Tear Drop Red Shape

by Krysta McCoy
(Victorville, CA, USA)

A few days ago I began to get this itch on the right side of my collar bone. When I looked at it, it just looked like a regular rash so I didn't really think much of it.

But today while I was getting ready, I noticed that a large tear drop red shape had formed where the itching was, and now there's a faint red line training around it like a deformed 'C'.

I've started to get really worried but not sure if I should see a doctor. Is this a skin parasite or not?

Hi Krysta,

So sorry for the delay in responding. I was out of action for a couple of weeks and am just now catching up again.

What's the latest update on your tear drop red shape ringed rash on your neck? Are you still having trouble with it?

Have you applied anything to it for treatment? Seen a doctor? It sounds a bit like ringworm.

Let me know what the current status is, if you like, and we can go from there.

To your good health!

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Nov 16, 2011
It's not ringworm NEW
by: MiteHaterNYC

I wish I could tell you what it is because I have been battling a very similar rash that spread to both legs and arms and no where else and no one else in my family has gotten the inital rash, however mu husband has gotten the secondary infection from me -MRSA. Getting this awful and dangerous staph infection quickly turns your concern to getting rid of it instead of sorting out the underlying parasite. Most skin parasites and things like ringworm (a fungal infection, not a parasite) appears differently (usually ringworm is one spot larger than you describe; scabies is in the warm moist parts of the body like webs of fingers and armpits and it is wildly contagious). While you are doing your research and seeing a doctor, I hope, make sure you keep the area very clean and don't scratch or pick at it (cutting your fingernails helps). It is also a good idea to use paper towels and changing your bath & bed linens very frequently. Ask the doctor to give you an oral anti-parasitic, if possible, because something like ivermectin works on a broad range of external and internal parasites. Good luck. Also, if anyone has experience with a tear shaped rash as described, please post info as I've spent years now trying to find out.

Aug 06, 2010
Moving Rash
by: Angie

Hi Krysta,

One of the ingredients in the new acne cream could be causing a reaction that is manifested as this moving rash. You may want to ask the doctor if this is a possible side effect. You can probably ring and ask without having to go in for a "visit."

Of course, you can also try "googling" the name of the cream and the words side effects and see if you come up with anything on your own.

If the rash is completely unrelated you may want to try a natural cleanse to help detox your system and perhaps tackle it from that angle.

Keep me posted. =)

Aug 05, 2010
Moving rash?
by: Krysta

Not sure if this contributes or not? Over the past couple of days I've been getting a rash on different parts of my upper body. It'll appear and disappear over the span of a few hours. I havn't been using any new products in my daily routine besides a new acne cream perscribed to me by my docotr. Not sure if this has anything to do with the mark?

Aug 05, 2010
Red Mark On Shoulder
by: Angie

Hi Krysta,

Interesting! I'm glad to hear that you aren't having any serious issues so far from the original tear drop red shaped mark.

This new red mark on your left shoulder may or may not be related. It's difficult to be sure.

Do you remember if you started eating any new foods in the last few weeks or started using a new soap, detergent, or any other chemical ingredient that you may be having an allergic reaction to?

If you have access to an aloe vera plant, you could break off a stem and slit it open to apply the gel to the affected area. It works wonders for a lot of skin conditions.

Another effective topical option is raw organic apple cider vinegar.

If you continue to have these recurring reactions, you may want to consider an Herbal Fiberblend cleanse to detoxify your system.

Hope that helps!

Aug 05, 2010
by: Krysta

About a week after I sumbitted my post, the mark began to disappear, and it didn't itch anymore. But about a week ago, i got another rash on my left shoulder, and it went away after a couple hours. The red mark on my collar is faint, but it's still there. Does this have anything to do with that mark?

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