Thousands of Bugs Under The Skin

by Miguel
(Lisbon Portugal)

Thousands of bugs under the skin...

I was in Brazil a few months ago. One night I felt a very strong sting on my skin, and it left 3 points marks forming a triangle 5mm each side and later it became a ring.

I tried the local creams and anti-parasite pills. It did not work and the little bugs spread all over my arm. I feel they have died but I keep pulling them out.

They range from very small black hard grain like bugs to 2mm long black and some transparent ones. The doctors have not identified the bug and they come out by the dozens. I feel I have thousands of bugs under the skin. Can you help?


Dear Miguel,

I'm sorry to hear of your distressing condition. I'm sure it would be horrifying to feel like you had thousands of bugs under the skin.

Were the anti-parasite pills you took prescription medication from the doctor or herbal supplements?

If the bugs under your skin are dead as you suspect, that's a good thing. Now you need to get your body to expel them.

I would recommend Herbal Fiberblend for that purpose or another good herbal cleanse that has the anti-parasitic herbs as well as psyllium fiber to help flush the dead and dying parasites/bacteria out of your body.

Eating garlic and/or using a good garlic supplement is also helpful in most cases.

You should also most definitely be using some probiotics to replenish the good bacteria in your body and improve your immune system's natural balance.

For topical treatment, you can put some tea tree oil in a bath and have a nice soak. You can even apply the tea tree oil directly to your skin, but I wouldn't put it full strength on an open sore.

Do you have aloe vera plants in Portugal? If you are able to get some fresh aloe vera plant, you can slit open the stem and rub the gel onto your irritated skin to help it heal.

I hope this helps and that you can feel well again soon.

To your good health!

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