Thank You

by Bob H.
(Hinesville, GA, USA)

Thank You Lord For Being So Good

Thank You Lord For Being So Good

Thank you for reminding me of how our Lord Jesus Christ provided the path for us. By stumbling on your web site, and again (just by chance), coming to this page you have provided me the light and direction that I have been missing for over 30 years.

I have sorely missed the constant company of fellow Christians that I had when I was a child and a young man. I am "worldly" now, but am much less than I was then.

I will, beginning this very moment, rejoice in the knowledge of knowing there are, and always will be Christians such as you that are willing to spread the Word and provide fellowship and Christian love.

It does not matter to me your affiliation -- and I hope it does not matter to you, mine. Your short message above is the exact same message I grew up with.

My selfish desires to partake in physical pleasures (drugs and alcohol as a teenager and young man, smoking for many years, sexual desires) kept me from living as I know I should.

Even with my own personal, unshakeable knowledge that our Lord Jesus Christ DID die on the cross for us, and was raised from the dead so that we might have everlasting life -- I did not have the strength to follow my own faith and convictions.

My tears fall as I type because I have been so long without Christ truly in my heart. I pray now that I may do what is right from this point forward, every second of every minute for however long I might have on this Earth. That I somehow am able to spread His Word to anyone that will listen.

I pray now that He Blesses you with Joy and Comfort, just as you have Blessed me with this chance to turn my life back to Jesus.

I know that I am not and never will be perfect or righteous. I also know the only way to Heaven is by God's Grace through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Please forgive me for rambling on. I only meant to write a sentence or two thanking you.


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Thank YOU, Bob!
by: Angie from

Dear Bob,

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to leave this note and let me know how God has spoken to your heart through my article on cleansing your heart.

Knowing that it has made a difference in your life is worth so much to me and has encouraged me in a way that I can't quite explain.

No, it makes no difference what denominational affiliation we may have. It is our faith in Christ Jesus as our Savior that makes us accepted in Him and brothers and sisters in the Lord.

One of the most wonderful things that I love about God is how incredibly forgiving and merciful He is to us, no matter how undeserving we are. As I read your lovely letter, I was reminded of that beautiful story of the prodigal son.

I'm always so moved by the love of the father as he eagerly waits for the wayward son to return. He greets him by running to him and welcoming him with open arms. I hope you felt those welcoming arms yourself as you came back to Our Heavenly Father.

Your prayer has definitely been answered. The Lord has already given me joy and comfort through your words and I have to say thank you to YOU for taking the time to share this testimony with me.

I pray that the Lord gives you the courage and strength each day to continue on for Him. It is only through His Strength that any of us can live the kind of holy and righteous life that He desires for us.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

My husband always says that he tried to live God's way in his own strength and kept falling flat on his face. It wasn't until he realized it was only the power of Christ in him that enabled him to finally get the victory over the sins that bound him.

You might like to read his testimony on our personal website. Perhaps it will encourage you, too, on your journey.

Looking forward to meeting you one day on the other side!


Thank you again NEW
by: Bob

Thank you for your supporting words and love.

God Bless you and your mission. I hope you all have a Very, Merry Christmas.

With great love and respect,

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