Swine Flu Vaccination

by C

Get the swine flu vaccination, or don't. The regular flu season generally claims 30,000+ lives each year. Less than 2,000 have died so far from this flu season.

The government always protects pharmaceutical companies from liability in matters of public health anyways (no one would develop new vaccines otherwise, because they can't make enough money on them to cover their costs AND potential lawsuits).

As for me, I'll be getting the vaccine when it's available, washing my hands, and enjoying my fall season.

Hi C,

Thanks for your comments. The pharmaceutical companies make BIG money on their drugs, the swine flu vaccine included. They are projected to make almost 50 Billion Dollars a year on this particular vaccine.

They can certainly afford to be held liable for the damage they do to people with the side effects of their "creations."

In 1976, the last time they came out with a swine flu vaccine, they were $1.3 billion in damages and they weren't protected then.

Apparently, there were no actual swine flu deaths that time, but there were several deaths from the vaccine itself and a number of people left permanently disabled.

Everyone has to make their own choice about whether or not they get the swine flu vaccination (I WON'T be getting it.), but if you decide you want to play guinea pig, be sure you try in other ways to boost your immune system.

Increase your Vitamin D intake and definitely your probiotics (friendly/good intestinal flora).

Have a wonderful and healthy autumn! Thanks again for sharing your opinion.

To your good health!

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