Swine Flu In Florida

by Maber
(Tampa, FL)

Opinions About The Swine Flu In Florida

I really don't see what the big deal is with the swing flu. People die everyday from the most common sicknesses but you don't see that plastered all over the news.

I think that the media is making a really big deal over nothing. I have children and they have been around all kinds of sick people and they have not caught any sicknesses.

I think that people need to do their own research and not buy into the paranoia of others.

Hi Maber,

Thanks for sharing your opinion about the swine flu in Florida.

I have to agree with you that the media is making a big deal about the swine flu epidemic and feeding the frenzy of fear that many people experience.

I think that 'behind the scenes' it is probably the pharmaceutical companies that are the main pushers of the paranoia (more vaccine sales, you know). :)

However, the swine flu WILL be a big deal to some people - those who get very sick and die from it and the families who are left to grieve in their absence.

My hope is that through sites like this one, people can find encouragement and solutions for practical ways to prepare their family for the flu virus - be it swine flu or
regular seasonal flu.

The fact that your children stay well is a good testimony to their healthy constitutions. Not everyone has that same blessing.

Part of the problem is the way we fail to eat a strong healthy diet. Too many processed foods and too much sugar acts to weaken the immune system and make a body vulnerable to illness and disease.

Those who suffer from a weak immune system or have underlying health issues already should be taking steps to improve their body's core strength so that the body can naturally repel the swine flu (in Florida or anywhere else in the world).

Probiotics are a good place to start. The good bacteria that lives in your body is a natural fighter against viruses.

Garlic is a natural antiviral that can help to keep your body healthy just by eating more raw garlic in your diet or taking good garlic supplements like Bear Paw Garlic.

Vitamin D is important for building up your natural resistance, and, of course, Vitamin C and antioxidants are excellent supporters of the immune system.

By taking a more active role in supporting the body's natural resistance and improving the immune system strength, more people can be like your children and come through this (and every) flu season, unscathed.

To your good health!

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