Swine Flu UK

by Peeks

Swine Flu UK hype - Rubbish!

People get the 'normal' flu virus every year, and sadly some people do actually die from stuff like that. So why panic over a new type of flu, which can obviously be treated, and is only most harmful to people with 'underlying health conditions'?

My brother had swine flu, was prescribed tamiflu which he took - and it was the drug that landed him in hospital, not the virus.

I think people really do need to stop panicking, and the governments need to get their facts straight before sending the world into a state of panic.

Hi Peeks,

You're brother's story is like that of many others. Tamiflu can do people more harm than good. Sadly, I've heard there's been a run on the Tamiflu supplies in the UK as people try to 'stock up' in case they get the swine flu (UK).

I'd like to see people make a run on natural and herbal remedies for swine flu. They'd be much better off physically, whether they ended up with swine flu or not! :)

It always raises an eyebrow when hysteria seems to be an end goal and common sense is thrown out the window. It seems there is something bigger in play.

Thanks for taking a few moments to share your thoughts on the subject of swine flu UK. It's interesting to get global views on the subject rather than just those in our own country.

To your good health and a flu free winter!

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