The Obvious Has Been Overlooked

by Tunnelratt
(San Francisco)

I feel like the obvious has been overlooked or purposely swept under the rug.

I'm a 47 year old electrician of 27 years. A rough I.Q. of about 135...and very in tune with my body.

I've been dealing with morgellons for almost 10 years and it is winning despite I.V.I.G infusions.

So dont tell everyone they need to boost there immune system.

It is my belief the morgellons starts in the hair folicle and makes its way to the nearest vein where it is there that it grows...In your veins.

Now that would sure explain most of the symptoms. Think about that. I know someone must have looked into this. What did they find out?

Hi Tunnelratt,

Thank you for adding your thoughts and sharing your experiences. I'm sorry to hear that you have been suffering with this condition for so long.

Using IVIG Infusions is not at all the same as boosting your immune system through natural nutrition. I'm sure you are aware that IVIG is the process of taking antibodies from other people's blood and putting them into your own system.

Although this can in some ways "boost" your immune system by way of raising your antibody count, it also has a lot of risks involved because of the conflicting reactions that are potentially involved.

There is no doubt that it has been helpful to some people who were not producing their own antibodies and were able to be helped with different conditions.

However, when we speak of "boosting your immune system" here on this site, we are referring to giving your body the nutritional support that it needs through diet and high quality supplements that enable the body to absorb the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that it needs in the right balance to optimize the body's natural healing properties that
were designed by God the Creator.

Whether Morgellons begins in the hair follicle and travels to the blood is another matter. It's possible, but I don't know if there has been any research done to prove or disprove that theory.

There have been visitors that believe that they are suffering from Demodex mites (use the search feature in the upper right column) that attack the hair follicles and cause a lot of similar symptoms. That's something to consider as well.

Please keep in mind that this site is not a "medical" site. We are simply natural health advocates that encourage individuals to consider the various possibilities when dealing with their health concerns - as naturally as possible.

We've inadvertently become a type of "forum" for those suffering with Morgellons and other conditions to air their concerns and encourage and comfort each other in the process.

We are quite happy for people to do that as long as everyone is civil, kind, and avoid using profanities or making personal attacks. Those that cross the line are no longer free to contribute.

This has become important to many visitors who have been rejected and ostracized by certain members of the medical profession because they were unable to determine the cause of their suffering.

I can only imagine how horrid it would be to be suffering such a debilitating condition and only be told that you were crazy and perfectly fine.

If, as you believe, that the Morgellons is living and growing in the blood stream (veins), understand that rich nutrition is what allows the body to create new cells and repair or eliminate damaged cells.

It is always a good idea to boost your immune system in the right way.

Hoping you find some relief and healing soon.
Kindest regards,

Comments for The Obvious Has Been Overlooked

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Sep 10, 2017
Morgellans NEW
by: Deborah

I am finally being treated by a Lyme PA working w/a MD who has been doing it for 17 years. Anyway, I am taking two probiotics two x a day, nano glutathione, Calm CP, Yes, Boluoke, DHEA, super Curcumin, FolaPro, Mg Plus guard, Neuro-Antitox, Transfer Factor Plasmyc, D3-50, Cryptolepis, Healthmax silver, PectaSol-C and the prescribed drugs are Azithromycin, Minocycline and most recently added are Atovaquone, Ivermectin. I was DX w/Morgellons and Babesiosis after all blood tests. My money I have spent is around 7000$ cash. I am under the care of Diana Smith Olathe LAD Clinic Overland Park KS. 913.221.0750. I am willing to listen to your story and try to help you with your fight. This November will be two years since initial rash breakout I experienced. Been though hell and family help was smaller than minimal. My name is Deborah. You can call or text to 913.271.6535

Sep 08, 2017
Collarbone pain NEW
by: Perplexed

I also had pain and still do at collarbone. At night my ears drive me insane. Eyes and scalp too. Im just exhausted. Can not concentrate at work constantly feeling something crawling on my , scalp, face arms. My hair moves about on its own too. Fibers everywhere, lot like animal hairs everywhere

Feb 01, 2016
I believe the blood/vein theory. NEW
by: Deborah

I woke up w/my insides shaking. It scared me so went to ER. Dr kept asking if I had pain peeing cause urine test was false/positive. Gave me antibiotic that was winter of 2015. On 10.31.15 I went to bed to wake up w/trash all over head neck and face chest. I was out of town so went to local ER prescribe predisone antibiotic and given steroid shot. Went home week later thinking all was good. 11.20.15 went to PCP who dx scabies. Gave one tube permethrin and was told to make sure I"get it down there good" and only apply from neck down. I said it's not down there. Dr said I am giving you shampoo. When I left there I thought I had ridding scabies shampoo. Within 2 days calling back begging for more cream cause something isn't right when her nurse said you should have put it from head to toe. My hair was long curly and thick. She gave me another tube and referred me to the first dermatologist,but it would not go far enough, so I went to dermatology dr and and she walked in and said you don't have scabies and I am never wrong. I said it's still behind my ears can you check? She briefly looked and said it's not scabies. By this time I had researched online and was convince it was missed dx an was Norwegian crusted scabies. Dermatology dr was furious and told me to stop saying scabies. This whole time frame my leg hurt so went to ER again when I couldn't stand it one night. Blood clot and second one in 2 yrs. sept 2014 first one. I have tried many things online and have experienced the white looking worm things in nose and ears. Asked 2 different Drs to remove clogged ears was referred to Walmart self to by product to do it myself. Do any doctors do anything anymore? Anyway ended up putting peroxide and warm water in water pick on lowest speed to clean out ears. It worked worms came out. Also sleep w/ peroxide in ears nightly and cotton balls. Also just this January I ended up in ER again because I couldn't pee and when trying blood came out. NOT blood in urine just blood came out. Laid in hospital for 3 days on morphine. My urine was strong after rec' saline drips to get it going again. They were baffled. Also showed them lesion on ankle. Have another one on other ankle now w/black hair thing in it. I have experienced the colored hairs black specks small out of nose and large out of hair after cutting bugs. I am so isolated from my family cause I work from home it scares me. If this is what it's going to be like then I am pretty much done. I did read online about how our body temp is low so rising your temp is good so joined the gym and have been getting into 170 degree dry sauna hot steam room and whirlpool helps, but it's weird then my neck/collarbone starts throbbing one of the original symptoms for me neck pain so much stop using pillow and weight loss exhaustion started looking white skinned so googled it and it said aging but these bugs have been drinking my blood for prolly 2 years. Last thing I have done gone to neuropathy dr and am going to have complete parasitic testing done. Parasitology center inc. 11445 via Linda #2-419 Scottsdale AZ they have website. I do believe this bug has lived on me w/o my knowledge or itching until 11.01.15 breakout. Oh yeah forgot to say ER visit this year before I got there I had to stop at gas station cause needed to try and pee and white worm things came out. Hope my tests tell me something and if not going to take silver. Best to all who suffer

Sep 10, 2012
Something in Baby's hair... NEW
by: Angie from

Dear Melody,

I'm so sorry for the distress you are in and the concern you have for your babies. Is there no one locally who can help you in dealing with this?

What exactly are you seeing in your baby's hair? Is anyone else seeing it besides you? What other symptoms are you and the baby experiencing?

What have you done for your own condition? Have you tried rinsing your hair in sea salt and water and perhaps applying some essential oils to the scalp?

It's very difficult to give you good suggestions without really knowing your full situation. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to have to give up your children and my heart aches for you at the thought.

I hope and pray you can find someone near you who is understanding and wise and can give you some valuable assistance.

Sep 09, 2012
help my babies NEW
by: melody

it's in my baby's hair, my other son was adopted out from foster care and i believe he suffered from symptoms. i have emotional support from my son's father who has no symptoms we are broke and just had to leave my apartment for the econo lodge because i was seeing them every where. please help us because i'm about to shave my head. i breast feed, should my boy be given to a better family to get well? can't stop crying im afraid to touch him but if i dont what if that's what makes it worse

Mar 29, 2012
The Creator Must Read Sci Fi NEW
by: Anonymous

I've only seen the black speck at the center, but it doesn't surprise me that it turns into something else.
Recently I was soaking my feet to soften and scrape off my Morgellons calluses and had one bite hard. I scraped it on the paper towel with the rest already removed and grabbed my magnifier. Boy, was I shocked- and fascinated. The dead skin had completely transformed into a micro world of creatures out of a sci fi book.
There were lots of tunnels; some with small worms, one had a small horse? come out, but the tail was a "V" with an egg? on each fork. It came out of a tunnel and was heading across to the adjacent tunnel where only a pair of eyes could be seen.(everything self-assembles to have a complete face). The amazing thing was that when I shifted position slightly it looked up at me and ran back to it's hole.
I've seen frogs,dogs,perched ravens and even a teddy bear that was smiling at me.
Yea, I'd think I was crazy also,but I know I'm not. At least not at the present time,but living with this for much longer....

Aug 20, 2011
makes sense-live in the veins - see below
by: Anonymous

When my other had this about 5 months, he had a lesion which raised, when he saw hair

Now get this-when he twized the hairs out, they came out of a vein, blood red, and it was a big clump of his hair, all twisted up together. It was twisted together so tightly, the center of it was actually real hard.

Now, if that wasnt a sight to see. Believe me, it was.

still have it preserved. Now if only we could find someone who gives a crap enough to put it under a scope & look at it.

May 24, 2011
starts in the hair ??
by: Anonymous

Now how's this for a known fact that makes me sound crazy? Have you noticed little clumps of hair around? Resembling maybe dog hair or a cat hair-ball? Have you taken a hand-help microscope and looked closely at the hair? Have you seen the hair intertwined with itself and a little see-through "monster" in the middle of it? Have you taken a small hand held torch to that hair ball for just a second or two and them looked at it with the microscope, and seen literally hundreds of little critters that resemble lizards??? How, I sound nuts, but I'm far from it. Done it, seen it. They live outside the body as well, and you cant kill them. They move, they live in baggies forever. This is something that people really dont want anyone to know about, but it's here, and the people who are unfortunate enough to have to live with it, as of yet, are the crazy ones. Everyone else, you just wait. Just like "coming to a theatre near you" they're coming to your house real soon. It's only a matter of time. We cant be lied to forever. It's just gonna take someone important to get it, and finally fess up to the fact that these creatures do exist. We're just peons who dont matter.

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