This helped my sister with Morgellons symptoms

by Helping My Sister
(San Diego, Ca)

My sister is a nurse and was originally diagnosed with scabies (18 months ago), probably from one of her patients on the psych ward of the hospital where she works.

All the recommended scabies treatments didn't work. By this time she started shedding the small black flakes and was convinced she was dealing with a parasite (she caught a couple of them coming out of her skin).

Of course the docs said she was delusional. Since she doesn't have a computer I started researching this for her. While I'm not a sufferer I feel as though I have a good sense of this horrible disease because I've read so many testimonials and talked with my sister daily on what was happening in her body.

She itched intensely at night, had a sense of bugs crawling on her skin and under her skin, tingling in her extremities, brain fog/memory issues, fiber beds, a lot of bruising on her hands and arms, loss of hair on her arms and legs, horrible non-healing lesions, her voice became low and gravelly, lint-like fuzz around the lesions, crystal like flakes coming from her skin and so on.

She was washing her sheets and clothes daily, vacuuming daily, taking Epsom salt bathes, taking garlic.

*The big change came with a product called Morgone Gel. I literally stumbled on this website ( accidentally and ordered some for my sister a month ago.

Within a week of using the gel as instructed she had a massive Herx response complete with stuff and bugs coming from her skin, nausea, malaise, flu-like symptoms etc.

Now, she
sleeps through the night, has only periodic itching for short periods of time and nothing is coming out of her skin after the treatments.

She still sees some fibers but they are greatly reduced and the lesions have healed. She told me yesterday the gel has worked a miracle for her and she is beginning to feel normal again.

The guy who developed the gel is a sufferer himself and states that his gel is not a cure - but it certainly has helped my sister. Plus, I've emailed him a few times and he seems like a really nice guy, genuinely interested in helping other sufferers.

*One more important thing: my sister made slides of the material coming from her skin. This includes the bugs. They are Collembola, of that there is no doubt. We've viewed them under the microscope and compared them to pictures of various species of Collembola (or Springtail) from the insect websites.

Dear Helping Sister,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your sister's experience and for letting us know about the Morgone Gel product that she has found so helpful.

I took a look at the website but can't find much information about what exactly is in the gel. It says Sulfur on the bottle, but are there any other ingredients?

Could you ask your sister to take a closer look at the label and let us know what exactly is in this helpful product? We'd love to hear more specifics, particularly if it making such a positive difference to her.

Thanks again,

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Apr 22, 2011
Morgone Gel Ingredients
by: Angie

Thank you so much for the Morgone Gel Ingredients. That's a big help. I hope your sister continues to improve and thrive.

Apr 22, 2011
Morgone Gel ingredients
by: Helping My Sister

Sulfur in a water soluble gel:

purified water, propylene glycol, MSM, glycerin, aloe vera, caffeine, carbopol 940, triethanolamine 99, methyl salicylate, polyethylene glycol 8000, zinc sulphate

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