the imports we get from all around the world?

O-kay, for real, I am signing off. I have zero pictures, besides who would take them. Got lots of evidence, though.

Thanks soo much for your believing in us, your time, and I shall always be forever grateful with any/all you can do for us all;o)

Keeping The Faith-May You Keep Yours-God Bless Us All!!

Dear Karen,

I'm so sorry to hear your story. I want you to know that I have added you to my prayer list. I wish I could be of more help, but hopefully just knowing that someone cares and is praying for you will be of some small comfort.


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May 26, 2016
Same Thing
by: tj

Thank you,everybody! What is this? White circles that float, attach to your clothes, small ones, some a little bigger. When I first noticed them, they were EVERYWHERE! When bright lights hit them they ball up like lint. When you blow on them when in fabric, they kinda flair up as if agitated. Stick to the floor or surface, they're like glue dots. I feel and see the little circles just pop off me. Sometimes if falling onto black vinyl, at first you can blow them away, but if you watch them they will quickly adhere themselves. Sometimes I'll see black specs also. I feel them moving and biting me all over. Feels like they're in my nose, ears, scalp, eyebrows and lids. Today I bathed and scrubed with salt and then alcohol. The SOB'S are now exiting through, so far, the skin on my left arm. Somebody said, on this sight that they would, so I tried it just hoping it wouldn't happen, but, IT DID! HOW AND WHO IS GOING TO BELIEVE US! I've showed this to my roommate and he refuses to knowledge it. You can't take a pic, it just shows a white looking dot. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

May 29, 2013
Possible Solution
by: Angie from

Hi Pats,

Sorry to hear that you've been suffering for so long with this condition. I definitely have a possible solution for you, whether or not it is the answer you are looking for is up to you.

I encourage you to try the following:

They are natural supplements that cleanse the body of toxins and parasites as well as boost the immune system so that your body can repair and heal.

Take each of them at least twice per day and at least for a few months before making a decision on how effective they are. You'll probably start improving sooner, but they need to be continued for long term and lasting results.

Also, it's good to know that they have a money back guarantee, so they are well worth trying. You can get them at the wholesale price here.

You can also try taking baths with sea salt in the water (or epsom salts). You may have already been doing that, but I wanted to mention it just in case you haven't.

Please let us know how it works for you.

May 28, 2013
sad nurse
by: pats

I don't know where to start other than to say I have what everyone has been talking about. I had been nursing for 50 years and can not understand the medical professions lack of compassion and thinking it is ok to "blow off" serious physical, mental, and emotional symptions that this disease presents. I am not mentally ill or hallucinating, my lesions are visible, itch soooo bad, and are painful.
I am not one to stay in the problem but in 3 years I have not found a solution. Thats all I want. So, I am waiting for the light to show me the way. It is apparent the medical profession is not the answer.
If anyone knows the answer please let me know.

Oct 14, 2012
Strings of White, Black, Blue
by: Anonymous

Anybody ever find out the problem I have been experiencing the same symptoms. Has anyone of you ever been on Humira. Has anyone had diarrhea, right side pain, anything like that. Doctors think I am getting crazy but I will not give up. I'll take the hairs in. They can watch them swim. And I'll give them one to keep on their head.

Mar 19, 2012
Man, Too Bad We Couldn't All Get Together, and then go and tell these, so called, Important Idiot's how they have not only screwed up the world, our lives, and the lives of all to come!!!
by: Karen's Back

I just thought I would say, "Hello To ALL", and may we all remember we are very intelligent, far from being alone, we all have some kind of advice that is sure to help, and for Myself, My God Loves Me + You'All, and that Faith and Fear do not work together at the same time. I am just thinking all is getting better, and Bang, all comes back with even more new symptoms!!!
This situation does nothing but rob me of my whole life's existence. It really stinks to have a whole day go by, and realize that it was all consumed by whatever effects &/or symptoms you just couldn't get past. The hot weather is finally coming here, NH, and that really kills me. Even the heat on in the winter makes them come to life, and you are scratching/digging just like you have, and do have bugs.
There's some reason for those of us who have the pleasure of dealing with this, and maybe only God knows write now, but I am having some outrageous ideas. I am serious about us getting together, telling these Dimm/Witts just what I think of them and their cover up, and pow-wowing with the Real Drs. that know what the truth is. A Petition seems to be where most start out when they have a problem, and their has to be Someone High Up Somewhere that cares. Man, I get sick thinking of all the money these sons of guns are getting to let this be happening. My Faith does believe in Karma. Vengence is Mine says the Lord, and I shall be the one to take the Revenge said He.... Can I get an AMEN+Thank You Jesus???/!!! I have no Religion, but am Religious;o) I also am a Spiritual Being living in a Human World. Not a Human Being living in a Spiritual World=Thank You Lord For My Believing.
Anyway, I wrote to say that I found a sight, that some may find very interesting, the Dr. and Radio Host could be just where we want to start, and I hope that I am not repeating something that someone has already told you'all about. If so, I apologize from the Heart. So here goes, and remember, I am praying for ALL OF US. I only have my daughter and best friend to talk to about this, because anyone else (including parents) would put me in the nut house. And Guess What? I still can't drink!!! I have almost lost my sobriety a couple of times, but then I have to=THINK,THINK,THINK**** It took a long time to use that saying in my everyday life. O-Kay, I say A Big Thank-You To Angie for this site, and A Bigger One To The Man Above for all the wisdom He sends from above. Catch You'All Again=Soon I Hope;o) GO TO = "Stop Geoengineering: More On The Morgellons/Chemtrails Connection." (It should be the first site in the list, but look for February 24, 12 Clifford w/host Rob. I hope it is found informational to you'all. Keeping The Faith=You'All Keep Your's

Oct 05, 2011
Try everything
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing symptoms of Morgellons.I've had problems with my immune system since I was a small child. The feeling of bugs crawling on my skin and pulling off the blue and white fibers with the black specks can consume me. I've started doing unfiltered, unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar - 2tsp w 8oz filtered water 3x daily. MSM (organic sulfur) - 3 tabs in am, 2 tabs in afternoon and 2 tabs in evening. Source of Life vitamin 3 in am and 3 in afternoon. Alfalfa tablets 3 in am and 3 in afternoon. Magnesium and calcium and vitamin d 3,000 mg. I've now switched to a gluten free diet and removed corn from diet. I am trying to remove anything that has been sprayed or treated with gmo's. I bathe in alfalfa tablets, epson salt with lavendar oil and use MSM soap. All of these things seem to help to some level. It has completely flipped my life but I refuse to let it win. I have a powerful spirit and will fight!

Aug 24, 2011
Fungal Infection
by: Angie

Hi Debbie,

Regardless of what else you might be experiencing, it does sound like you probably have a fungal infection (yeast overgrowth) and if you are actually visibly seeing worms as well, you probably have intestinal parasites, at the very least.

A good colon cleanse, combined with some probiotics and some dietary changes, should get rid of a lot of the problem without too much drama.

It's simple, but not necessarily easy. You have to be determined to follow through with the cleanse daily and be strict with yourself for a little while when it comes to your sugar intake and yeast feeding foods. Basically, try to follow the candida diet guidelines to get the fastest results.

You may also want to consider applying a topical treatment to your scalp and other areas of skin that you feel is affected externally.

1. Make a mixture of warm water and sea salt to rinse your scalp and skin. This type of salt water is helpful in healing the skin and making the next step more effective.

2. Combine lavender oil (60%) with tea tree oil (40%) to make a special mixture. Apply this to your scalp and skin where needed two or three times per day. If you find that it is too strong using the oils straight, dilute them with a carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil.

Sure hope this helps you in some way and that you are feeling well again soon.

Aug 23, 2011
OMG I have the exact same thing!!!
by: Debbie

Karen you are not alone. I have the exact same thing. When I wash my hair my brush is full of these like blue balls of fuzz. I find them everywhere, on my clothes in my bed. Everywhere. The weirdest things come up into my mouth from my body, I mean I cant even explain it. I personally believe with all of my heart that I got this from my husband. He had the absolute worse case of foot fungus I had ever seen yet when we first met I use to rub his feet with creams and what not.Then he started getting these brown patches all over his body and I use to rub his back all of the time .
I know I'm not crazy and I wont let anyone say that I am . I have this stuff on my scalp, the dig into my skin on my arm and you were talking about how the skin around your fingernails comes off easily, BINGO!!! mine to it's totally ridiculous. I get sores all over my arms with these black things in them and they itch like crazy. If I get the black things out they heal so right there that says something. Anyway I thnk I might try a colon cleanse and see if that does any good. I will let you know. Oh also I have these little lumps all over my scalp and in my nose these long white things come out that look like worms. I am so sick of playing host to these nasty creatures!

May 13, 2011
Going crazy
by: Anonymous

I want to see pictures, video, proof!
i can't find anything on this and if i'm not crazy and you all feel/see the same things why isn't there any of it on the net?
i can find disney cartoon porn but no pictures or video of this????

Apr 07, 2011
parasites/Morgellus disease
by: Jen

I have been reading the stories of people with this problem. I feel so bad for these people. This has to be a parasite. Fibers just don't move by themselves and stick out of people's skin. Something is putting it there. This def. doesn't sound like a disease. Sounds like they would be extremely hard to get rid of even if they find a chemical to get rid of them since they are everywhere in the house, bodies, cars, etc. Good luck!! I really hope they find a way to help y'all.

Jan 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about your ordeal. At least your doctors didnt include out-and-out lies in your visit record which is a permanent record of yours, did they? I've got things in my visit record that were not even said during that visit with the witch doctor. When are they going to fess up this exists??? When they get it or someone in their family? I'm sure they're gonna label them delusional and send them right on home with nothing, no meds, nothing, nothing for the lesions, just send us home with more depression because no matter how many samples, no matter how many pictures & videos you supply to them, they lie with a straight face and label you nuts. SHAME ON THEM!!!

Dec 11, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

Finding this site has made me realise I HAVE TO TRUST IN MYSELF Iam not crazy my doctors just want me to think I am thank you so much caz

Dec 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

The doctors haven't really figured out what we have yet! I have had the same symptoms for over a year. People live with cancer and other horrible ailments; if they can do that then we must live with this! Keep reading this site. It is our people friendly health connection. One of us can share the cure. When that day comes we can celebrate beating and living through the silence.
For it is then, that they will hear us :}

Maria from Newhartford NY

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